The nuts for potency in men

Hardly a man who doesn't know what the nuts for the power of men is almost a panacea. Many representatives of the stronger sex, point out that, after the intake of buttery cores of them improves the erection occurs sexual arousal. If this is true? What the nuts is, to strengthen erectile function and to show up with the best possible hand in time of intimacy?


The effect on the power of nuts

In order to understand what the nuts are useful to men for power, it is necessary to understand what they are and how they act in the body. The composition of the fruits of all the trees of walnut about the same:

  1. The proteins are presented in the amino acids indispensable, when the decomposition of the synthesize serotonin (a buzz of happiness) and testosterone (androgen). These elements regulate the erection, ejaculation and the feeling of orgasm. If there is admission in the body of tryptophan, glutamine acid, alanine, arginine, cystine phones and SYNOPTIC processes work much faster. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle tissue.
  2. The polyunsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic, palmitic, stearic, are metabolized in steroid sex hormones, causing the whole faction of testosterone.
  3. The increase of the hormone androgen in the blood is likely to positively affect the male power.
  4. Trace elements when the system receives the digestion are absorbed into the walls of the intestine and actively participate in the metabolism processes. Zinc, selenium, sulfur helps the emission of testosterone. Iron is essential for red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the tissues. The magnesium, calcium and potassium are necessary for normal functioning of the heart muscle, and a stable job that is in the heart – bond healthy erection and long-term sexual relationship.
  5. Complex carbohydrates stimulate the power, increase endurance, increase arousal and sensuality.

Walnuts normalize the body in general, increase stress levels, help you deal with depression, strengthen the protective functions of the organism, improves the brain activity.

Interesting! Men who ask which are the nuts, best for the power, you should know that 75 grams of fruit, which I did in the day, the better the indicators of the quality of the seminal fluid.

The nuts for the erection of the men-

They are called rights, as well as in the composition of nuclei present the whole set of vital elements needed to maintain the health of the men and protection against different diseases. Clinically proven, of that walnut for the indispensable power. Fruits:

  • normalize spermatogenesis;
  • improve the mobility and vitality of the sperm;
  • provide the blood flow to the pelvic organs;
  • contribute to the emission of testosterone due to the presence of arginine in the composition.

To keep the body in good shape quite consumed 5-10 two halves of walnuts per day.

Brazilian nuts for the power

Store a huge amount of selenium and arginine. Are considered especially useful to the male power. As nuts affect the potency, the experts have long studied. Seeds of the tree bertholetia:

  • increase libido;
  • alert for the development of Onco-pathologies that affect the urinary system and the prostate;
  • reduce the risk of developing diseases that affect the reproductive organs.

The use of nuts, rich in selenium, stabilizes the production of sperm, improves mobility and the construction of the sperm, which solves the problem of infertility. Improve fertility will help the daily use of 2-3 nuts in raw form.

Cedar nuts from india-

Pinions for the power is the best option, since it contains large amount of vitamin E (tocopherol) – a powerful antioxidant that prevents the aging process of the cells. Tocopherol makes the veins and arteries sturdy and elastic, preventing the formation of fatty deposits on the walls of the blood vessels, t. e. alerting to the development of atherosclerosis and thrombosis. To decide which are the nuts the most useful for the men for the power, one should consider that the cedar of the kernel contribute stable and firm erection, acting on the complex body:

  • to normalize the CNS;
  • recover after physical and emotional loads;
  • improve the process of metabolism;
  • provide the hyperemia of organs and tissues.

For the prevention of diseases of the male and improve the functioning of the reproductive system enough to eat up to 10 cores per day. Nuts combine perfectly with meat dishes, salads, desserts, seafood.

Pistachio for the power

If the people with ages between 35-50 years of age do not know what are the nuts, best for the power of men, preference to stay exactly on the fruit of the tree of pistachio. Enough, there are-per 100 grams per day, to fill the body:

  • folic acid;
  • the B group vitamins;
  • the magnesium, phosphorus, copper;
  • fibres;
  • fatty acids;
  • amino acids, including arginine.

The almonds of impotence

The fruits of the tree of almonds are just one of the most expensive products, since they contain the amount of calcium and tocopherol, which is enough for the daily replacement of normal, sophisticated appear by the body. It is a natural aphrodisiac-the causal agent. To feel the desired result of their actions enough to eat 30 grams of almonds in a week. Kernel:

  • make an erection reception and strong;
  • reinforce the strength;
  • reduce the feeling of hunger;
  • accelerate the cell metabolism;
  • give courage and energy, after physical stress.

