The Top exercise to improve the power output of the squat, to the complex, from chi-kung

The violation of the power of the most common questions that men over the age of 50. However, the pace of modern life, and in a bad environment, took it down to the fact that it's a violation of the sexual function may occur at an earlier age. In order to avoid such troubles, doctors recommend taking a healthy and active life, as well as the procedures of exercises of power, in the forefront the doctor.

exercise of the power

The use of the exercises

No one man, no matter what the age, it is not immune to violations of the erectile function. How does it manifest? Its first signs are to be considered as decreased libido, lack of erection in the morning after you wake up, early ejaculation, or the inability of the penis to achieve and the need for sexual intercourse difficult.

The reasons for this can be many:

  • Stagnant processes in the pelvic area.
  • Bad habits (smoking, harmful use of alcohol).
  • A bad power supply.
  • A frequent de-stress.

To enhance the power of the male, which is the recommended do on a regular basis to exercise. The professionals developed a certain complex, consisting of a variety of exercises designed to increase your strength. Among its advantages are:

  1. A study of the major muscles and to the maintenance of muscle tone, which is very important for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.
  2. Thanks to the regular exercise of physical power, increases the synthesis of testosterone – the hormone that is responsible for the formation of sperm cells and the quality of the erection in men.
  3. Thanks for the education in physics, fixed up the stagnant processes in the pelvic area, which is excellent for the prevention of prostatitis and other diseases of the urinary system.
  4. After a workout, your body in a natural way and decreases the level of adrenaline. In this case, when the amount of this hormone in the body men to be exceeded where appropriate, development of the emotional surge, which always has a negative effect on the power output.
  5. The project will help to improve your mood, and overall health of the body. The exercise contributed to the formulation of the result.
  6. Doing the exercise in order to increase the power output, it is also possible to achieve a relaxation of the muscles.

However, it is important to remember the exercise to improve the power were a really effective to run them on a regular basis. Note the positive effect in the practice of a man who could even after weeks and weeks of training.

To the contrary, the use of different drugs to keep the power loads on the physical are over the period of the action. Doctors point out that the exercise of the power, thus avoiding any problems related with the sexual health of men, regardless of their age.

Daily exercise

Enough to run on a daily basis, a small number of exercises, in order to avoid a lot of problems with sexual functioning, and the need for a visit to the doctor.

daily exercise

Squats are considered to be the most effective way of preventing problems in the prostate gland and other organs of the male reproductive system. However, to achieve the maximum effect may only be to those who are going to execute them properly. How to do it!

  • Starting position – standing, with a rather large set of in the direction of your feet. Hand, you you you you you can either drop down or pull up to the front of the tights are supposed to look out for.
  • The maximum strain the muscles of the buttocks.
  • Without taking your heel from the ground, and going down is so strong, and the only one that changes.
  • When the maximum of the bottom should be a little (less than 5 seconds).
  • Smoothly, without jerking up to the starting position.

In the mornings, you you you you you should you begin with 20 sit-ups. This is an excellent prevention of prostatitis, and it also helps in improving the blood circulation and the synthesis of testosterone in the body.


When any of the sexual dysfunction of the man, you should contact your health care provider. Usually, the doctor will assign your cancer chemotherapy, for the treatment of folk ways and the exercises of the viagra pills that help you get the strength of men. The complex can include all of the types of exercise for the prostate gland, and power. More often than not it is recommended to run these:

  1. The Kegel Exercises. To make them, you can do it absolutely at any position (sitting, lying down, standing up). The most important thing to the max, relax all of the muscles in the body. You need to alternately as strong as possible to compress and relax the muscles of the perineum. Breathe in the deep. It is recommended to make the approach to the 5-and 10-fold. This loading will help to strengthen your pc muscle. This makes it an excellent prevention of various problems in the organs of the urinary system.
  2. The initial position of the right foot. On the hand, for the convenience of putting in at the waist and the legs are slightly folded in her lap. With a sudden movement, and the exit of the pelvis from the front to the maximum, and then maximize it back. After each of the 10 movements, you should take a short break, after which the exercise will be repeated. All you have to do 5 of these points.
  3. Being in a position, in this position, forcing the abdominals to the glutes and try to lift the scrotum, taking a deep breath. And on the out-breath, you have to relax all of your muscles. After 10 breaths, you should take a little break. These actions will help to restore the functions of the testes.
  4. Lying on the ground, with one hand placed under the head, and the second one in the groin area. The strongest stretch of the legs, to the contrary, the body. You will need to do 5 to 10 such policies, then change hands.
  5. Comments to ensure that this is the year to do well, it can very quickly improve the potency in men. It works like this: you sit in a chair with a high back and then returned to her face. Make slow, circular movements of the pelvis. By making the act of breathing to stretch the abdominal muscles, and exhale – to the contrary, the body. For a rotation you need to do to inspire and expire.
  6. Stand facing the wall, placing it in the hands and fingers. To support the entire weight of the body from one leg to the other. It's important to see to it that the tights were not coming out of the ground. During the training, you will need to do it before the 10th of the approaches, with a small break in between each one.
  1. Lie down on your back, and leaning the feet on the ground. Your hands should be at your sides. The pelvis will raise the ultimate from the top, stopping at the top for a few seconds. When you do this, the muscles of the buttocks, you need to compress heavily. For a start it would be sufficient for up to 10 of these climbs. Over time, the number is expected to increase gradually, leading to a 70-100 turn, are divided into a number of approaches.
  2. A good exercise is to increase the power, it can be called a foot on the seat, with your back straight and tilt-down with your hands. 1 approach is equal to 30 seconds. After the holidays, this is an exercise that must be repeated.

