How to fix the problem with the dysfunction of the function, after the age of 40 years

The power is a kind of marker for the well-being of men, both physically and mentally. This is a delicate sphere and it is influenced by a variety of environmental factors that are related to energy, the environment, addictions, stress, chronic illness, acquired with age. Often, impotence is a temporary, at least it's a sign of a serious condition. To understand, you can expert. By increasing the power output in men after the age of 40 years – a urologist or other physician.

what is the power

What is the power

From a medical point of view, power is defined as the ability of a male to lead a normal sexual life. More than an understanding of the strait it is characterized by the speed of onset of erection and duration of sexual intercourse. The power output is not matched to the rhythm of the intimate relationship.

Men of power do not depend on the frequency of sex. The maximum number of possibilities for sexual strong, it hits the ground, or the total psychological comfort, or, in the case of a strong emotion, that involve the emission of testosterone levels. In fact, the level of this hormone is after about 35-40 years of age, begins to decline annually by 1.5-2 per cent., due to physiological reasons.

To speed up this process, you are able to different factors such as:

  • the nutrition is out of balance;
  • the abuse of alcohol, in particular beer, which contains estrogen;
  • the lack of exercise and being overweight;
  • the metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus;
  • arteriosclerosis;
  • the use of synthetic steroids in the funds.

A deficiency of androgens in the body, they cause a lot of problems, heart disease, and even impotence (erectile dysfunction).

The older the man is, the less the libido and sexual activity. However, a healthy person can afford the luxury of a quality sex life up to old age, if you're going to follow the recommendations of your doctor and go to health care.

The causes of the elimination of the power

Disorders the impotence in men are related to the disruption of the nerve impulses going to and from the structure of the brain centers to the spinal cord and the organs in the body. Distinguished 2 factors that may affect the system for sexual arousal and can cause problems with the power of 40 years of age, or even before, the organic and the mental, of the genesis.

The first one is:

the causes of the decrease of the output power
  1. The system of a chronic disease, leading to impairment of the blood supply in the genitals-male – heavy-duty-stage of high blood pressure, cardiovascular ischemia, and atherosclerosis.
  2. Addictions are contributing to the deterioration of the circulation in the blood – a great deal of experience with smoking, addiction to alcohol and narcotic substances.
  3. Heavy progressing through pathology, neurology (Parkinson, multiple sclerosis), tumors of the spinal cord/brain, in clear violation of the brain (a stroke).
  4. Sexually transmitted diseases (sexually transmitted infections).
  5. Decompensated forms of diabetes, which leads to the loss of a small, vascular, peripheral, and impair the nutrition of the tissues.
  6. The pathology of the thyroid gland (hypo and hyperthyroidism).
  7. The inflammatory processes in the testis, tumor of the educational damage the operational and policy – this may cause an interruption to, or reduction in, the production of testosterone.
  8. Pathology of the urinary system – prostatitis, multiple, benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph), prostate cancer.
  9. The violation of the integrity of the spinal cord (trauma, a fall, surgery).
  10. Long-term medications from the groups of tranquilizers, sedatives, anti-depressants, water pills (diuretics) medicines.
  11. Frequent and long-lasting ride bikes and scooters – these treatments can cause compression of the nerves, which are well suited to the sexual organ.

Psychogenic causes can lead to a problem of a dysfunction in the role of a 40-year, are as follows:

  • with the fast pace of life, the surge, frequently from stress;
  • generalized anxiety disorders, depressive episodes;
  • "the mid-life crisis";
  • the conflicts within the staff and their families.
  • constant tiredness;
  • sexual disaster in the past.

To exactly determine the cause of erectile dysfunction in men and it is not always possible, perhaps, for this reason, it will be necessary for the involvement of professionals with different profiles (urologist, endocrinologist, psychiatrist, or neurologist).

The symptoms of sexual dysfunction

Powerlessness say when the failure to do the act of sex becomes a phenomenon that is ever-present, and it is expressed in violation of a variety of different indicators of the presence of a desire for sex, and duration of the erection, psychological, and satisfaction).

