The herbs that promote potency in men without harm to health

Sexual relations occupy a large part of a man's life and, many times, are the basis for their existence harmonious with the outside world. The reduction of potency in men can cause: deterioration in the status of operation, to cause the degradation of the mood, depression, decreasing vitality and also become the main reason for the divorce of the couple.

The tea

Many factors determine the power level of the male population, including feeding, physical activity, presence of bad habits (smoking, alcoholic drinks, narcotic substances), psychological problems, etc. In some situations, the reduction power of men, which explains the use of hormonal medication, antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications.

Men usually worry about their sexual health, as well as the availability of full features of sexual acts, increases the male libido, eliminates from different fears, uncertainties, and other psychological complexes.

Useful for the health of men grass

  • Ginseng — from the root of this plant serves extracts and teas, pills, powders e. long-term Treatment provides increase sexual activity, but even a single meal in about seven hours before the intimate contact to visibly improve erection and increase its duration.

Are effective if the herbs to increase the power? Yes, and the ancient folk medicine is proven to. Different recipes infusions and broths are known in Russia, China, Japan, India.

There are plants which act instantly? No, it is a gradual process, which requires strict compliance of recommendations and recipes.

As the name suggests, the grass, it is designed to deal with diseases of the male. The root of the herb has stimulant properties, increases libido and improves erection.

Before using home remedies to improve the potency needed a consultation with your doctor. If you have an allergy, it is necessary, with careful to take the herbal remedies, some of them can cause an allergic reaction.

Balanoposthitis – inflammation of head skin and preputial sac of the sexual organ in men, many times. Pathogens of this disease are microbes that cause disease. For the treatment of disease apply to all types of ointments and creams.

Medicinal herbs

For you is a disease

The most common reason for the development balanoposthitis is the neglect of the hygiene of the external genitalia, as well as promiscuous and unprotected sex. The disease also develops when in contact with the head of the penis staphylococci, yeasts and other germs.

Men who suffer from diabetes, hypovitaminosis and anemia are also on the high-risk group for the development of the disease. The inflammation of the head of the penis and preputial sac also develops when the herpes, scabies, trichomoniasis and other diseases.

The boys balanoposthitis may develop as a result of the narrowness outer holes in the flesh of the foreskin (phimosis).

What conditions are necessary for the treatment of balanitis and balanoposthitis

The experts distinguish balanitis and balanoposthitis. When balanitis inflammatory process develops only in the head of the penis a organ. When balanoposthitis inflamed also the head of the penis and the skin of the foreskin.

When the local therapy doctor before placing the patient in the statutory terms, which guarantee a successful recovery:

  • the careful hygiene of the head and foreskin. Without this, it is impossible to achieve the desired result;
  • resolution causal agent of the disease with the help of specific medicines;
  • the combination of local therapy with antiviral and anti-bacterial components. The list required by this medicines prepared individually for each patient.

Before you start the search for recipes of folk medicine, one should study carefully the herbs to increase the potency of their properties and characteristics.

The causes of reduced potency in men and treatment

To resolve the problem in men is widely used wise. In the course are the your top with the buttons, shoots, and leaves:

  1. The wise man is necessary to lead in number of two large spoons (you need the leaves of the plant), and pour a glass of boiling water, then cook until ready for the steam bath, of about a quarter of an hour. Take the filtered and cooled.
  2. The grass in the amount of a tablespoon of boiling water (200 ml) and infused in a thermos for about half an hour. Portion divided in three steps.
  3. Help at home when the ejaculation bath with such herbs as sage, thyme, chamomile and calendula. To prepare you must take all ingredients in equal parts, pour the boiling water and the insistence of forty minutes.

Herbal medicine since ancient times, is widely used for treatment of different diseases. Prostatitis and bph are part of your number. The grass are not inferior to the medicines, and better absorbed by the body.Benefits of herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine

Benefits of herbal medicine

To determine the suitability of the use of herbs to increase the power, it is worth evaluating all the benefits of a therapy in the home.

How to increase potency in men with the help of remedies

Before you start the treatment, it requires to rethink the style of life, to abandon bad habits. You must correct the negative factor, which served as a beginning for the development of the disease. For this, we need to know what can lead to a reduction of horsepower:

  • Alcohol affects the male strength. Alcoholic drinks have a powerful impact on the sexual sphere. The regular intake of alcohol leads to loss of sexual ability. Therefore, to get rid of the problem, you must play this habit, if any.
  • Smoking is the cause of many diseases, the effect is the power. The modern cigarettes there are a lot of chemicals, which they use to enhance the aroma, a reinforcing effect, and so on. In addition, the cigarettes contains a toxic resin, which affect the production of male hormones. To get rid of negative effects of smoking, the best part with this bad habit.
  • Wrong nutrition, including the consumption of fats and fried foods negatively on the power. To bake the food contains carcinogens, which reduces the strength of the male. Vegetarian food, dairy products should be regularly present in the man menu.
  • Stress, nerve disorders, depressive state severe problem of power. You must produce life, learn to deal productively with problems and difficulties.

Just deciding to all of these problems, it is possible to start the treatment.

But it's worth it to understand that impotence can develop under the influence of some chronic diseases, such as:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • epilepsy;
  • atherosclerosis and disease of the blood vessels;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • inflammatory disease of prostate, bladder, testicles.

If you have these problems, some means of folk medicine can not cope. Is necessary drug treatment, which will be sent to the elimination of the causes.

