The products to quickly increase the potency in men

In today's world one of the most urgent problems of the male population is the decrease of power. This behavior occurs because of a large number of factors: an ecological situation, the long-lasting presence with too much stress on the shoulders, marasmus, chronic fatigue, a variety of injuries in the pelvic region, prostate disease, alcohol and smoking. In this case, there is the weakening of potency, the natural will be immediately contact your doctor. After all, running the situation you can lose your male power for ever. Also do not forget that the nature taking care of men's health and, in addition to the main treatment is perfectly acceptable, there are products that quickly increase the potency in men, in addition to apply them and to prevent processes in the intimate area.


Fruit to quickly increase your power

A large amount of vitamins and active compounds that promote good power, are in fruit. Many fruits, diet effectively help to remove men with problems related with sexual activity. Some fruits contain specific components which help to recover the sexual sphere. Special attention should be given to the fruit, which are contained folic and ascorbic acid.

Oranges, tangerines and lemons contain large amount of vitamin C. It helps to improve the metabolism process, performs the cells of the body elements beneficial and improves the feeling in the period of a sexual act. In addition to citrus fruits, also many of the active components, see the kiwi, figs, mangoes.

Many fruits reinforce the production of testosterone. On account of which men impressive power improvement. To make your sexual life better and increase the power required daily consumed: grapes, a persimmon not yet ripe, papaya, peach, kiwi, orange, pear and melon. These products are stimulants to the action quickly. After a couple of days, men will notice significant changes in your body.

Tea for a quick gain sexual power

What we most often use throughout the day? Of course, the tea. With it you can significantly increase the power and extend a totally different fun. There are treatments, special teas, that help to nourish your body minerals and take notice of the sexual activity in men.

You can drink a plain green tea to increase its potency. The drink contains a large amount of zinc, which helps the body produce testosterone and blocks the progression of prostatitis. In addition, the tea helps to bring the body in tone and to improve human well-being. But there is a caveat. For tea he did, he should be fresh. The drink of a drunk after eating the food, for best absorption.

Red tea can strengthen the body and significantly increase the power. The drink enters the ascorbic acid, amino acids and other active components, which promote the regulation of the sexual function. Roselle, it is best to drink after dinner. So it is faster digestion and tones the body.

If you do not drink, nor green, nor red tea, then do not despair. Increase the power possible with the help drink black, but for this it is worth adding a bit of ginger, juice of lemon or cardamom. In addition, the drink is also valid to put the fruit and the wholesome herbs.


Ginger to improve power quickly

Everyone knows that ginger is an excellent spice, which becomes a component of dishes. Food prepared with the use of ginger, it is very useful to the male power.

He came to us from the tropics. In it are: Mg, P, Fe, Zn, Ca, K, C6H8O6, as well as vitamins B and E. In China, people have learned that ginger stimulates the power. The ginger used as a remedy for the common cold, when the disturbance of the digestive apparatus, and also as a means to improve the functions, extending the sex act.

At the time, scientists have identified that ginger is able to reinforce the attraction to the opposite sex. Literally the word for ginger is "courage". After you disclose this information the plant has become expensive spice. Thanks muscat and cardamom may increase the effect from the ginger. Fresh and dried ginger and also ginger oil have a positive impact on the erection. Spice added in tea, and is also mixed with water and honey, in any case, for the power that this product is very good.

Nuts for a quick gain of power

The nuts are very useful for power and have improved the action on the body in general, quickly. These products have a high efficiency in the area of optimization of all the processes of the body. When this body receives a complete necessary complex of vitamins. Stabilizes the balance of metabolism, in addition to improve power.

There are many varieties of walnut. Virtually any helpful for the body. The nuts must be integrated into the daily routine of feeding. Is allowed the interlacing of the different varieties of the product. For nuts as well affect the male strength? In nuts, it is a large amount of protein and favorable fatty acids, due to the that optimizes the balance of hormones.

Special acid arginine has in walnut. Thanks to this, it optimizes the functioning of the cardiovascular system. At the time of erection of the penis fills with blood, resulting in the quality of sexual of the process increases substantially. Another component of coconut can be beneficial to spermatogenesis, which increases the activity of the sperm.


Thanks tocopherol, zinc, and Selena - support the sexual function of the body. In the case of male infertility medicine often uses exactly these antioxidants for the healing of the pathology. Stable capacity in the field of sex become the daily consumption of any nuts.

