By damaging the testicles in men, and when duty to put in place, and after the excitement of

In the process of erection in men, it is not only the flow of blood to the sexual organ, and the work involved in the department of the brain, the central nervous system. When the normal excitation of the sexual act ends with the ejaculation when the seminal fluid that comes out of one of the testicles. The more blood that quickly makes it the erectile tissues, the excitement goes on.

for they know that the eggs from the male

At a young age to remove symptoms from the blink of an eye, the body takes up the excess pressure by means of the spontaneous discharge of the seminal fluid from sexual intercourse, and the path to it during the night. The normalisation of the acts leading to the termination of the in such a situation, but sometimes the self-cleaning cycle the testis is not the case. This makes it a pain in the egg of men, after the excitement, the symptoms appear in the groin, to the scrotum.

In the absence of the discharge, and sexual – is one of the main causes. The mechanism of this phenomenon is very simple: it's the excitement it takes to fill up your corpora cavernosa with blood, an act which is not of the blood out of your body extremely time-consuming, break-in contributes to the rapid movement of the sperm through the ducts. The sum of the processes that's the reason why men are a pain in the eggs after the excitation.

Both men and women, leading a regular sex life, they rarely suffer from the symptom is pain in the testicles after the excitation. However, if the sign is on, you may receive one of the following conditions:

  • The quality of education in the reproductive system (the tumor is malignant, benign);
  • The risk of contracting the paths that lead to the seed-bacterial, non-bacterial);
  • The Varicocele;
  • Twist seed feeder cable;
  • Injury to the scrotal.

Analyze the reasons why the over-stimulation of pain in the eggs:

  1. Varicose veins on the penis it leads to a stagnation of the blood. Result it to the tissues of the pelvic that is not getting the right amount of nutrients that accumulate in the sperm cells to die out gradually.
  2. Twist seed feeder cable – all the more reason for a non-pathological. The twist is also a delay in the availability of nutrients, due to the fact that the egg starts to hurt. If this is the case, then you should get immediate help, otherwise, the result can be stunted.
  3. Trauma to the groin area. A strong injury that leads to inflammation of the tissues, and a buildup of blood and fluid. The Hematoma is called nasty and is painful when touched, and to determine which aroused the eggs, you should immediately seek professional help.
  4. The excitement of the nature of the long-term carries a very serious problem. The brain is a signal to the pituitary gland, and causes the testosterone to flow in the bloodstream in large amounts, the erectile tissues are filled up, and you get an erection. In the absence of a normal act, and the reluctance of partners to make the process of excitation of the long-term, and the vessel sealed. The walls of the vessels exert pressure on the muscles and the nerves, and the man becomes physically painful. For the ease of the state is possible only by means of the ejection of the seminal fluid.
  5. Withdrawal – the root cause of the aches and pains in the testicles. The mature men's bodies are constantly producing sperm, a lot of of your leads to necrosis of the decomposition of the sperm. The voltage can be lower, but there is a high level of functionality the testicles will not allow you to dissolve the excess of sperm. Hem agencies was expanded, because of a pain in the egg of the patient.

Realizing this, for they know that the eggs of males, when excited, it should be kept in mind that, in some patients, the increase in the levels of testosterone it leads to the occurrence of such a process, without good reason. To relieve the symptoms, you must establish a pattern of regular sexual activity.

If the symptoms does not go away, the doctor assigns to the research and treatment. It is rated for the state of the prostate gland, the testicles. The sampling often results in the worsening of the symptoms, and, along with the collection of the history of cable and the instrument of the research, the diagnosis will be more accurate.

causes of pain in the akikah

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Pain of any kind — the pain, the pulling, the one on the right-hand side of the groin area and, in particular, on the right, the egg might be a reason. This is the most common injury to the scrotal.

Not to strong, injury, or impact, causing bloating, swelling and discoloration of the skin. Subject to these symptoms, after 2 to 3 weeks after the injury.

If these symptoms are accompanied by an increase in the temperature of the body, a twinge of pain at the movement, nausea, or vomiting, then it is necessary for a medical emergency.

The reason for this concern is the morbid state of the right of the egg, he / she is suspected of a groin hernia, torsion of the seed of the strings.

