How to increase potency in men after 60 – years, ways and means of

The level of libido, the opportunity to experience the excitement/orgasm and its brightness depend on the hormonal. When imbalances in sexual activity that is monotonous. Potency in men of 60 years old is always smaller than when she was younger, and this is due to age. The older the person, the more "weak", he is in bed.

Causes of impotence age

Causes of impotence age

Active in the reproductive age in the body of men it is produced the "helper" of the hormone inhibin In. Its function is to stimulate the growth of sperm cells. It works in conjunction with the stimulant (FSH) and luteinizing (LH) hormones. With the passing of the years, the generation of inhibin On the decline, and after menopause can and does not quit on "no".

For the compensation, increases the level of hormones FSH and LH. As a result of a background of the men that changes. The youth have in the blood dominates the dihydrotestosterone – the most active of testosterone in terms of desire and the possibilities of continuation of the species. Age decrease of the synthesis of inhibin In the shifts the focus in the direction of reducing the production of testosterone. Yes, and to become your most "effective" of the form, it starts off slowly, respectively, the power output decreases.

The gain of power in men after age 60 years

To predict the effectiveness of measures to stimulate the libido in men 60 years of age, is not possible. Gain sexual desire here will depend on the manifestation of age of hormonal changes, the state of the cardiovascular system and other "characteristics" of biological age is not a "passport".

But in most cases, the forecast increase male potency is favorable. Anyway, if you talk about the patients more than 60 years without the "aggravating factor" of diagnoses – the prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, interventions on the genitals of children's deviations in development (criptorquidia, hydrocele), atherosclerosis, above 2-phase.


Increasing the potency in men, after the age of 60 require first increase the level of active testosterone (so says the majority of doctors). It is true, after the cancellation of hormonal medication disappear and hit him with your help results. Further, the excess of sex hormones in the blood of the men of the post-menopause age full of heart attack, stroke or cancer one of the producers of the endocrine glands (prostate, testes, adrenal glands).

Between the steroids tools to increase the power, and the most famous – the testosterone enanthate. It is sold in a solution for intramuscular injection, apply 50 mg once per 14 days. It is possible, and the scheme of 200 mg per month, but using each time more for men and 60 years of age. Among others, low-cost and available solutions:

  • antispasmodics. The only condition is the need to type it directly in the tissue of the penis, for half an hour before sexual intercourse. The sense is that it relaxes feeding a member of the blood, the vessels and facilitates the erection;
  • blockers one of the most famous and all-natural. This alkali also causes relaxation peripheral vascular. Your drink 2-2,5 milligrams three times per day, with a meal;
  • drugs for depression. They are recommended for the consumption of 30 mg once per day, per hour or three before you have sex. The ability to artificially increase the level of serotonin free and renew the enthusiasm with erectile dysfunction (0.15 grams per day, but in 2 of the reception, where the main part drunk before going to sleep, and only 1/3 – morning).

In comparison with pharmacy, vegetables have a lower number of side effects, better combine with alcoholic beverages, without which it does not have any a romantic date. On your list:

  • natural remedy for research of aphrodisiacs and stimulants power, open to curators from different countries. In its composition of colors, popular in the Middle East, fucus, fruit african ginkgo biloba, maca peruvian, and chinese ginseng. You can combine with alcohol. The drug drip 7-8 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, with all drinks at discretion. The course increase the power, which lasts from two weeks to a month;
  • pre-formed drug-based elatively. It contains extracts of damiana, wheat germ, Poria coconut, dwarf lilies and sassaparila. Drink pills should be of 1 or 2 capsules daily, after meals, 30 days. Once you receive a double dose allows you to increase the power already after 15 to 20 minutes;
  • the tool in the capsules to raise to the power with the rarity of a varied composition. Among the components plant includes the horns of deer, propolis pepper and cedar. Herbal part of a medicine to increase the power represented lovage, teasing, controlled by, Orchis, Zhgun-radix (fruit), guarana, mulieres qui in emendo anavar, red root. Men over 60 years of age it is recommended that the schema of the intake 1 capsule in the morning and at night, for 5-7 consecutive days. So it is better to do a one week break and repeat the process.

Folk remedies

The differences between the use of the developed pharmaceutical pharmaceutical products and means of alternative medicine that are exactly selection of certain components. In this case, science has borrowed a number of findings and the wizards. Only doctors, unlike doctors, the more the tendency to rely on t. n. adaptogens.

