To increase the power in your home? Ways that are efficient, accessible to all

For the normalization of the sexual activity, it is necessary to uncover the root cause of a reduction in potency. Here, the role of many other factors. Unhealthy eating habits, life-style, diet, psychological problems, lack of exercise, excess weight, chronic fatigue, get enough sleep and s., In the first place, to eliminate the underlying cause. If you don't, there are serious violations, you should try to fix the problem with no harm to your health.

In contrast to the steam bath, and

Ways on how to improve the output:

  • Food
  • In contrast to the steam bath, and
  • Exercises for the muscles of the "for the love"
  • The way of life is correct
  • Recipes, studio

For men, the diet, which increases the power output

With the right diet, rich in vitamins, "" play it to the first one, the one that increases the potency in men. Male body is in need of plenty of vitamins a, E, B6, B12, zinc, magnesium, fluoride and calcium. The lack of these chemicals is broken up in the synthesis of the male hormone, testosterone, which is responsible for sexual stamina. The daily use of the right foods to help regain the stores of energy, it activates the production of testosterone to increase the male potential.

Products in order to increase the power output of the

  • Lean cuts of meat: beef, lamb, rabbit, turkey
  • Fish: Spanish mackerel, flounder
  • Seafood: clams, shrimp, mussels,
  • The eggs are preferably made of quail
  • Vegetables: garlic, onion, celeriac (celery root), parsnips, bunches of leaves, and asparagus
  • Macadamia nuts: macadamia nuts, cedar nuts, cashew nuts, almonds
  • Honey and bee products (perga)
  • Fresh fruit: banana, avocado, grapes, strawberry
The fruit

A well-balanced diet is the foundation of sexual fortitude of men. Product, for the power to help you restore your sexual stamina and avoid any problems in the bed.

In contrast, with the wide range of low-power

Contrast bath to the lower part of the body is actually struggling with sexual dysfunction. The hardening serves calipers, trains, vessels, including vessels of the penis and it returns to the strength of men.

If you are looking to increase the power in the house — and the contrast in the bathroom is ideal. The procedure is simple and takes about 20 to 25 minutes. Prepare two containers of hot and cold water, and to ensure an atmosphere of peace, so that no one else has bothered. Then, you have to sit in a cold bath and the bear for a minute or so. Then, it is necessary for you to take in the warm water. The action is repeated 8-10 times for each bath.

The difference is that the temperature of the first procedure, a minimum of 3-5°. each time the range is increased.

To increase the useful power of steam in a bain-marie. The procedure increases the blood circulation, and eliminate the sexual dysfunction. Steam is enough for 15 to 30 minutes, 2-3 times per week.

The technique of Kegel, and that it increases male potency

It is a special kind of gymnastics to get back to the training for the pc-coccygeal muscles in the sexual area, that is located between the testicles and the back passage. He or she is responsible for the winning of a reduction in the time for the state of ohio. Kegel exercises to strengthen the CA-of the muscles, activates blood circulation in genitals, increase strength, strengthen the erection. With such a facility, most don't have to think about, which adds to the power.

An easy way to find the pubis-coccygeal muscle, to delay the stream while in the urine, and in a moment of rest, she is tensed. The training is based on the principle of relaxation of tension, they are exercises in the morning and in the evening.


Exercise 1. "Stop the stream".You should delay the stream while in the urine, and then renew it. It is necessary for two exercises per day for 2 or 3 stops away from the jet at one time.

The year 2's. "The strain". Put more pressure on the most heavily-CA-of the muscle and then relax in the knowledge that is isolated from the other muscles of the pelvic. Do it on a daily basis in 10 of the strains of 2-3 the approach.

The year 3's. "The rotation of the pelvis". It is performed standing with the feet shoulder-width apart. Spin taz in 10 years time, the arrow, and then 10 times counter.

The year 4's. "Hold on a stone." We do it standing up. The knees are a little bent. Start all over again, on your knees, the more and more tightly onPRahem and relax the buttocks 2-3 times. Straighten out your legs. Do I need to 10 reps.

The year 5's. "The bridge". Go down to the ground. The arms and throughout the torso. The legs are bent at the knees, and the feet are touching the ground. Raise your pelvis so that your knees were in the right angle. Do 2-3 sets of 10 times.

The mode of life proper to a power

The first step is to enhance the power output is a healthy way of life. Observe the routine of the day to feed, exercise, and avoid stress. Physical fortitude, standard of the sleep, peace of mind, and you don't even have to think about, which is to increase the power output.

It is important to quit your bad habits. Smoking and alcohol, reducing the production of testosterone, which is 100% of the power, it is not possible.

The men's health it is important to balance the weight, and if you have extra is an urgent need to get rid of them. The total of men, decreased synthesis of testosterone in increased the level of female hormones, and cholesterol for the rogue which blocks the blood vessels. The body is not strong enough to produce a sufficient quantity of hormones, sex, and blood, and it is a very slow PROlivet to the shaft of your penis. The result is poor performance and a lack of desire to have sex.


Recipes, folk music, reinforcing the power

In nature, there are many, many ways, that is, in effect, to increase the power output. Walnuts, honey, ginger root, ginseng, thyme, quickly lift your libido and bring you to a normal sex life.

The recipes, which enhance the male potency:

  • Honey, nuts, it contains lots of vitamins and minerals and is higher than the zinc, which is essential for the synthesis of testosterone. Stir in ginguba and honey in a 1:1 and drink it 3 times a day with a spoonful of the soup, and being sexually active are likely to recover.
  • Ginseng is a powerful stimulant of the power. At the root of the ginseng, it promotes the enlargement of blood vessels, improving blood supply to the penis and causes an erection that is strong. To increase your libido, you need to mix together 25g soup from scratch, and 700 g of honey. The mixture insist 10 days, take one teaspoon, 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals for two months.
  • Thyme contains a lot of zinc and efficient and enhances the health of the man. To prepare a special oil from the fresh leaves of the thyme, pour in the olive oil to 1:3, are able to withstand an hour and a half of water out of the bath, and on the occasion of a night out. The oil in the filter paper, and rubbing it in the morning and at night and in the perineal area, to the stimulation of bioactive points.
  • Ginger, it fixes easily to a sexual weakness and increase sex. It is contained in the ginger root, zinc increases the synthesis of testosterone, and increases strength. The root is used. It can also be chewed to small bits and pieces of it several times a day, then add the tea, or take ginger root with honey. In the root, and honey, mixed in a 1:1, insist on a week, and eat about a tablespoon every night.