Medicines for potency – a full review of popular tools

More than 50 years ago, it was thought that impotence is the inheritance that the older men, however, the disease quickly younger. Drugs for potency is not only interested in the elderly, but also young people, recently appeared a lot of buzz in the market special of "stimulants". Results effective tools proven by studies, testimonials from patients, and health professionals, which helps everyone to choose the medicine.

Our classification of medicines for the recovery of sexual of feasibility elaborated based on the comments medicine and actual responses of men who have overcome the disease. Are included in the list of organic additives, having only composed of the natural components and drugs, dealt in the pharmacy, that are based on how the naturalness of the and chemical component.


Drugs for potency without side effects

Dietary supplements – drugs for potency without side effects. The formula of each eye-the tool consists of a complex of natural plants, organic substances, skins from parts of animals. A prescription is based on your accumulated knowledge of the healers of all parts of the world and the latest development of pharmaceutical products. The majority of dietary supplements – harmless, against-indications are limited to under the age of 18 years and persons sensitive to the components of the composition.


The spray to quick the power contained in the can. Applied on your sexual organ through the spray.

As part of the spray:

  • The L-arginine – an amino acid, activating blood circulation and allows the penile erection;
  • Magnesium is a mineral, a positive influence on fertility and the face to its nervous excitement;
  • Glycine – a substance that acts at the level of the brain, the removal of psychological blocks that prevent the full act of proximity;
  • Guarana – extract of the plants, increases the level of sexual desire, stabilizes the activity of the nervous system.

Because the solution reaches directly on the skin of the penis, to refrain from using it you need to if you have skin lesions, infections and inflammatory diseases in the acute phase.


Drops help to quickly recover your erection and deal with signs of erectile dysfunction. Course taking during 2 weeks helps to normalize the emission of the seminal fluid, to stabilize the power, improve the quality of sexual life.

When the development of formulas of add-ons are included:

  • Statement of the north moss, responsible for the saturation of blood of the corpora cavernosa;
  • The hood of the litorina – increases the provision of testosterone;
  • The liver of the marine feature contributes to the emotional arousal and physiological level;
  • Extract from antarctic krill – improves the absorption process useful for the male health vitamins.

The list of contra-indications to the reception that contains a total of 3 points:

  • The sleep disorder;
  • Seizures;
  • Heart disease.

Older men, it is recommended to pass the therapeutic course under the supervision of the back.

The add-ins

Supplement in powder form

Supplement, manufactured in a powder form. The main active component – maca extract peruvian, growing on the american continent.

Its effectiveness for the male power still point to the old tribal calvario. Tools based on herbs have been treated less libido, erectile dysfunction caused by overwork.

It is proven that the intake of phytomedicine the course helps in the prevention of diseases of the genital and urinary organs. Also with the help of the powder increases the production of ejaculate.

In addition to an ingredient in the formula BADA are included fatty acids, vitamin a complex of amino acids needed by the men mineral.

Capsules power

Many patients with sexual weakness, choosing the drugs for the men to the power, stop in capsules. BAD deal with the sexual dysfunction of different genesis, and as part of a comprehensive therapy contribute to the healing of diseases, causing impotence.

Each capsule contains:

  • Agro aruda – plant, improves the process of testosterone production and accelerates the excretion of toxins and waste;
  • Rosea radiogram – medicinal herb contributes to improving the conductivity of neural, stabilizing the emotional state;
  • Fen cottonweed – component, complement the lack of energy and forces, eliminating the painful spasms;
  • The blood of the doe deer – substance, contributing to reinforce the arousal level of the brain;
  • Leuzea carthamoides plant, improves the quality of seminal fluid;
  • Wintergreen – plant extract, thus contributing to normalize the erection, and the emotional capacity-inflammatory.

Medication belongs to safe organic complexes, however, the men that suffer from insomnia, diseases of the digestive system, heart and blood vessels and should be treated with care.


Brand – national brand developed outside line of the funds for the therapy of diseases of the skin diseases, diseases of the joints, sexual dysfunction. Wax composition must be applied on the sexual organ during recommended historical exchange rates.

In a formula of the cream included:

  • The extract of chestnut, needed to ensure the filling of blood of the corpora cavernosa;
  • Propolis, which increases the speed of tissue regeneration and inhibits the inflammatory process;
  • Carved in cedar wood oleoresin, beneficially affect the state of the heart and cardiovascular system;
  • The venom of the bee and wax, the normalization of the local metabolism;
  • The olive oil, the moisturizing cream to the thin skin of the penis, protecting it from injury, improves the circulation of blood.

If you have urological disease acute it is necessary to stop the treatment.


