Output power: 5 factors that can affect the strength of the male

The possibility of men's assumed sexual intercourse to the end and the cum is affected by many factors such as power, it's a very lean thing. Some of the representatives of the stronger sex to old age, remain concerned about the inner workings of the plan, and some of us even at a young age only, in sexual contact twice a week and think it is completely acceptable to you. The weakening of the "vitality" and it has a negative effect on the sexual activity?


The problems with the power to cause excess weight.

And it's not just a purely physical challenge, while the excess of weight and that creates obstacles to the operation and for the exchange of positions, and that this has an important influence on the quality of the sexual act. In the body of the obese men the level of female hormones estrogen, it increases it, but with the concentration of testosterone, which boosts the gain of the muscles, which is responsible for the physical strength and endurance, and the most important thing is that it determines the extent to which the desire and the capacity for physical intimacy, decreases. It is for this reason that the male is breeding the female — they grow with the belly and the chest, the shoulders and make it less in the glutes.

And even if a man is not too complex with respect to its appearance and ignore the internal processes that the hormone is in your body, it is not capable of doing. And to add to that, if there is a shortness of breath, increased sweating, fast heart beat, irregular, with a risk of heart attack and stroke, and the image is formed, and nothing is jarring. For this reason, for anyone who has a problem with the power due to the excess weight, and you have the sense to think about the power supply, and the continuation of life.

Soft drinks, soya bean and a bowl of popcorn, as they will affect the power output in men?

The gas stations

Apparently, all of the dangers that lurk in the use of the carbonated, sugary drinks, we are already aware of. The enamel of the teeth, they will destroy it, and the calcium in the bones, the wash, and as a result, the whole of the excess fat, but few know what it is that they do, and the build up of bromine in the body, leading to a decrease in the output power and the period of infertility. So, to all of whom this picture looks like rainbow, it is worthwhile to reduce the number of hospitals in the carbonated soft drinks, if you don't leave them out in the favor of fresh juices from fruits and vegetables.

The soybean is the same as the direct effects on spermatogenesis, inhibits the delivery of sperm. The fact that it contains isoflavones, which are, by their structure and the action are reminiscent of the female sexual hormones estrogen. The excess weight can only increase the negative impact of the use of soy products. But rise, body-builders, non-complaining way, not worth the effort to relax ahead of time. A lot of them take steroids to build muscle, and a lot of times, out of ignorance or for the sake of economy, to buy low quality products from the soil. It suffers as well of the power in the man, and together with it their self-esteem.

As for the popcorn, this is harmless, sweet, that, like so much of a feast for the movie lovers, put up in packages, covered with non-stick chemicals, so that they will not miss the fat at all. The accumulate in the body, can cause problems with potency, infertility and even testicular cancer. So, out with the girlfriend in the movie, it is best to prepare a tasty dessert, either alone or replace it with the Apple chips in the package, which is also very tasty and useful for health. What's more, it may affect the "male power"? The lack of zinc in the body. If you don't like seafood, do not use the nuts, do not drink the cocoa, and you don't like sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds in the oven, so it's time to re-evaluate their taste buds alone.

The zinc is set in stone, mineral for the male seed, and the regulator of the working of the endocrine system and the genital system. It stimulates the prostate gland, the production of testosterone and improve erectile function, the possibility ejaculation, and conception. So, for all those who want to have a good power rating, it's worth it to increase the diet rich in zinc in the products.

Bad habits are the main culprits of a bad power

Bad habits

Many of the smokers and lovers of alcoholic drinks can now tell you that the glass-this is another thing that's hot only to strengthen the desire and the passion, and the smoke after love-making, of cigarette — like a breath of fresh air after a summer of heat. But that doesn't mean that it will always be that way. The toxic substance in the composition of the smoke build up in the body of a man causing a nuisance to the functioning of all organs and systems, and is the main active ingredient, namely, nicotine, constricts the blood vessels and slows the circulation of the blood, which has a negative impact on the quality of the erection, and in power.

As for the alcohol, another thing that lots of men have noted that after a decision is made on the breast, immediately pulling it exploits is activated, and the desire for closeness, but when it comes to sex, it's the end, you've just got to dream up — early-do not come and did not come. In the future, it erection, and in power, gradually slowing down. The use of ethanol (ethanol has a negative effect and motility of sperm cells. As they are, are but the sperm are not prepared at all. If your talking about the drugs, the situation is even worse, because of the degradation of the personality and the physical exhaustion so this is kind of a bad habit, it happens to be even faster.

Bad sleep? The earthquake struck as one of the root causes of sexual impotence

The fast pace of modern life, the pursuit of benefits for the mankind and imposes his mark on the daily routine in men's style. They are trying to make more money, to make sure that of your families, all the more necessary, as the sleep time that is to be expected for the rest. As a result, it increases the risk of development of congestive heart failure, anxiety, diabetes, and a t. d. of the Banal and the fatigue is not the best way affects the potency in males, in addition to the regular quake causes an increase in the concentration of cortisol and decrease production of the sex hormones.

The stress

Clinically proven to men, which can occur in sleep apnea, and night, and the noise, that is, the violation reduced the quality of sleep, and are suffering from erectile dysfunction, a lot more of those than don't complain about the earthquake.

Stress, and low self-esteem

Regardless of the reasons for the problems with potency, they, almost invariably, lead to the fear of intimacy and insecurity, which further compounds available on the state of affairs. In spite of this, for you to enjoy the intimacy and pleasure of the sexual act, the man once in a while, pagladivet at the bottom of the belly, and is constantly thinking of, and the erection and I can ejaculate, you do not be disappointed with your partner. In such a stupor that reduces the level of enjoyment, and if you don't have the support of a woman, but, on the contrary, censure, or worse, ridicule is not a very good power-to have to forget about it.

If we add here that the chronic stress, problems at work, and the lack of understanding among the new arrivals, and the circle is complete. The man is left alone with his problem, and the output is not found. Therefore, it is very thin, material, such as a power over the men, and necessarily requires, exceptions to the negative, causing it to fall from the factors.