The data from the pathology included pain in the groin, pushing the pain in his right leg, uncomfortable state at the cellular level.

The tumor on the vein of us —one of the reasons for the pain

The left testicle of men, is not different than the one on the right, but there are the diseases that affect it is to the left of the egg, and deliver it to the men for a number of disorders: is the pain, then lying in the scrotum, discomfort when walking, a person's gender. These symptoms increase in the expression of up during physical exertion and sexual contact. So, if it manifests on the male disease, from the eggs of a varicocele-varicose veins, with the formation of tumors in the veins of us.

Most often, the disorder is found in teenagers aged 14 and 15 years old, but at times it can appear in men of adult age. The condition is due to the way the left side of vienna, and the egg is located in the countryside of the egg, and the confluence of the left renal vein.

With the slightest of pressure, and an increase of venous pressure occurs in the dissolution of a complex of the egg and formation of the vein of the us.

The delivery men later, it is not only a painful condition, but it's infertile with a complete loss of the function of reproduction.

In a reflection of the pain is in just one egg, it gives you a reason to visit your doctor and check on the status of the law, in the military service. Even the most minor changes in the construction of the egg can be a symptom of serious of the phenomena of disease.

Pain in the testicles, can be quite a sensitive subject for most men. Many people are ignorant of it, in the hope that it will come out by itself. But a lot of times the problem does not go away, and it is a serious disease. In some cases, the need for immediate medical attention.

Overheating can cause irregularities in the hormonal changes and changes in the composition of the sperm, causing male infertility. At the top of passes conduct, which produces the sperm. Their own testicles are made from the shells of the artery, testicular, vein thrombosis (dvt) complex, in the appendices.

Why hurt the testicles — the main causes and how to treat it

the symptoms and causes of

If you give the eggs to the male, that's a lot of times, people think that it is the result of a crash or lock-in, sometimes without even realizing what a banal flu, COLDS, especially if they have complications they can adversely affect the functioning of testicles. The testicular pain is in men, it can cause hormone malfunctions, injuries, pathology, vascular medicine, and a long list of diseases-genito-urinary, and excretory.

It is for this reason that you need to know if it hurts, the egg, what kind of doctor to go to. The lower pain in the scrotum, you should go for the watch you have alfabetiza the doctor-the urologist. Best after these have been checked, in order to resolve the question of whether the pain is in the testicles, and that is it, and treat it appropriately, and that the loss of his male strength, as a result of the complications of the disease.

There are a number of reasons, due to the fact that you can get sick of eggs. The feeling of pain is of different intensity can occur in one of the testicles, or both.

In this group of cases so you can hurt an egg, and men, are related to the mechanical injury to the testicles and the penis at the moment of impact, as well as trauma, leading to damage to the nerve endings, which is streaming into the penis, and the testicles.

These injuries occur as a result of hypothermia, overheating, frequent self-satisfaction in the result after the action is the pain in the right of the egg, but you may not notice the discomfort, and the left-and right away the two sides of it.

If the injury occurred during a very active friction during sexual intercourse, improper use of a sex toy, then the egg then the sex hurts.

The reasons for pain in testicles in men, and are to be found in the use of a narrow clothing, chemical -, or radiation-exposed at home or work.

Diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, the inflammatory process is the cause of it, for they know that the eggs of males.

The vessel-pathology.

This group of causes leading to pain in the region of the testicles in men, and includes a number of problems with the blood vessels. That, and the occlusion of the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the testes, causing pain occurs, to the twisting of the egg, which would result in necrosis if not promptly to the aid of an expert, varicocele (varicose veins testicle, in the latter stages, a result of it, what hurts it is the egg of man, and pulling on the scrotum).

This group of causes, that lasts a pain of eggs, and are related to prostatitis, urethritis, stones in the urine, and other pathology, that all the pains that you give to the testis.

A strong trauma to the scrotal.

Many of the cases turn out to be the reason for the cut-and-dull pain in the testicles in men. When a mechanical impact, it may be a violation of the integrity of the egg. In this state, the man is pursuing both the strengths and the excruciating pain from which he can fall in status and a loss of consciousness. If a husband is a pain in the egg, due to an injury, what do you do to a woman need to solve it quickly. See a doctor immediately to avoid complications that may lead to the loss of the egg.

The torsion seed cord.