Almonds are the best nuts for power and strengthen the bone system. The kernel is particularly necessary there are men who work physically or professionally involved in the sport. They should include in the menu in old age, to prevent premature destruction of the skeletal system, due to the lack of calcium.

Hazelnuts of power-

Allows you to troubleshoot and resolve related problems not only with power, but also to improve the health of the whole organism:

  • clean the vessels of lipid plaques;
  • normalizes the blood pressure;
  • stimulates the functioning of the prostate gland;
  • increases blood flow and oxygen to the genitals.

The men and women, leading is not exactly the correct way of living, little do sports and .ecauseeXia fast food in question, what are the nuts are useful for power, will receive the answer – hazelnuts. Only 50 grams of these cores to normalize the state, to prevent the development of serious diseases and will provide a good erection.

The cashew nut for the erection

Misbehaving delicate delicious fruits, KJVtRefuckemay a daily basis will not only increase fertility, but also:

  • get rid of the lack of zinc in the body;
  • normalizes spermatogenesis;
  • stabilizes the synthesis of androgens;
  • strengthen the erection;
  • will whet the sexual desire;
  • reduces the risk of cancer development;
  • relieve signs of fatigue.

The kernel of cashew nuts, such as walnuts, affect the power exclusively in a positive way. They stimulate sexual desire, increase virility and endurance.

Peanuts to the power

Goober is famous for the ability to quickly recover the power lost during the exercise. Peanut combines perfectly with other types of nuts, dairy products, oats, cereals, desserts, salads. In its composition has been identified a lipoeWai acid, the standardisation work male genital system. Raw, fried, cooked nuts:

  • deal with the difficulties of erection of different origin;
  • struggling with diseases of the prostate gland, including the adenoma;
  • in the integrated system of therapy to help overcome infertility.

The nuts for the erection

In the core of these nuts found steroids of plant origin, may help to resolve the expressed symptoms of enlarged prostate. Positive qualities of a pecan-related:

  • the presence of large amounts of Beta-sitosterolum;
  • the high content of antioxidants.

The beta-sitosterol in conjunction with tOCOFeRолоm destroys the cancer cells. In data of nuts contains all the necessary vitamins to maintain men's health and prevention of diseases of the prostate.

Nutmeg to the power

If a man has encountered problems in intimate terms, and difficulties with the design, to help you nutmeg. For power is the best remedy that can afford to each one. In him are present the starch, and calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iodine, contributing to the strengthening of the erection.

It is a natural aphrodisiac, but how to take nutmeg to the power you know, not every man. Enough to add it to the fish, meat, first dishes, jams, morsy. Dense fragrance spicy ignite the sexual desire, and vitamins in the composition of positive, the impact on the state of all organs and systems, keeping the heart, nervous, vascular diseases.

Recipes folk with the nuts for the power

To improve fertility and increase sexual activity help the nuts for potency in men, the recipes of the following:

  1. The honey and the nuts for the power. The recipe with which increases the libido and testosterone levels. The kernel of the man and ground in a coffee mill. Pour the PCHeLinum honey, mixed and placed in the refrigerator. Take a large teaspoon daily fasting for a month. For the drug had maximum effect, we recommend to refrain from bad habits and active lifestyle.
  2. The honey and the nuts for the power. Recipe peanut. 100 grams of peanut man and the pencil. To create cores add a large tablespoon of honey and mixed. Take a small teaspoon daily, prior to bedtime, for one month.
  3. The cream of milk and walnuts to the power. To make this "medicine", you can use the kernel of any nuts. Enough to grind, mix with milk cream or yogurt and take 2 tablespoons daily.
  4. Dye with dividers. Walnut for potency in men, and can be used in the form of walls, that you want to insist on alcohol or vodka. 50 grams of dividers pour a glass of vodka, the ability to block and puts you in the fortemneNGOse place for two weeks. Then, dye adopt 10 to 15 drops in пRоцeWeNGOsm way in a month.

Contra-indications to application of nuts

The nuts for the erection and combat sexually besiliem useful, which is proven by science. But not always the plant product can be used by men. In the use of cores, one should consider dosage, as well as the excess absorption of nuts leads to a set of excess weight. And also nLody nuts has some contraindications:

  • obesity;
  • idiosyncrasy;
  • allergic;
  • the urolitíase.

Even the most useful and the mind with the innocuous revenue, for example, nuts and megaka to the power, to comment on what just the positive, when the hyper-sensitivity can cause a serious allergic reaction to angioedema, and anaphylactic shock. Patches of the kernel are packed full of fat and contain a large amount of calories. Therefore, when the problems with the excess weight from its use should be avoided.