Medicines to increase the power of men, not causing side effects

In this article we will talk about the safest formulations to increase power for men, without side effects.

To begin to analyze the main types.

Which types are medicinal, your units

The pills to increase potency in men

The inhibitors of PDE 5

The inhibitors of PDE type 5 (PDE - means "phosphodiesterase ibudilast"). Products of this type seek to expand the blood the depths of the body. This type is not recommended for use in conjunction with propranolol, otherwise, will not be achieved the desired result. PDE 5 active sexual band. It has a quick impact on the body. Essentially, extends the intimate of a process. Strengthens the arrival of blood to the dignity of a knight, on account of which the erection is enhanced and maintained for longer. Enters into action per hour from the moment of reception. Take only 1 pill, his problems with the drink of a liquid.

It is contraindicated for those who have problems with HELL (hypotension and hypertension), severe pathology of the heart and cardiovascular system, the disease kidney in stages leaking, stroke, and heart attack. When the overdose can occur dizziness, nausea, sudden jumps of pressure, swelling in the nasopharynx, temporary blurred vision.

Drugs activate the NO-synthase of the

The group has the least side effects, unlike PDE-5, do not raise the pressure of a person and does not affect the functioning of the heart. The essence is to relax the muscles of a person, on account of which improving the flow of blood to the dignity of a gentleman and of its hardness.

  • Alpha-blockers. Reduce the occurrence of spasms in the arteries and blood vessels, and also increase, due to the fact that in the depths of the area of combat the weapon of the gentleman's much easier to reach high status.
  • Testosterone. Are assigned only by a physician with the lack of testosterone in a knight and a low level of after doing more tests of hormones.
  • The add-ins. This group is translated as "food supplements", do not have secondary harmful effects of the reception. Positively affect the alert state of the body. Usually, the natural medicines to increase potency in men of vegetable origin.
  • Prostaglandins And-cystathionine ("prostaglandins" - substances similar to the hormone, and those that are in the prostate gland). Are introduced to is not the safest way - with the help of injection, and, therefore, is not particularly recommended for the application.
  • Natural components. In the composition of such products may contain components, such as the horns of deer, ginseng extract, extract of Damiana leaf and other adaptogens, which lead the body back to normal after stress, and strengthens it if you have adverse conditions.
Powder to power

As you know, the more abundant and full of blood and intimate body, more and more firm will be the erection. From here, the more time it persists for the time of their durability and exalted martial state.

By which appear the problems in bed stronger sex

  • non-permanent sexual partners, long period of lack of relationships and abstinence;
  • sedentary work, lack of desire to work out;
  • released the excess weight, the presence of a beer belly lower testosterone;
  • problems with the circulatory system and the circulation of the blood;
  • hormonal failures;
  • the crisis in the family relationship, the coldness;
  • stress and chronic major depression from the daily life, the insomnia;
  • the presence of lesions in the back or the waist;
  • disease or infection of the genital system (prostate and others).

Lifting and increasing the potency in men medicines requires the fulfillment of the instructions of use. Consider them in detail.

Powder to power

  • The action of the powder is clearly noticeable from the first day of receipt. Use when impotence, low libido, premature seed-rash, infertility. Normalizes the blood circulation in the pelvis and the male dignity, which rises up to its durability. Liberating the eagle, it gives you confidence, increases your resistance.
  • Contains L - arginine, which is responsible for the production of testosterone and insulin, which also restores to the operation and functionality of the genital system. And when combined with extract of yohimbe enhances the attraction for women. Can be used as a natural aphrodisiac.
  • Accept reasonable price amenities in the solution, washed down with warm water minutes for 40 up to the beginning of the close, 1 teaspoon three times per day. For the purposes of prevention of receive month to every day.
  • The advantages is that it is made in natural leather, based on normalizes sleep. Does not have any negative impact receipt and contra-indications.

Drug for male power

  • Made on the base of aphrodisiacs. It is useful for the recovery and the stimulation of the sexual activity of the stronger sex opportunities in bed. Makes intimate contact brilliant, emotional, that sparks the libido. Proper gentlemen of any age.
  • One of the potent substances of the composition is considered to be the root of ginger, which directly affects the sexual health, strengthening erection and physical capabilities.
  • Take one tablet once per day. You can take two times, if the male health, especially in running. Therapeutic of course – up to 1,5 months. After an interval of 14 days, you can repeat the treatment.
  • You can take at any age. Due to the fact that is manufactured from natural products for components that do not cause allergies and is addictive.


  • The additive is recommended when the erectile dysfunction, age, reduction of libido, as well as the fact gentlemen that the seed is produced in small quantities. Restores the erection makes sexual intercourse brighter, prevents the offensive failures.
  • In the composition of natural components. The active Material is considered to be a extractor of ginseng, peel off the metabolic processes. The second active material is "the gingko biloba biloba". Your task – stabilization of blood circulation in the small pelvis and groin area in general.
  • For a lasting result it is recommended to take one capsule two times a day. The desired changes come through 6 weeks after ingestion. Use and with the food, and watered with the water.
  • Depending on the packaging can cost from 2600 to 10,500 rubles.