It is very dangerous for the reason that of the pain out of the egg, which will require an immediate visit to a urologist. It occurs more frequently during the night. If this is the case, then the man, without any visible signs of damage, in the absence of any disease of the genital system of a sudden comes up with a sharp pain in his scrotum, giving it a leg. But, at times, a twist occurs during the active movements of the sexual intercourse, that is the answer to the question as to why, after sex, pain in the testicles.

The disease becomes the reason of pain in the testes, it very quickly causes the development of necrosis of the tissues, as well as compressed nerves and blood vessels, all of which are used for the power supply of the eggs. Occurs for such a reason, and that you can hurt an egg is, the more often during childhood, both in men, it can also be brought on by a great physicist, over-voltage.

It is not always the uneasy feelings and pain in the testes of the male that are associated with the development of the pathological process. It is often associated with the mere physiology of a male. This is the case if, after the sexual arousal has not occurred, the emission of sperm, and it explains, why hurt the eggs and then in the riser. This happens most commonly in the teenage years, when young boys are very active sexually, but they still don't get it, why hurt the eggs to the male, they are not able to relieve the sexual tension.

But sometimes it is a matter, for they know that the eggs after such a long abstinence, I think, is also in line with the adult. If a man is aroused, their sex organs swell up due to the tide, with blood. If, for some reason, it does not, you can receive a discharge, sex, in the testicles appear the feeling of pain. If you have experienced this problem, pain in the testicles, of the withdrawal of the question of "what to do" is solved in a variety of ways.

how to ease the pain
  1. Sex. You can solve the answer to the question: what do I do if the pain in the eggs from the excitement of the sexual intercourse, during which the excess voltage to the testicles is going to fall off, and the pain goes away.
  2. The self-gratification. The other answer to the question of abstinence, the pain of the eggs, and what to do.
  3. The distraction of thinking about sex. If it's a pain in the egg of the withdrawal symptoms, but the doctors prohibit you from having sex, we'll have to wait a few hours until the exciting in and of itself is not going to come to nothing (usually it's the kind of pain that doesn't last for more than 4 hours a day.

But it's worth it to know that if you donate your eggs and after masturbation, this may be related to the opposite of reason, that is to say, if a man often ejaculate in a short period of time. These pains are not dangerous for the life of them, they go on for several hours. But in the case of men, it is moderate in her sexy dust.

Distressing pain in the testicles in men, it has a variety of causes. It can be a result of the banal, sexual abstinence, or to raise awareness about the availability of serious medical conditions. In most of the cases, the symptom is unpleasant and preoccupied with boys and young men, but sometimes it's a feeling of liberation and the children.

The factors that contribute to the onset of pain in the testicles, split up into 5 main groups:

  1. Of the physiological. The pain occurs after long periods of excitation. The unpleasant feeling does not require a specific treatment and disappear spontaneously within a few hours. If the pain does not go away in a period of 10 hours, one should consult with a urologist.
  2. Can be traumatic. A large number of receptors in your male genitals are the testes in the hurt even with slight pressure, shock, or hypothermia.
  3. Epididymitis and orchitis. Inflammation in the groin, causing a major swelling and the onset of aches and pains.
  4. Diseases. When different pathologies in the vessels can hurt the eggs to the male. Among the major diseases, called atherosclerotic plaque, and blood clots in the blood, varicocele, flip on the heel, the death of tissue due to a lack of revenue in the blood.
  5. The pathology of the reproductive system, irritants from sexual the nerve in any of the levels. To this group belong, urethritis, tumors, stones in the kidney damage to the ureter.

Each and every one of the groups of pathologies of the different characteristics of the pain, and demands that the men be opportune and appropriate to take action.



Raise the pain and discomfort in the region of the testicles in men, and is subject to a number of rules for the prevention, viz.:

  • subject to periodic review;
  • to be actively engaged in the sports;
  • eat properly and get rid of the excess weight of every one:
  • do not smoke and do not abuse the use of alcohol;
  • regularly to have sexual intercourse;
  • that is to be protected against sexually transmitted infections (stis;
  • do not use the neck of the bottle inconvenient to the bed, and clothes;
  • in a timely manner, to cure COLDS, influenza, mumps, and do not hinder them for to hassle-free.