Popular medications vegetable, animal and mineral source to increase the general vitality and the immune system, the defense. Official medicine considers the effect of such means is very unpredictable, but the people is quite them trust.

Folk remedies
  1. Echinacea purpurea. 50 g of the roots are mixed with 20 g of seeds mordownIKA and 60 g aruda. All together, pounded in a mortar pestle or ground in a blender, pour 1 ct. l. received the basics of 250 ml of vodka. Serves whentEPtOh tube and leave a couple of weeks in the dark, the warmth of a corner, periodically shaking. After the infusion, the tool, paper filter and drink: 10 drops of divorces in the water, half an hour before meals, during 25 to 30 days.
  2. Pasternak, dandelion and nettle also help to improve the power. For the preparation of the drug 50 g of root parsnip, well washed and ground, mixed with taken for 100 g of young nettle leaves and dandelion. This "salad" can fill the oil with the vinegar, and moderately with salt. Eating should be from 250 to 300 g per day, for any number of receptions, for up to 2 weeks. After advisable to make a slight pause.
  3. MolOCI. Its root Shinforget, separate 10 g, and insist week in 0.5 liters of vodka. Shortage of raw materials through a sieve and use with the aim of enhancing the desire of a teaspoon (pre-dissolution in water) in the morning, at lunch and at dinner. General course – 14 days.

Other methods and tips

The technical natural, synthetic, hormone, and any other types of tools to increase the power there is always an alternative. Physical therapy treatment may not lose its relevance and efficiency in 20 or 60 years old, and have no contraindications except for acute diseases, when you need emergency care and assistance. The body of old men respond to physical therapy is still the probability that the number of young people, with the positive changes that they are visible more brilliant.

  1. Physical exercises. The activity is useful at any age, but in the third, when the processes in the body, delaying the effect of it is felt best. The most useful GIMnastnical exercises for the normalization of erectile function, are considered as: squat (if not under the normal force, even with the knee), the technique of Kegel, jump rope, rhythmic rotation of the pelvis.
  2. Massage. Perfect for the classic (in the back, of eggs, of a member) and exotic options (thai, thuine and Dr). With age, when the stagnation of the phenomenon in the pelvis, develop due to aging of the joints and muscles, masseuse worth visiting at least once a week. This will allow, in general, improve health, increase the desire to have sexual relations, but also, and restore the integrity of the organ of the pelvis.
  3. GirudotEPапия. The saliva in leeches of all types, including doctors, contains hirudin – abouttивосвEPtyuushi enzyme little weaker of heparin. The treatment for them causes the blood mire, helping to restore the erection and to prevent the cardiovascular complications during sex. Self-treaty of infestation of leeches difficult and detrimental – this should only be done with the participation of girudoterapevt.

After 60 years of age for all men are typical symptoms of prostatitis. They can be visible, more or less, but they always exist. This illness is dangerous complications in the urinary system. In addition, it reduces the libido and affect the hormones.

The power amplification after age 60 may require the execution of every morning following manipulations:

  • sit with straightened legs on the floor, near the wall of the room, put the hands behind the head (who is hard – you can cross on the chest) and crawl efforts only the buttocks and the legs to the opposite side of the wall. Repeat two more times and more times (depending on distance);
  • when urinating try to stop the flow of urine tension of the pelvic muscles. Repeat 2 to 3 times during an evacuation (and thus, at least one time per day, during two or three months).
Physical exercise

You can also purchase and apply up to three days per week special massager to do prostate massage.


Changes related to age in the "work" of the penis is impossible to avoid and stop – only to control them, so that they affect the minimum privacy. Men who wish to keep the youth of the reproductive system until an advanced age, are enough to worry about with your health with adolescents:

  • avoid generating infection intimate ties;
  • do not engage in 'sex-marathons' with various couplestnEPшами or a single, but the whole night, without interruption;
  • do not re-refrigerate the genital organs:
  • do not isolate them beyond measure (this leads to sterility);
  • enhance the region of the scrotum of injuries, including lifting neposilüns weights.

You can recover completely the erection of 60 years?

After the climax in both the sexes the possibilities in bed to constrict irreversible. But this is not always bad. The sexual act gives a large load on the heart and blood vessels. From 50 years of aging reaches the space with the speed, and the 60 "sex" as a youth," may end up with a heart attack/stroke. Described in the article of tips to help restore the normality of the sexual life (2-4 sexual sexual in the month), is more than enough at this age. Entirely the same (100%) to restore the power it will not work.