Stimulants power men's: synthetic and natural

A full sexual life is essential for the strong half of mankind. Unfortunately, casual vanity, poor nutrition, frequent stressful situations imposes its mark on the masculine force, which is directly related with the factors. Violation of potency can occur at any age. From such problems, no one is safe.

  • External factors that affect male potency
  • The internal factors that affect the power men
  • Stimulants power-based components
  • Synthetic stimulants power
  • Natural stimulant potency

The small flaws in the functioning of male sexual organ often cause panic attacks in men. They immediately begin to look for an opportunity to return the same potential. It is exactly this explains the wide spread of all types of stimulant power. Someone uses them on a constant basis, but the majority have on them, only a vague idea.

External factors that affect male potency

The power affects the whole group of factors. Among the external factors are:

  • State of the environment. Unfavorable environmental environment (dirty air and water, high background radiation) has a significant impact on physical health. The damage is applied to all of the male sex and the body, including suffering erectile function, impairment to fertility.
  • Professional factor. Harmful conditions of work, for example, the dusty premise or the presence of hazardous vapors. The non-compliance of safety measures can also cause damage to the face of men's health.
  • To a sedentary lifestyle. When there is a lack of training of the motor activity disturbed with the output of blood from the pelvic organs. The result are disorders trophic and functionality of the genitals.
  • Trauma. After the injury of the genital organs, including the result of the surgical intervention, the man may lose some functions because of a physical defect or even hormonal imbalance.
  • Stimulants power men
  • The cravings for food. Good nutrition plays a key roles in the quality of power. In addition to the replacement of energy resources, foods give the body the fuel for the synthesis of sex hormones. For the education of androgen requires cholesterol, or animal fat. The man must accompany the enough to get of fat in the body. As at least 30% must be fats in the diet of men, so that the body can constantly synthesize steroid hormones. The deficiency of cholesterol leads to depletion of the body and a decrease in power. It is important to consume foods rich in zinc and phosphorus, because they are natural stimulants of power.
  • The stress. Chronic stress and depression has a negative impact on the power. Remaining in a condition of mental stress, the man loses interest in life, as a consequence, the problems in bed. Physical and psychological fatigue, coupled with the constant lack of sleep depletes the reserves of the organism, therefore, the man does not feel the desire of sexual contact with a woman, turns off the libido, resistance, decreases the power quality.
  • Smoking, use of alcohol products, abuse of dependence. All bad habits are damage power.

The internal factors that affect the power men

  • Diseases of the urinary system, having an inflammatory or of organic nature. These include nonspecific inflammatory process, as well as infectious diseases that are transmitted sexually. When any inflammatory process impaired function of an organ, in our case, suffers from a penis. Among the organic diseases, it is possible to highlight a congenital defect, genetic drift, cancer pathology, such as their own genitals, and near it is located. When the adenoma of the prostate is broken the output of ejaculate and urine from the urinary channel. If the prostate gland is not emptied and accumulates the secret, then, is fraught with serious complications.
  • Diseases of the endocrine system. Violation good proportion of men and of female hormones leads to a decrease of sexual activity. The hormonal imbalance violates the law of the development of the male sexual system. When such endocrine pathologies, such as diabetes mellitus, are surprised with the vessels, and disrupted micro-circulation in the pelvic organs. Glycosylation of nerve fibers leads to a reduction of the sensitivity of the penis.
  • Such diseases. Heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases are accompanied by violation of the circulation of the blood, which causes a violation of power. One of the symptoms of the atherosclerosis obliterans of the aorta is sexual impotence. When paralysis and paresis, etiology, diverse can decrease power, even impotence.
Stimulants power-based components

Stimulants power-based components

The most popularity among greece stimulants power purchased dietary supplements. Often, this is a preparation of homeopathic or plant drug has a natural base. Such pharmaceutical tool quite successful in dealing with the problems of power, however, to use them it is recommended only after medical advice. A specialist will help you choose the drug between the wide diversity.

It is worth mentioning, that the action of the main mass of the dietary supplement is directed only to the short-term power increase, but to solve the root cause of poor erection. Such stimulating power make it possible to improve the quality of sex is significantly strengthening the feeling of men. They can be easily apply for a long time, because they do not cause dependency.

The stimulating effect of natural origin is based on the improvement of blood circulation in the penis body, which depends on the power. On the shelves of pharmacies, it is possible to find drugs that you must take exchange, which shall be immediately prior to sexual intimacy.

Synthetic stimulants power

Take such stimulants prior to sexual intimacy, and achieved the effect still holds some period of time. Carried out experiments proved that the man was not accustomed to these medicines, although without the sexual arousal the desired effect is impossible to achieve.

Due to the fact that their stimulants, there are a number of contra-indications, apply them only with the appointment of the doctor. Is not recommended the reception of Viagra for men with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Side effects of the drugs may manifest itself in the shape of the head, or lumbar pain, dizziness, nausea.

Natural stimulant potency

Fruits of the sea

To stimulate the power to appropriate certain foods. The nutrients contained in them, positively influence the erectile function. These products have received the name of aphrodisiacs. Since ancient times, people not without success, used the gifts of nature to increase the sexual power. Excellent stimulant potency the following products:

  • Nuts. Contain a large number of important trace elements and vitamins. All types of nuts, consider it as natural aphrodisiacs. The most effective almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts. Even more what they bring in combination with honey.
  • Fruits of the sea. Are the high content of zinc is the element responsible for the synthesis of testosterone. To reinforce the strength of the male need to not forget oysters, shrimp, crabs, lobsters, mussels.
  • The flesh. Meat products provides the body with protein, necessary for the strengthening of the erection. It is not recommended the consumption of fatty varieties of meat. Useful will be the beef and turkey.
  • Vegetarian food. Some fruits and vegetables are able to exert a positive influence on the potency and sexual libido. Recognized as a leader for the male power are celery, parsley, cilantro, onion, figs, garlic.