Exercises for potency in men: verified in practice

The most significant impact on the sex strength and your safety affects the life-style of men. And is far from being the last place in this take up physical exercises. Exercise helps prevent many health problems, increase the resistance of mental illness, improve self-esteem, allow you to be more cheerful, improve the mood. Exercises for power do not forget to include in the plan of loads, such as for the prevention and for the in order to solve the problem of the intimate nature, if it already exists.


Physical exercises to improve the power - when it is worth thinking about?

From time to time, the majority of men faced with the fiasco of the sex, this happens with very young boys, and with those who reached adult age. Unique cases – there is no reason to talk about impotence. The reasons for failure can be many: it is the emotion, the stress, the physical fatigue, the total ill-being, recently brought the disease, the situation. But, if this unpleasant situation is repeated, for at least a quarter of the cases, then it is time to change something in your life. It is its image.

Another red alert – excess weight. More often than in men the body fat to have abdominal type. That is, the fat is under the skin and inside the abdominal cavity. When the arrays exert pressure on the internal organs, move them, interrupting the blood circulation and the normal functioning of the liver, stomach, intestine, and PR. this type of obesity is popularly known as "beer belly".

Also, fat cells produce estrogen which is a female hormone, and the excess in the male body shifts the hormonal balance, the level of testosterone drops and, with it, decreases the libido with the power. In addition, the excess body mass gives dismissed the workload on the heart, joints, vessels, lungs, causing the occurrence of hypertension, diabetes, varicose veins, strokes, heart attacks, arthritis and many other diseases, each of which can not be combined with good power.

This is interesting! Special attention to exercises designed to increase the power that you need to pay the men, stepped forty years of border. As shown in anonymous surveys, it is at this age, half of the respondents experiences the types of complexity, related with the sexual intercourse, between thirty years these problems are understandable for 27% of respondents, and 21% has a group of men from 21 to 30 years.

Looking at these numbers, you can boldly order to emphasize that the sooner in their daily routine will be included in the exercise of a power, unless the men likely to end up in the same unpleasant situation, that hurts knocks the self-esteem.


What are the physical exercises increase the potency.

Any exercise has a positive impact on the power because of:

  1. To improve men to have lower levels of testosterone – the male sex hormone, which is synthesized in the adrenal cortex, and testes. During the load on the muscles and then power the loads the body actively produces and releases into the blood.
  2. To relieve the muscle tension and vertebral column. Modern life style, predominantly sedentary (well, or on foot, if it's a job for the machine, the seller-consultant of the guard and PR.): at work, driving, at home, on the computer, the person is practically in a static position for several hours in a row. To the body this state of things is, on the contrary to the nature, the Muscles become stiff, wooden, the spine loses flexibility, occur nerves pinched, are deposited salt. Regular exercises prevent these violations.
  3. Acceleration of lymph. If the blood of your heart, the lymph such "engine" is missing. The stagnation leads to swelling of the tissues, which prevents a good erection.
  4. Improve the psychological state. The best one can do after the division of the day – good work-out. Physical exercises "burn" the adrenaline and raise the levels of serotonin and, with it, and the humor.
  5. Strong separation blood circulation. Active exercise will make the heart work faster than normal, and the lungs – a cycle of more air, which in general will provide the best flow of blood and oxygen to the penis.

Specific exercises to increase the power

But in addition to the common training, you must perform special exercises to improve power. They affect predominantly the lower part of the body: legs, thighs, glutes, muscles of the groin, the lower back. Strengthening the blood circulation in the pelvic region, the exercises contribute to the quality of the erection.

The execution of any complex should begin with a warm-up. Rotation of the head, the hands, the pelvis, the abdominal, the tracks allow you to work the joints, dispersing the blood and warm the muscles. 5-7 minutes to practice such save men from injury when you run more of a difficult exercise.

Home exercises

  1. The squat. With the feet shoulder-width apart, toes forward. Gently sit down until that point, when the knees form the floor to an angle of 90°. When you do this, the taz will although back slightly, as if the man sat in the chair. Then, you gently need some straightening out, and at the upper end of the point of compressing the muscles of the buttocks and groin.
  2. Yoga
  3. Semi-bridge. Lying on your back with the feet is bent, with a focus feet on the ground (to advanced – you can put them on the rise: the edge of the sofa, a chair, a stack of books). Through the support of the scapula and of the feet and lift the pelvis as far as possible and omit.
  4. Creation of knees. Lying on your back, bend your legs and pull the heel to maximize the buttocks. The hands lie on his lap. Exhaling, the knees need to breed, and, with his hands in time to interfere, exerting a pressure to the opposite side.
  5. Divert. Lying on your back, hands extended along the body, or side, raise, smooth foot at expiration and the maximum closer to the finger stop on the head without bending the knees. When taz comes out of the ground. Each time you need to try, as far as possible to move forward in doing this exercise.
  6. Gluteal touch. Standing on all fours, hands shoulder-width apart, brush with the fingers to the front, stockings, legs stretched out, the lift touches the ground, the breath initiate the movement of the pelvis to the back, to the buttocks, will not fall on the feet.

You can start with 5-7 times each exercise, gradually leading to 20-30 times, 4 to 5 approaches. Make your need smoothly, without jerking, in the comfort of your own pace, avoiding the appearance of pain. When the body adapts, you can add a little bit of everything bear the weight.

Yoga: the strengthening of the power based on the ancient teachings

There is a perception that the yoga lessons – learned, but a real men it for nothing. In fact, for the stronger sex yoga need even more. Regulate the execution of asanas allows you to work not only great, but small, deep muscle that is difficult to load the normal exercises.

In addition, the age-old teachings involves not only the physical body, but also increases the energy of the tone, gives clarity of thought, relieves stress. Literally 10 minutes of practice per day and increased power it will not take long to arrive.

Rs-muscles: exercises for beginners

Special role in the duty to save the power allocated to rs-muscle or pc coccygeal. Among women are very popular exercise of a Pin, to keep the crotch in good shape, but few people know that there is the masculine and the option of training. Find the muscle is very simple, just put your fingers in the space between the anus and the beginning of the growth of the scrotum.

Sitting in a chair need to compress the muscle Pin, as if plunging it inside. If done correctly, should appear to feel that the pelvis is built. When you do this, the thighs, the belly, the buttocks should be relaxed and not accept to participate in the exercise.

Side belt

The voltage should switch with full relaxation rs-muscle. You can begin with exercises of 10-15, each of which includes 3 seconds of tension, of 3 relaxation. Then, the amount of exercise you can easily increase. Run daily, no more than 10 minutes.

Exercises that increase the power to the lazy

If there is a lack of willpower to do the exercises, then he will come to the aid of the complex, and what you can do without getting out of bed. Seek the best in the morning, when the member is in "high spirits" of the state.

  1. Need to do it stand up with the muscle work. During the week the number of "underPRgivani" should be every day increasing, but without fanaticism. The exercises should not cause pain, burning sensation.
  2. When the number of running exercises to get the 30, the need to not only enlarge penis, but also keep you in a position of 1-3 seconds.
  3. Master the technique and increase the run-up to 40-50 time, you can add the weight, for example, cover with a member or embroidered a small towel and try to run the elevators to lock the maximum number of times.