There should be allocation of men, when excited and what?

The appearance of secretion, which arises from the human body, informs as to the standard, and about the variances. For example, when cold or otitis the emergence of liquid exclusively informs about the disease. The reproductive system the human is designed for the order more difficult. Allocation of men when they are excited they can inform you about the normal state of health or vice-versa, to signal about the development of the disease.

The couple on the bed

There should be a selection of men that during sexual stimulation?

In men, the appearance of mucus in the urethra, in some cases, natural and necessary process. When erection occurs appear transparent for the allocation of a volume of a few drops. They bear the name of the pre-seminal fluid, such phenomena physiological are perfectly normal.

The amount of allocation of the mucus completely depends on the characteristics of the male body and that it should meet certain characteristics to be considered a norm. In particular, should not be of excessive thickness, color, odour specific.

The appearance of secretion occurs in the following cases, leading to the erection:

  • Masturbation;
  • Sensual caresses partners;
  • Thoughts on intimacy.

The frequency of occurrence of this phenomenon also depends on the characteristics of the genital system. Some men are faced with secretions always excited, others look at them is extremely rare.

From the point of view of health professionals, the presence of exudate during sexual arousal contributes to the design – he plays the role of conductor additional to the sperm count in the process of reaching an egg and reduces the level of acidity of the female vagina, which destroy the sperm. Respectively, discharge the fertile body are actively involved in the process of fertilization, and that are considered to be important mechanism of the male reproductive system.

Why this happens?

The doctors have not yet installed the reason for the leak of the relationship of the body, however, it is proven that the selection of lubrication men in the process of excitation promotes the relief of the departure of the head of the fertile body of the folds without injury and damage. Need to observe the intimate hygiene, released net – excellent environment for the spread of the bacteria that cause diseases.

It is important to note, a prolonged period of abstinence causes far more abundant in the selection and composition of the secret becomes thicker and clouds. It should be noted the absence of change of color, there were streaks of blood, unpleasant odor. Some doctors believe that the emergence of a liquid occurs because the body is preparing for a close proximity with the woman.

Pathological allocation can arise for several reasons:

  • Poor nutrition, in particular, the use of acid, acute, pickles;
  • The inflammatory processes triggered dangerous bacteria;
  • Venereal diseases;
  • Attendant complications after surgical interventions or injuries;
  • Patients who suffer from a pathology.

The variety of assignments

Various types of secretions and refer to the standard, provided they are not accompanied by other signs.

However, if the attendant factors becomes a peculiar smell, itching, fever, pain in the groin or on the penis, is already a cause for concern and treatment for the urologist.

Types of assignments related to the normal

Absolutely normal and natural considered 3 types produced and the consequences secret.

They are called:

  • Libidinal urethrorrhea. The secret, which has the function of lubrication. Looks like a clear liquid consistency, has no smell. Appears in small amounts, does not cause disorders. On the low number of sperm, however, when the unprotected sex it is possible the occurrence of pregnancy partners;
  • Sigma. Whitish secret, sometimes has a yellowish tint, often unpleasant smell. The selection of liquid is provided by the glands located under the foreskin. Their appearance does not point to pathology, but indicates that the man ignores the rules of personal hygiene;
  • The sperm. White liquid mucosal consistency. The emission occurs from the urethra in the period of orgasm. Contains a high percentage of sperm cells and secretions.
Allocation of men

Check, containing mucus

Many times, symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. In cases where the secret has high viscosity, but maintains the transparency, a great possibility of having the following diseases:

  • Ureaplasmosis;
  • Mycoplasmosis;
  • Chlamydia.

Also diseases confirmed by the existence of a high level of white blood cells in the blood.

Mucous membranes of the offices of milk light with purulent streaks accompany the disease, such as:

  • Chlamydia;
  • Trichomoniasis;
  • Ureaplasmosis

If you have data pathologies, the liquid can be allocated in a calm state, and then sticks the head of the penis and dry.

The purulent secretion

Reveal gonorrhea. Drains the liquid is yellow in colour, with greenish or yellowish and unpleasant odor. With a dense consistency and sticky. To analyse the secret it is detected a considerable level of leukocytes.

Highlight the inflammations

Inflammatory disease, alter the composition of the powers are called:

  • The staph;
  • E. coli;
  • By a candida fungus;
  • Streptococcus.

When it occurs the non-gonorrheal urethritis– an inflammation in the channel urethral, released liquid is characterized by:

  • Tack;
  • The presence of mucus;
  • Purulent content.

Accompanied contributes to pain, discomfort and sensations of itching.

For the disease of the prepuce, balanoposthitis, characterized by an abundant selection, containing much purulent content. Occurs redness, swelling, strong pain.

Prostatitis, it is common for the attribution of mucus, mixed with pus. To get more symptoms – pain, reduction of erectile function, frequent urges to emptying the bladder.

To determine the candidiasis, study enough photo, which shows her distinctive secret. It has the consistency of cottage cheese, in this way, ringworm accompanied by redness of the glans of the penis, unbearable itching.

Check with blood

The secret, which contains the blood, requires more attention. Such signs indicate:

  • Infectious diseases, in particular in urethritis infectious character;
  • Injury canal urethral in the process of medical manipulation;
  • Elimination of sand and stones in the kidneys, a greater degree of visible blood when urinating;
  • Malignant formulations in the area of the prostate, breast, ovary, the relationship of the body. In this case, the allocation contain not doa or dark blood, often in the form of clusters.

Norm or deviation?

A clear symptom of a pathology – the presence of mucus, pus, color changes, fish or sour smell, the occurrence of adhesion or turbidity.

Normal characteristics:

  • Average density;
  • Transparency;
  • No smell.

In addition to diseases, quality secret is affected by:

  • Long period of abstinence;
  • Diet;
  • Relaxed the immune system;
  • The lifestyle and amount of stress.

When small changes in colour and in consistency it is important to analyze:

  • One's own sexuality, the presence or absence of random and unprotected communications;
  • The factors that contribute to the reduction of protective functions of the organism;
  • The possible changes in your menu;
  • The presence of an attendant diseases.

If you need to see a doctor?

Immediate doctor visit requires blurred to attractive men secret. Any changes in the structure and color of the liquid require a survey with the goal of identifying the factors that lead to such violations.

In the diagnosis of events are included:

  • Semen analysis;
  • Swab of the channel urethral;
  • Ultrasound of the organs of the urinary system;
  • About urine for the global analysis;
  • A clinical study of the blood.

Based on the results of the diagnosis is assigned to a scheme of therapy of the underlying disease, causing the pathological exudate. To ignore such signals leads to the deterioration of well-being and the transition to a chronic disease that is difficult amenable to treatment. Timely visit to the urologist quickly cope with the disease and maintain health during a long period of time.