During the treatment potency in men drugs should always remember that you cannot exceed the dosage above normal during the reception. To enhance the time of intimacy also use the vacuum pump, ring erection.

Vacuum pump

Calculated them, in order to prolong the resistance, and the struggle state of the male organ.

Divide them on the type 2 in function of creation of vacuum:

  1. Vacuum, done with the help of water.
  2. The vacuum with the air.

The essence of proton pump, which throws it on the sexual organ, it creates around your area pressure and vacuum, which reinforces the tide of blood in dignity.

A ring for erection

It is like a ring of rubber, metal or other material.

The essence of the work of the rings:

  • They perform the function of the wiring harness, firmly clasping intimate body, thus, preventing the reflux of the blood.
  • This helps maintain for longer the fighting condition of the body and avoid the finish line.

As these rings don't:

  1. or on a basis of dignity;
  2. or, on the base and on the bells;
  3. or just in the balls.

It is contraindicated to use more than half an hour, otherwise, you can imagine only to harm rather than help.

Cock rings

What are the groups of medications dangerous to mix

Phosphodiesterase type 5 are prohibited from use at the same time, along with a group of nitrate.

That threat to the health

These 2 groups of a simultaneous intake of lead to a widening of the blood vessels →, then, occurs a sharp decrease of blood pressure → which, together, is very dangerous for the life and can lead to this fatal.

Roughly speaking, when a dangerous mix of blood flowing from the brain down, because there are huge jars, you soon lose consciousness, and the end can end up very badly. So, we have to solve the main drugs for potency. About the that still, it is not worth forgetting?

Use popular technology for great opportunities at bed

  1. The morning of the compression of the pc muscle at the moment, when the sexual organ of the morning begging for the battle, that is, in a state of bliss. Type this morning, the habit, while maintaining the erection and increasing daily load. Here there is no particularly as the movement itself, the main work of the internal plasma. The method will make it faster to swell the weapon at the right time.
  2. The importance of positions. It is important to be on top, or vertically, but not in the back. For those who have trouble with the fight, the condition of the organ, in the position lying on his back, the output of dignity goes with the maximum strength, the faster you lose the stiffness. Keep this in mind.
  3. Technology to postpone the finish line help you to prolong the pleasure. For this, do not let very fast rapid breathing during copulation, do not let the smaller stresses in the body, and make the contact of their bodies, with the woman to a minimum (this does not go to the hell of excitation). Keeping the seed persists, a lot of energy and resources to repeat a new session with the female partner. Especially with the age need avoid the net to the finish line.
  4. Massage with bells is helpful for a good secretion of testosterone in the body, the appearance of energy. I can see the use of massage in the area of foundations of the dignity, as well as between the balls, and you will find your stimulus points. And when you get to the finish line during copulation, the massage also has place to be.
  5. The circumference at the base. Of a fixed circumference at the base of the body will not lose the erection, for example, when you put on the contraceptive or made a small pause. Thanks to this, not disappeared hardness.

That does not prevent to incorporate in the diet

What is useful to eat, to the power of the man:

  1. Seafood: shrimp, anchovies, lobsters, crabs.
  2. Fish marine: salmon, salmon, flounder, salmon, trout.
  3. Fruits: orange, lemon, avocado, peach, banana, mango, pomegranate.
  4. Vegetables: cauliflower, pumpkin, carrot, tomato, beet, garlic.
  5. Dairy products: sour cream, cottage cheese, sour milk, kefir.
  6. Seeds: pumpkin, sesame, squash, sunflower.
  7. Tea: mate tea, sea buckthorn, ginger, green.
  8. Eggs: chicken (not only in its raw form) or quail.
  9. Berry: strawberry, full of strawberries. It is also products for potency in men.
  10. For more products: olive, bee products, beans, almond pasta, celery and other herbs.
Fruits of the sea

Perform the following exercises for the prevention and treatment of

  • Boat. Lying on the belly face down on the floor. And, simultaneously, begins to stretch the arms forward, but with the feet in the opposite direction to the back, lifting them slightly up. Held a few seconds, and let them go. And how several repetitions.
  • Walk on the fifth point. They sat on the floor, standing in front of it and start walking on the buttocks back and forth. Instead of the usual stop you rely entirely on the buttocks, that is all.
  • The buttocks and the press need, necessarily, to swing. If they are well trained - it is said that you is capable of many things in bed. This is a muscle of great opportunities in bed. The buttocks of a workout conventional squat, every day. And the press, for example, rocking as well: leaning back on the floor and laying down stretched to the front of the foot, and put alternately the body.
  • Twist eight of the pelvis. This can be done on different planes, not just the horizontal one. We find new of eight different angles, to remember these movements. They are very useful during the intercourse, because in many respects, a similar movement.
  • The bike. This is done, for example, in the morning, when just waking up, lying on his back, starts to turn invisible from the pedal of the bicycle. Rotate the feet so comfortable for you often.
  • We run as fast as possible! Do jogging as well boosts the blood in the pelvis and in the groin. Already the next day after the tranquility and the morning run will notice the change in you.