The characteristics of impotence in 40 year is to be expressed in the following:

the power output after 40
  1. Decrease in libido, weak level of expression of desire to have sex.
  2. The difficulty with the occurrence of erection. If the impotence psychogenic of the nature in which they may arise from a spontaneous erection, but when a member does not get full of blood. When the organic nature of the dysfunction of the excitation of no (no morning erections).
  3. The reduction of the stiffness, and the number of topics. This means that, in a moment of intimacy in the penis can not achieve the required hardness, it has risen to the status of the short-term.
  4. The inability to save to the prolonged erection. During sex, the penis may decrease and become sluggish.
  5. The rapid offensive of the early start of the eruption of a seed is the manifestation of the organic nature of impotence.

The appearance of the above signs, you should be aware, the issue is not, per se, so the solution will be the involvement of a specialist. In order to identify the reasons for the need to carry out the research, in terms of volume, it will assign the physician an individual basis for each patient. The diagnosis is made by findings of a global survey.

The general principles of the therapy

The dilution of power doesn't happen in an empty space, you can find out the reason why it is important, prior to the start of the treatment.

Recommendations in general, when the problem occurs in the intimate sphere of man-are as follows:

  1. You will have to go to a specialist for exams to aid in diagnosis. If you need to visit a specialist in the field of psychiatry, neurology, endocrinology, cardiology).
  2. Try to avoid stressful situations, do not overwork, do not work for wear and tear.
  3. To arrange for the proper rotation of sleeping and waking, the night's rest must be a minimum of 8 hours.
  4. To eliminate the liability of a hobby at the end of the week, to play sports, then do the upload in the morning.
  5. Eating a full and balanced – the diet should be protein, and also vitamins and minerals in sufficient amount. Of useful fresh seafood, beef, chicken, nuts, green vegetables, tomatoes, and pepper to the eggs.
  6. To learn a complex of exercises to improve the strength (for example, by the method-of-Kegel – this will help.
  7. It is necessary to refuse, or to reduce to a minimum the presence in the life of a tobacco and alcohol use.
  8. To monitor your pulse and blood pressure, sugar level, and cholesterol, and to periodically undergo medical examinations. The increase in rates should adjust in a timely manner.
  9. If you get rid of the excess weight, diet, exercise, and other methods, the advice of a doctor.
  10. To clean up pockets of infection, deal with all the sores chronic.
  11. To maintain trust-based relationships, the sex is regular in all ways possible, for his wife or girlfriend. This is going to help the man, as a husband, or a friend, to overcome the complex, to be able to gain an erection, particularly when a psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

How to increase potency in men in a natural way after the age of 40? It is important for the organisation of the daily routine, giving up of bad habits, changes in diet. In many cases, it is sufficient to carry the normal amount.

Medical therapy

medical therapy

The right diet, a healthy lifestyle, regular sports activities, as well as special exercises, a prerequisite for which is the need to run to the men, and the desire to achieve, to increase the power and keep it for a very long time.

If that's not enough, we must have recourse to other means, such as, in particular, in the therapy of a physician. The treatment is done to identify the cause of, resulted from erectile dysfunction disorder.

What could be the problem:

  • it has a somatic deep-pathology – treatment is carried out, respectively, after diagnosis (hypertension, atherosclerosis);
  • diabetes / endocrine disorders – a problem of a thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) is treated with a hormone, diabetes is to prescribe insulin or sugar-reducing pills;
  • psychogenic movement disorder and the effect that is achieved with the help of a drug able to significantly improve the flow of blood into the penis, drugs which support both the libido, increase your resistance to stress.

The most common is impotence psychogenic, of a cure, we just need to have complex techniques, and with the participation of a number of professionals.

The medicines are popular as they allow you to improve the quality of the sex that is male adult, of course, is the cause of the condition. If the recommendations of the medical data is safe. Rarely, patients may present undesirable reactions in the form of a raise in blood pressure, headaches, allergies or any other symptoms, you should tell your doctor. In such cases, a change in the dose or cancel the drug. Guided to just the tips on the forums, just not worth it.

There are herbal preparations and dietary supplements to improve the quality of life and sexual activity of the males. Its action is based on bio-stimulation of the organism, with the power of medicinal plants. Dietary supplements may help with chronic fatigue, stress, when you wipe on the psychological situations as a support.

