That depends on the power

The men in power, is dependent on a variety of factors. In the first place, is the physiological health, the the circulation of blood and testosterone levels. Last but not least important, is the psychological state of affairs of the company and the partnership.

The men in power

The health of the general

In the body of every human being is to be organized individually. The constitution, character, and power, is one of the indicators. In a large part of it affects the component of the hereditary. But as with any talent or resource in the development of the power of men affects a wide number of factors. There are other factors such as the psychological and physiological background. The most common of these is a healthy man in principle.

Thus, the power output is highly dependent on the health of the cardiovascular system. The increase in pressure, such as chronic hypertension, which can affect the potency of men. The same can be said for the low blood pressure. Heart problems is normal of the sexual act, and think the power is not to be less.

The diseases, the scourge of humanity in our own day, it has a negative impact on the output. After all, what is cholesterol in the plaque, it is normal to still more movement to the hair. And it depends on how good it is to be filled up with blood, the erectile tissues of the penis.

All of the glands of the endocrine system are connected to one another. Some of the hormones might be starting to dominate the other. Due to the poor performance of the breast can be suffered and the others. So, with a good production of testosterone, is required for high potency, that is related to the health of the people in general.

Depending on how it works on the heart and blood vessels, and glands in the endocrine system, it depends on the metabolism of the tissues of the internal organs. If you have any problems, you can be inflammation and swelling, stagnant processes in the genital organs. A malfunction of the immune system, it also is not going to fly under the radar, at the level of the power. After all, infectious agents are the cause of many of the times the surprise is in the blood.

Fatigue and stress

The modern man has climbed a lot on the level of day-to-day stress. On the average, a representative of the stronger sex, is constantly faced with the challenges put in front of him in the world. In the first place, you have to earn enough money to support himself and his wife. But that's not enough, it is necessary to keep your body in tip top shape. And behold, there was a man, after a hard day's work at the office, and after talking with the boss, and you are happy with the peers, is sent back to the academy.

It is not surprising that in the evening of that day, no power will not go on and speak to. Constant stress, overwork, physical or mental, has a significant negative impact on the level of desire to have sex. Broken down, the spouse, and often end up unable to be a good, firm erection. It is not a surprise – after all, he needs to take a rest.

Fatigue and stress

The result

The hormone of happiness, it is good for male potency. It is in close relation with the secretion of testosterone. The man, who feels he is a winner, who will then complain about the low level of power.

The endorphins that are required for you man, happy life and has moved on, in spite of the difficulties. For this reason, a happy, self-confident, in himself, is the man, always has good results, and on the bed.

If the levels of these hormones are low, your man is going to suffer from low power. The body is lowered endorphin levels, means that the conditions for the existence of evil. And, therefore, the time for an active sex life now, it's not the best.


That depends on the power output? In the first place, the level of the male sex hormone, testosterone. In its synthesis in the body affects a huge number of factors.

Testosterone directly, it increases the trust and confidence of the people, the desire to defend themselves, their goals, protect their families. This is a hormone that is born in victoria, he sets the all-new and all-new achievements. It increases the level of sexual desire for women and power. Men with high levels of testosterone, will not have a problem with premature ejaculation or poor erection.

Lose weight

The fat cells directly to decrease the level of male sex hormone. Thus, the surface of the male is decreased and the output power level. Why is this so? Testosterone has the property of dissolving fat in the body's tissues. So, the more you do – the sooner you leave, the male sex hormone in the body. And vice-versa, you you you you you the lean men, it is better if it builds up, it acts for a longer time.

In addition, obesity worsens the circulation of blood in the pelvic area. They appear stagnant processes in the prostate gland, the each time more difficult to get an erection. So, if you have a problem with too much weight, and he began to falter, the power in the first place to lose weight.

The security forces in charge

The security forces in charge

Heavy, a large load can trigger the production of testosterone. What are the appropriate exercises for enhancing strength. The ideal of the sport is to lift the weight, and in the second place, the strength of the place powerlifting. Here, the load is still short-lived, but she was used to the body. The shock of it causes the testes to produce the male sex hormone is called the-effect-of-anabolic.

On the other hand, the training of the resistance, and begin the process of catabolism. The onset of fatigue during an extended period of time, which causes your testicles to the suspension of the function of the hormones. Therefore, a run-a-marathon-of-use is a bad idea. Even though all of the types of sports that are good for the blood circulation in the genital area. And it is, therefore, every runner, or skier's power is still above the average.

The strong emission of testosterone and the increase in power will only take the job with free weight. That is to say, with the hook of the bar. The block of the simulator is not going to fit. Male enhancement is required to be in charge of the work, received the whole of the body of each muscle. And, therefore, the piston rod is the perfect way to increase your testosterone level, to improve the power output.

A good will affect the level of sexual desire and / or martial arts. Here you will experience the spirit of competition, the will to win. And so it is important that you have a good testosterone at a psychological level.

Get a good night's sleep

The synthesis of the male sex hormone are going to suffer, if a man who chronically suffers from insomnia. Here is the reverse effect – men with endocrinology problems, ill go to sleep. Difficulty in falling asleep, suffer from insomnia, often waking in the night. And in the early morning, you can feel overwhelmed.

Try going back to the regular mode of the day. Do not sleep less than is necessary and healthy for a man your age. Maybe after a few weeks you will feel like you are back in the flavor, the life, the will to win, and good power. That is, the key features of of testosterone.

The human psyche, and society

To put the problem of the lack of power, there is often insufficient attention paid to the social and psychological side of the issue. After all, if the man does not realize himself in the life, your testosterone will fall, the physique will be afflicted. In each case, the level of the output power will be reduced. He rarely is going to show you the power and desire, the less will be the attention given to women. On the other hand, a man who deals with the thing that you love and you are financially independent, you will feel confident in bed.

The problem with such a plan often go back to childhood and the relationship with the parents. Every child requires a loving, and attentive to your constant motivation. If these conditions are not met, then, in the future, there might be a problem with your self-esteem. The man, from his childhood, not being sure of his own power. Thus, and with respect to the power that he's going to be a problem.

Another important point is that the child is a boy is a strong male in the picture. This is not to be his father. If it's a single mother and properly suited to the education of the child must always keep before our eyes the example of the practice. They can easily become the step-father, an uncle, and a friend of the family.



The relationship with his girlfriend, and later wife, have a strong influence on the output. If the woman keeps the man, and he's going to feel more powerful. The level of the output power is high. And it is in front of you, with the constant bickering and jealousy and complaints about the small things you can reduce in sexual activity.

The case of the individual – if a woman tries to take over the leadership of the family. The man in the relationship is one of the most important places to feel the responsibility of protecting your family members. And, if this condition is not met, then the testosterone, at the time, it's going to fall off.

The fear and the anxiety and

It's no secret that first-time sex is always dependent on having the most sexual activity. Many of the men in the first time, the show is not very high the results. The impact of emotion, poor understanding of the situation. But if you have a partner at this time, to show affection and understanding, and everything will be just fine.

On the other hand, if your man is seeing the ridicule, the negativity, even if you compare it with the other, he or she may receive an injury. The side effects it will be very difficult to heal, even in the professional psychologist's role.