Increase potency in men

To be able to increase the potency in men, it is necessary to begin to understand the causes of the weakening of erection, and then choose the treatment methods most appropriate to a given situation. And the other factor is inter-related. Average power, as a rule, is the result of exposure of the age of body changes, the characteristics of life and the presence of any pathology.


Selection of medicines, able to stimulate the sexual activity of men, must be made taking into account each one of the existing reasons. Only then can be guaranteed, the purpose and the effectiveness of a strengthening of the therapy.

The modern pharmacology presented wide range of drugs able to increase the power. Among them, the very of all kinds of tablets, ointments, gels and creams that contain nutraceuticals, specifically targeted to improve erectile function. Not to be left behind in the sense that folk medicine. From their stockpiles, it is possible to extract a lot of recipes, medicinal, where to apply the roots, seeds, herbs and other products useful to man.

The reasons for the weakening of erection

The most common reasons, creating problems for the men in the sexual sphere, can be attributed, first of all, your state of health, lifestyle and age. In the first place is the health. Eventually it is reflected:

  • The presence of bad habits;
  • A sedentary lifestyle;
  • Stress situations;
  • Age;
  • The sexual experience, especially failures related to their own insecurity and the negligence of the partners.

Bad habits are directly related with the deterioration of potency. The consumption of alcohol, drugs and smoking, with time, undermine the cardiovascular system and the endocrine system, which impairs the circulation and hormonal regulation of the functions of the genital organs.

The lack of exercise leads to stagnation of venous blood in the lower part of the body including in the pelvic region. This slows down the processes of metabolism, leads to obesity, reduce the level of testosterone, the progressive replacement of androgenic hormone female, the estrogens and loss of sexual desire.

Completely healthy, has rested well the problems of the human being in the bed rarely occur.

The stress has on one man depressive effect. In a situation in which it is necessary to mobilize all their mental and physical energy to the successful realization of the sexual act, he can not focus only on sex. Its constantly distracted the most relevant and the less pleasant thoughts.

Age inhibits the sexual activity of the natural form. With nearly 40 years in men decreases the synthesis of testosterone, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the reproductive system. In older men this hormone present in the body in insignificant doses. From here, — sexual impotence.

The sexual experience is closely related to psychology. Good luck on the sex lead to the confidence and good-power fault, on the contrary, it is difficult to carry over men and force them to refrain, even against the desired sexual intimacy. The situation may aggravate the hostile relationship of partners to each other.


With all of these factors and are chosen tools, a comprehensive standardisation activities of female genital mutilation in each of the aspects. As already stated above, these include:

  • Pharmacological drugs;
  • Contact tools to improve erection;
  • The use of techniques of alternative medicine.
  • TOP of medicines pharmacovigilance of the group.

The most popular and effective today, there are about five biochemical triggers of power.

Characteristics of pharmacological agents

Considering the biological activity of drugs and the presence of contra-indications to it, apply these tools should only be prescribed by a physician or corresponding with it consulting. A reason good enough for the stimulation of the genital can be:

  • The bad erection;
  • Rapid ejaculation;
  • The consequences of prostatitis or prostatic hypertrophy.

All the medications dilate the blood vessels and increase the blood flow to the penis, making your erection. For some pills, the same that adds to the sensual sensations. But one must remember that, even in the most expensive and efficient in situations of low libido drugs there are no properties, allowing to strengthen the sexual attraction for the partner. The psychological factor of them subject. The medicine helps to increase only the power of physical, related with the voltage of the penis.

Taking advantage of one way or another drug, it is necessary to consider that its effect does not last long. A specific time depends on the health of man. On average, is 2 to 4 hours.

Pharmacological tool of this type are not used for the complete solution to the erectile dysfunction. They act not because of the disease, and, in consequence, as, in fact, a kind of emergency, when the difficult sexual act.

Media contact

Well activate the libido pharmacological drugs, dissolved in gels, creams and ointments. It is the most secure, the straightening power. The effect them locally. They are applied directly on the penis and adjacent area of the body, reinforcing there the bloodstream, increasing the level of testosterone in the testicles, extending the sexual act.

Contraindications you contact information of drugs there is virtually no.

The lack of direct contact with the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, and more blood eliminates dyspeptic disorder and the burden on the cardiovascular system. Accumulated in the body, these substances may not, therefore, do not overload the work nor the kidneys, nor the liver.


Alternative medicine

To stimulate the libido, especially in old age, the methods involve the use of products and formulations for medicinal, involving a variety of herbs and roots of plants. The efficient tool is also a massage to increase the power. Through the massage, the same of masturbation, is obtained from the voltage of the penis sufficient for performing a sexual act.

The most useful folk drugs for potency are considered:

  • Ginger root, is infused by alcohol or manufactured in the tea;
  • Parsley and nettle leaves are used in salad or as a water infusion;
  • The grass Ivan-tea;
  • Teas in honey and other components of beekeeping;
  • Peanuts, hazelnuts;
  • Grass bittercress and st. john's wort.


None of the pharmacological agents, presented in this article and existing in nature, in general, is not a panacea for low power. They help quickly, but not for a long time. A prolonged effect can be achieved only eradicate the main causes of the disease. With the elderly people get it more difficult, as well as obstacles in this case are age and the old diseases, unrelated to complete healing.

In folk medicine, the situation is the same. The advantage of methodologies and non-conventional is just its natural nature, harmony with the human physiology. Medicinal herbs and other plant paraphernalia, applied in the complex, pass from body to men amino acids, vitamins and trace elements necessary to restore the sexual function and keeping it at the correct level.