If that is the root cause of the problems in power, they are built with serious illness and disorders in the circulation of the blood in the vessels, the pelvic, and the question of how to restore the erectile function it should be treated by doctors of different specialties and integrated.

The traditional Folk methods of

The animals, in the forms of treatment to be used as a complement to, and an effect of the expansion from the core of the therapy, or at times, you can replace your medications, if you to serious illnesses that the human being is revealed to you. They are used primarily for medicinal herbs and honey products.

The revenue garnered so much more, here are a few of them:

  1. Cedar nuts (150 g.) and must be pounded, put them in a glass jar, add one cup of sugar, and pour in a bottle of a good vodka. To insist in a dark place, every day, several times around. After 3 weeks, strain the liquid to leave on the bench for the rest of the faction, to put it in another container, and back again, pour in the vodka and keep for 3 months. After that, drain in a colander, and mix the two liquids. To improve the power-to drink for a half an hour to eat 1 dessert teaspoon 3 times a day. First of all, the drink is half of the total volume of water, and then take a break for 10 days and then repeat the reception desk of the 1 St. a teaspoon three times a day.
  2. You need different nuts (walnut, wood, wooden, cedar, and Dr), as well as dried apricots, prunes, raisins. We only charge a handful, grind it up, mix it, and put it in a jar. There lay the way to the top of the honey, which may, in the liquid, close the lid and leave it for about a week. To drink in the morning, at fasting, after 1 St. tablespoons, 3 times a day, for 10 days, gradually increase to 2 in Ot. tbsp. A course of 3 months, and after a short pause during the same time period, and repeat.
  3. The herb thyme (100 g), pour in a quart of warm water, put it in a thermos for 1 to 2 hours. Drain in a colander, and during the day, you drink the tea 3 or 4 times, and you can add a teaspoon of honey. Do not keep more than a day. Each and every day to make a new infusion. A course of 3 weeks, with a break of 2 weeks, and then repeat 4 more times for the same interrupt. After 3 or 4 months, and once again go through the treatment.

There are a lot of different recipe to the people of the revenue, and all of you can find one to your liking, but not necessarily, to consider the possible indications and contra-indications. For this reason, it is best to consult with your doctor.

exercise of the power

Exercise of the power

To improve the circulation of blood and improve your erections, they may help with some of the well known exercises that you should perform regularly with the gradual increasing of the load, and the video can be found on the internet.

Here are just a few of them:

  • squats in the morning, to start off with a 10-to 12-each and every day, let you a number, you can do it with the shaft;
  • "the bike – lie on your back on to do the simulation of the motion of the bicycle, as if riding;
  • "the bridge" – a difficult exercise that may result in the commencement of the difficulty, the preference is to get as much as possible, lifting the pelvis upward;
  • a push – up is the need for only the upper part of the body, and to taz, trying not to raise up from the ground, and when that's going to stretch out the muscles of the abdomen and the groin;
  • "in the year of the fours" – the inhalation to go through the buttocks to the heel, stretch out, and get it back, without bending your arms, back, pleasure, and gracious, which pulls the lumbar spine;
  • to gather, to sit in a chair,on the rump, which is spread out on the seat, between your testicles and your anus, with your shoulders straight, body slightly tilted down, one at a time, making cuts, and relaxation of the muscles of the buttocks.

To restore power, it can be used in a set of Kegel exercises. The essence of the training of a muscle which is located between the anus and the testicles. This image shows the improvement of the blood circulation in the pelvis and contributes to the increase of the strength and duration of erections. To determine where you are located, this is a muscle, it can be seen in the urine, if you feel a reduction in pubic hair.

Regularly, two times a day, we need to stretch out and relax in this area for 10 times in 2 weeks. During the year, you should stop the urine flow for 2-3 seconds, then relax. The time delay is gradually increased. After 2 weeks, take a break for a few days, and then once more to repeat the 2 week course for a month and a half. At the end you can achieve a reduction of muscle in less than 10 seconds. This exercise will help you in the long preservation of the erection during the sexual intercourse.

The man, after the age of 40, has gradually in the period of physiological condition of a recession, what does that mean for the offensive sexual weakness. When the suit comes to health care, and in the presence of a near-immediate spouse or partner, there is no reason to fear the loss of sexual function in the elderly.