Yoga to improve the power of the


Noted that men who do yoga, you almost never face sexual problems. Some of the exercises from this practical recommended to do the same with the proper diagnosis, how to treat impotence. To avoid personal injury, prior to implementation, it is recommended to do an exercise, aiming to stretch the muscles. The important thing is to look for the correct thread:

  • "The plough". Lie down comfortably on your back and relax all the muscles of the entire body. With your feet together, with the lower part of the back, up to the maximum for the top of it. Ideally, if you can make the maximum for the head. At first, this is unlikely to happen, but gradually, you may be able to do this. Your hands should be free to lie relaxed on the floor at your sides.
  • "The onion". Lie down comfortably on the stomach and relax the muscles of the entire body. The knees bend and the hands to tighten the bracelet to your ankle. Pin strike a pose and stay in this position for at least five (5) seconds. Over time, the time should be increased.
  • "The snake". Lie on your stomach to meet up with the feet close together. With the palms of your hands to rest on the ground in the area of the chest. In the upper part of the body to stand up to the maximum loaned back.

The practice of yoga, it allows the men to strengthen the muscles and improve the circulation of the blood, as well as the rest of the peace. So, this upload will help you quickly fix problems with the power, and to prevent it from happening in the future.

Chinese physical exercises

Chinese medicine is well-known for its technical features aimed at solving a wide range of different health problems and potency in men as well. One of these methodologies, it is chi kung.

A Similar exercise gives you the opportunity to recover from the loss of male power. Regularly, it is recommended that, if and to the men who are planning the development of a child. Chi kung is based on the saturation of the body with oxygen.

The worth of such an facility, that is, its ease of use. Exercise to increase your power of animals is absolutely at any time that is convenient for the man of the house. Devices, and special gym equipment to do this, it doesn't need to. It is important that the room is well ventilated, and fresh air. A characteristic of a compound is its compounding effect. In the first few results, you the man, you will be able to mark a few weeks after the start of the session.

It is best to exercise in the morning after you wake up or at night before you go to bed. However, experts say that in order to see the effect more quickly, they should be scheduled regularly and is carried out at the same time.

The clothes you need to choose a free one, it will not switch on the go. Best of all, if she's going to the tissues in a natural way. To eat or drink prior to the occupation isn't worth it. And lo and behold, after about 30 to 60 minutes of charging power, you can enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea.

In the first year of qigong

During the execution of the project is very important to take a deep breath:

  • Starting position – lying on your back. The extending of the hand to the body. Walk right — back.
  • A walk (to the top of the left), bend your knee and rest it against the foot on the ground.
  • Emphasis of the bent leg, and the shoulder is smooth, with no bumps to rise directly from the right foot, and when you do that, breathing in deeply.
  • During the descent to the foot, is at the point where both your feet are on a single line.
  • When you exhale, gently bring your foot.
  • The position of the feet to change to the right, when attached to the foot on the floor, and your left to pull back in a straight line.
  • To the foot of the other leg, the exercise is repeated in the same order.
the exercise of chi kung

In the second year of qigong

During the construction of a complex of the chi and kung fu, you should focus on your deep breathing:

  1. The position of the original on the back, arms along the body. Cross-legged to one another so that the lower part of it was on the left side.
  2. To make the most of a deep breath.
  3. In the basin, and on the back you need to boot from the floor. Trust do you have in your hands, the head and the heel of the left one, trying to assign them the power goes off.
  4. Stay in this position and stay in it for a few seconds.
  5. Down on the ground, and exhale.
  6. To change the position of the feet to the bottom is the one on the right.
  7. A repeat of the financial year.

The number-of-retries — no less than 10 times.

In the third year of qigong

The order of execution:

  1. Lie down on your stomach, and straight to the arms and legs.
  2. To rest on the ground with the palms of your hands just below your shoulders.
  3. On the inhalation, lift your body from the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to bend over backwards and taz set it on the floor.
  4. At the maximum point of deflection, turn the head to the back. Stay in this position for a few seconds.
  5. During the descent of the body, take a slow breath in.

The number of repetitions is not more than 10.

To start your training, he is absolutely at any age. The presented complex of exercises helps to improve the blood circulation in the pelvic area, which prevents the stagnation of processes, and to strengthen the muscles. If you exercise every day, even after a couple of weeks, and the man will be able to notice a significant improvement in sexual function.