Special impregnation of sanitary napkins enables you to use them as a tool of first aid to the men of more age, which, due to changes related to age, suffer from low production of testosterone. To achieve an erection sufficient to rub them the penis just before a sexual act.

The composition, that is soaked each napkin contains the following components:

  • Ancient ginkgo. Extract of rare plants contribute to the powerful and stable erection, prevents premature ejaculation;
  • Stud. Hood increases the production of sperm, increases physiological arousal;
  • Cordyceps. The extract of the mushroom stimulates the blood flow in your genitals, it provides a synthesis of sexual hormones;
  • Cistanche. The extract of herbs that suppresses the anxiety and eliminate the fear of failure in the intimate sphere;
  • The glycerine. The substance, which develops vessels;
  • Chlorhexidine. Solution-anti-septic, destroying the smell;
  • PROPANEDIOL. The component that increases the activity of other components.

Drugs for potency men traded in pharmacies

Pharmacy tools are developed based on synthetic and natural, according to its characteristic of high efficiency in conjunction with adverse events actions and contra-indications. The best medicines intended for the therapy weak erection-inhibitors of PDE-5, and homeopathic tablets.


Famous male medicine for the treatment of impotence. The active substance – sildenafil. The pills work through the following mechanism: by entering the blood, the main component widens the arteries and decreases the of vienna, making it normalizes the blood flow in the penis. The hyperemia provides a stable and sustainable erection, which occurs after sexual stimulation.

The effect of the drug after reading an hour after taking the pill. The duration of the effect on the body – 4 hours, which allows you to perform multiple sexual acts. It is important to know that it is not compatible with alcohol. The dosage is assigned to the physician coming to the patient's health status, is allowed a single receive in the day.

Guaranteed the efficacy of the drug is combined with a significant list of contraindications and side effects, so therapy without the advice of your doctor can harm the body. Recourse to the facility is recommended in complex cases of impotence organic genesis in middle-aged men. Young people should be treated more benign drugs.

The main limitations to the acquisition of:

  • The combination with drug therapy HIV-inhibitors, nitrates, means, activating the production of nitric oxide;
  • Pathology of the heart and blood vessels;
  • Partial or total vision blurred;
  • Peptic ulcer, impaired blood clotting;
  • Minor;
  • Idiosyncrasy the main or auxiliary substances.

Excess dosages of calls:

  • Allergic response of the organism in the form of itching of the skin;
  • The chronic fatigue;
  • Tachycardia;
  • The swelling of the nasopharynx;
  • Pain in the muscles.

Inhibitors 5 type

Phosphodiesterase type 5 are considered to be the most gentle. They are compatible with the alcohol.

The active substance – vardenafil, which feature is the quick action. The first signs of arousal occur through 10-15 minutes after ingestion. The effect of tablets in the body is stored within 8 hours.

The dosage is determined urologist or andrologist, animals to drink, and no more than 1 pill per day. The against-indications are similar to the limitations that have Viagra. Additional restrictions – disturbed amino acids, services, and deformation of the sex organ.

Overdose causes headaches, muscle aches, stomach pain, sweating, irritation of the mucosa of the nasopharynx. Price range – 800-3400 rubles.

The selective inhibitors of the

The third type of medicines the basis of selective inhibitors of. It is much sought after by men, because of the action of tadalafil, the active component, works during the 12-36 hours.

The erection occurs 30 minutes after taking the pill. The operating principle of medicine is also expanding the gaps vascular, that provides a full flow of blood in your genitals.

Medical experts claim that is a selective inhibitor of the most results for men of more age, provided that they keep carefully the doctor's recommendations and use the medicine with the prescribed concentration of the active substance.

Natural remedy

Natural pharmacy tool designed to improve sexual function, increase testosterone production, enhance immunity, prevent urological diseases.

The medicine contains:

  • The root of ginseng, contributing to the erection of the member, toning, and giving you more strength and energy;
  • Extract of liquorice roots, which increases the sexual stamina of men;
  • The evacuation of the fruits of the palmetto, which ensures the prevention of prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia;
  • The evacuation of the roots of Eurycoma necessary to increase the libido and stimulate the synthesis of sex hormones.
Ginseng root

According to the information on the label, the capsule is strictly prohibited:

  • Severe heart failure;
  • Atherosclerotic lesions of the blood vessels;
  • Hypersensitivity to the components.

Drug Overdose leads to:

  • Tachycardia;
  • The heat;
  • An allergic reaction;
  • Disturbances in the functioning of the digestive system.

It is important to add that, and safe drugs for male potency, you must accept only with the approval of the doctor. Even when in the absence of counter-indications may not have therapeutic effect when the wrong choice of drugs.