The strengthening of the male body, increase the production of testosterone is ensured the reasonable application of st. john's wort. Prepare 10 g of herbs, pour a cup of boiling water. Taking the drug should be one-third of a cup per day.

The tea power

How to prepare for the implementation of people tools to increase the power

So, what kind of rules should be followed for herbs to increase the potency in men were more effective and not have side effects?

  • The herbal treatment, actually, only after determining with precision the causes of downgrading of power.
  • To decide which type of grass to better apply, do not listen to the advice of friends, and always talk about the matter with a specialist.
  • In certain diseases, a positive effect has a comprehensive treatment in which herbal therapy must be combined with the implementation of drug treatment and physiotherapy procedures.
  • The positive result of the treatment with herbal remedies is visible only after a long period of time of the application, so, get ready for a day of consumption of herbal infusion does not have magical effect.
  • During the passage of a course of therapy with herbs, do not ingest alcoholic beverages, should be less smoke and easy to adhere to diet of the diet.

The course of treatment of herbs should prescribe the doctor, after examining the patient, the accurate diagnosis of a violation, the study of the history of the disease. Specialist will adjust the grass, considering the contraindications and mix them with applied prescription drugs, will determine the duration of the course.

The rates and herbs

The same tool that the tibetan monks were treated by men in the fifth century before our era. Cook it is not difficult, the most important thing is to adhere to a recommended dosage.

Another tool that is able to strengthen the male erection, and does not require much manipulation.

It's hard to overstate how important it is for the man to have the normal power. Problems "of a male part", often become the cause of lack of trust in yourself and your abilities, disappears the feeling of fullness of life, in nervous the soil develop other serious diseases.

Modern medicine offers a set of solutions in the case of violation of erectile function, but they all resides in the use of medicines that have side effects.

However, before you apply greece medicines have a sense of try to use natural remedies. For example, many know that the good helps to tincture of ginseng to power. There is still grass, to increase male power?

Herbs for potency may be used alone. But much more efficient, if one of them be rates and take according to the recommended practices. What are the plants can be used to increase male power?

Based on the above-listed means for the manufacture of effective drugs to increase potency.

The medicinal plants


Home remedies to improve power include the treatment of herbs. Using wisely chosen herbs can improve the power quickly.

Men of power, in most cases it decreases due to inflammatory processes, or circulatory diseases. Medicinal herbs help to solve this problem.

With their help, you can adjust the blood circulation, expand blood vessels, reduce inflammation. Ingredients for the preparation of drugs must be purchased only at the pharmacy, it is not worth to buy medicinal herbs in relieving the markets.

Nettle. Improves the metabolism and stimulates the urinary function. For the preparation of medicines need to take 100 grams of finely chopped herbs and pour it of 300 ml of boiling water. Ready the tool take three times a day before a meal.

Pieces of the root of ginseng – 0,5 St. l.;honey – 2 St. l. this type of medicine Is taken by mouth, 4 times a day a spoon of tea in a single dose.


Herbs to increase potency in men of immediate action is not there, they start working only in the condition of a long period of moderate-to-application.

An excellent tool will be a collection of mint, nettle and st. john's wort. A large mixing spoon, pour a liter of boiled water for 30 minutes, filtered, they are divided into different parts and take during the day.

Well not only helps the grass of the nettles, but their seeds. In the treatment of erectile dysfunction seed fermentation as the tea, enough to fill a cup of the soup of the seeds, cover with water and drink it half an hour.

An excellent way of increasing the male power to become the seeds of the nettle with the red wine and beelother honey. The ingredients are mixed in equal proportion. In addition, the man increases the immune system, purifies the blood, passes through the prostatitis.

Black cumin

Against impotence home use black cumin:

  1. seeds ground, using coffee grinders;
  2. measure a spoon of tea;
  3. pour a tablespoon of olive oil.

The treatment is 1 month. On the same dosage of black cumin seeds to take it along with the chicken breast with beaten egg, it is best to do this before coffee in the morning.

Is well against reduced the power works in the vegetable oil. Charge 25 drops, add the spoon of natural honey, as to take for a month and a half or three times per day.


Increase the sexual desire help the rhizome kalGhana. The plant is the ability to improve the heart functioning, the reduction of the consequences migrated stressful situations. The plant, mixed with other herbs against impotence.

The raw material heated for about 20 minutes in the heart brando, insist 2 hours. Take recommended three times a day. The standard dosage become two large spoons of soup 15 minutes before a meal.

The root of the ginseng

The application of root kalGhana undesirable, high body temperature, colds and infectious diseases processes in the body. Another constraint is the predisposition to clot formation.

The root of the ginseng

Tibetan or krai ginseng is regarded as an excellent natural aphrodisiac, is part of a series of food supplements for impotence and other sexual dysfunctions. In the plant, there is a complex of essential oils, tannins, which improve the blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

The plant comes from the manifestation of weak potency, increases the tone the body, as well affect the duration of sexual intercourse.

Dried ginseng mixed with vodka, insist 3 days, take 25 drops per 30 minutes before a meal. The medicine is suitable for course ware application, in this case, drink 15 drops three times per day for three months.

According to the statistics problem of erectile dysfunction in men with the passing of years it becomes "younger", or, if before the male libido decreaseslaxis in the third age, today with this experience, more and more young. In folk medicine, and the application of medicinal herbs to the solution of low libido, hold a the goal of eradicating the causes of this phenomenon and its consequences.