Allocation of men when aroused: that is, a norm or pathology

Allocation of men to sway the natural physiological reaction of the organism. Normal they are transparent, without included, which is quite thick and sticky. The amount of liquid depends on the genital system of a person and can vary from a few drops up to 4-5 mg. Partners, do not plan the pregnancy, it is necessary to know that, in the composition of the mucus is, the active sperm. Therefore, the protection tools you need to use the same during the time of interruption of sexual intercourse.

lubricant male when excited

What is the norm

After a night of sleep or during arousal on the head of a man's penis stands out a little transparent mucus. On the basis of this lubricant comes with several important tasks. Thus, it facilitates the sliding of the penis to enter the vagina during sex. Another good feature of this viscous fluid is the ability to neutralize the acid on Wednesday, the disastrous for the sperm. With the help of allocation of lubrication, the nature took care that the with the walls of the urethra, the men and women who are removed from the remains of uric acid. And during the natural intercourse of mucus acts to the protection of the seed from the aggressive environment of the vagina.

Transparent part of lubrication also includes smegma. This is such a giroux substance that is released from the glands of the foreskin. Its main function is to ensure the safety and the coming of the glans of the penis from the folds of the foreskin when aroused. However, if time does not erase this useful mucus, it is mixed with the dead epithelium and becomes the habitat of various pathogens. Therefore, the representatives of the stronger sex, at any age, and is careful to comply with procedures, hygienic, daily, change clothes, use a condom during random sexual relations.

What is still needed to make men, so that the mucus remained exclusively healthy liquid? For that, you need to eat properly, eliminating them from a ration of alcohol, fast food, fatty, salty, smoked dishes. It is also necessary to exercise regularly for the revitalization of all the processes of exchange and consult a doctor if you can change the color, smell or consistency of the grease. Each individual should avoid random sex, but pay attention to the fact that his life was not of long periods of abstinence.

When to worry

Any change in the characteristics of the mucus, which stands out when excited, should warn the man and to become the occasion of looking for professional help. Often, it is thanks unusual assignments can identify early disease serious reproductive, sexual, and excretory. You should consult your doctor immediately if the liquid does not stand out too much or too abundant ejaculation became of green color with a strong smell of mildew. Another negative factor deviations from the norm is the appearance of mucus clear blood impurities and waste in the form of cake of secretions.

lubricant unisex

Why the check if the institute acquires a grey-green hue? Therefore, the body can react on the development of the inflammatory process in the pelvic region. To confirm this diagnosis may experience the following symptoms that are related:

  1. The increase of the temperature of the body.
  2. The pain in the stomach area.
  3. Swelling of the skin.
  4. The selection of the purulent fluid from the urethra, without excitement.

This mucus stands out from the head of the penis also when you are complications during the restorative period, after the operations of the prostate, organs, urinary and genital system.

Filiform transparent selection, sometimes, point to the infestation of infectious diseases: staphylococcus, streptococcus, e. coli. And if you highlight that they can in men not only in the moment of excitement, but in the state of rest of the body. Attendant symptoms in this case are:

  • Itching in the genitals of the man.
  • Flushing in the penis.
  • Diseases of the external genital organs.
  • Swelling of the limbs.

Similar pathological processes in the organism of the man, when excited and in the holiday period are observed when the infection of sexually transmitted diseases. As the composition of assignments of deviation from the norm, you can find out with the diagnostic test the mucosal secretions.

Seek the medical needs of men, who at the time of excitation, the highlights are the lubrication white with touches of cheese nature. Thus is manifested the candidiasis – fungal disease, the causative agent of which acts the milk with the Candida fungus. This microorganism is the norm is part of the microbiota of the human, but with reduced immunity, it starts to multiply, leaving the white cheese attack on a member and in the fluid that is released when aroused.

The probability of conception

Many couples who are interested, it is possible for the design process to the sexual act, that is broken, or is, enough sperm in the mucus to the success of the fertilization? Experts do not exclude the possibility of pregnancy of transparent liquid, that stands out during the excitement. Because count how many sex cells will leave with the lubricant is not possible. Thus, the most active sperm in the semen of men, the greater is the number that will be allocated in the lubrication.

What are the factors that increase the likelihood of conception? In the first place, the ovulation days of the woman. If stopped, the sexual act occurs at the time when the cervical canal of the uterus open, and the ovum is mature and came out of the hair follicle, even a single sperm, attractive, along with the mucus transparent, is able to perform the fertilization. It should be clarified that this process is not the norm, and such cases describes very rarely.

lubricant male

Another factor to improve the ability to get pregnant, it acts again, the sexual act. Thus, in the passage of the male urethra are always a drop of semen, and during the next intimacy, they stand out, along with the mucus. To reduce this possibility, the man only needs to empty the bladder between sexual acts. Liquid acid in urine neutralizes the remainder of the seed, and the following highlights of the oscillation will again be almost safe.

There is the chance to get pregnant mucus, which stands out from the urethra.

Remember that any type of abortion is extremely harmful to the female body. Therefore, if the pregnancy is not in your plans, take contraceptive medication or use all sorts of methods of protection (condoms, iud, vaginal with screw cap). And if the composition of the mucus, which stands out when aroused, is far from normal, that is, has a texture, the smell, the blood, or cheese stains, there is a great risk of infecting the partner infectious or fungal diseases.

Featured by the establishment of a natural process, which help to keep active the sperm. The color, the volume, the smell and the consistency of the net can be a lot to say about the health of men. It is a visual for the deviation from the standard is capable of becoming an occasion for the conversion to the doctor and to identify the disease at an early stage, while the other symptoms do not manifest themselves in full force. Therefore, all the representatives of the stronger sex, it is necessary to not only carefully take care of hygiene of the external genital organs, but in time realize all the changes in the allocation of liquid.

The question is, why to use condoms during the interruption of the sexual act, the experts respond that the composition of the mucus are part of the sperm, and it can become the cause of unplanned conception. For this to happen, you need to take care of means of protection, especially during the beginning of the period of ovulation.