Some vegetables, rapidly enhance the male libido

Vegetables, needed for the optimization of the male roles:

  1. Purify the blood, strengthen the immune system, in addition to optimizing the blood circulation in the region penile help of beijing of cauliflower.
  2. 50 grams of cauliflower contains ascorbic acid, to the extent necessary, on the day entirety. Occurs prevention of adenoma, eliminates the possibility of damage, or the renaissance of the cells, as well as turns out to be the antioxidant protection.
  3. Folic acid, zinc, and iron, see the broccoli. This same plant contributes to the elimination of toxic substances, and salts.
  4. The sexual function of both men as well enhance the celery.
  5. The avocado has many proteins. Vegetable to enhance the excitement.
  6. The tomatoes enrich alkali cells.
  7. Proteins and fatty acids rich in zucchini.
  8. Multivitamin function, as well as the standardisation of the exchange of mineral elements in the body, it will provide the carrot. This vegetable has vitamin A, which optimizes the function of the testes, speeds up the process of synthesis of testosterone and spermatogenesis, which is triggered the function of the prostate gland of a system.

Honey - as a means for a quick gain of male strength

The composition of honey comes with the mass of other useful items, trace elements, amino acids, and hormones of natural origin. Honey stimulates the sexual function and power, and also strengthens the body of a man. In the winter, you need to consume a tablespoon of honey daily, and, in the summer, you can restrict the dessert spoon of honey per day. Increase the effect of honey to help the nuts. The honey you can add crushed in a meat grinder prunes, figs and dried apricots.


Bee products that optimize the male power and improve the blood flow in sexual organ. Thanks to glucose and fructose honey will compensate for the power reserve. Bio-stimulating components of the honey prolongs the sexual contact. The human body assimilates well honey, because no problems occur in the optimization of the blood circulation and increases the blood flow in the groin.

Salsa to improve the power quickly

The salsa can add a wide range of dishes, and prepare from it, a lot of dyes, and even the tea. Salsa free the body of toxins, and also optimizes the metabolism process and filling of the organs and blood. Salsa is a good antioxidant, protects against free radicals, and also eliminates and prevents inflammation. In addition, parsley is able to protect the body against serious diseases, in the field of the prostate.

The cream of milk to optimize the power

To stimulate the power will help dairy products. The cream is a product nutritious, full of complex vitamins and nutrients. The positive impact of milk cream in the phallus and balances the hormones, there is no doubt. The cream of milk consumed need, but it's not worth eating it immensely, otherwise, you can get the obesity, which would exacerbate the power.

Dairy product contains lots of proteins, due to the fact that the testosterone is going to be produced in a stable manner. Improve the process of spermatogenesis, increase the quantity and quality of sperm. The cream becomes an element to promote cocktails, in which you can add salsa, dried fruit, honey and fruit. A couple of tablespoons of cream of milk will experience its benefits. Cream need to season salads, desserts and different dishes. You can be the cream of milk, there's the spoon.

Garlic for a quick gain of power

It contains alicina, which acts as an antioxidant, which fights the bacteria, microbes, and cancer cells. As part of garlic contains many different mineral elements. Thanks to this plant the body ages more slowly.

To effect of garlic has been persistent, it is necessary to use it with food daily, in number not less than three teeth per day, but eat garlic, are not all that recommended. Garlic can have a negative impact on the microbiota gastric inflammation in the area of the stomach and intestine.

The tea

Beverages to optimize the power

The red and the green tea are not the only drinks to improve sexual function. They do not harm the body, and strengthen your.
Drinks with citrus, to be useful. The ascorbic acid will optimize the exchange and the metabolism.

A drink made from eggs of quail, honey and lime - contains glucose, proteins and other useful components.

Mix birch and juices of carrot can be completed with the fresh beet juice. The result is a drink that use 200 grams per day. Cocktail acting quickly.

Compote of dried fruit, dressed with honey, it is very useful for the power. Compote of fresh fruit with honey and lemon, which has the same effect.

Therefore, a little transform your everyday diet, you can significantly improve your health in general. In case of doubt, to the satisfaction sexual contact to go to the doctor it is of course necessary, but one should consider that in nature there are many products that increase potency in men quickly, that many times are at hand.