The types of drugs to increase potency in men

Erectile dysfunction is a problem faced by many people, regardless of their age. The modern and urologists confirm that the condition is considered to be an age group, but, more recently, the average age of the men wounded before the young man. But, at the same time be skilled to identify the root cause and then take the tools to increase the power, so the delicate issues which you can avoid them.

potency in men

Of the total of impotence, the reason for this?

It's a perfectly reasonable explanation. Very few men are concerned about their health at the time of the sexual life, all with safety and security. But, sooner or later, the disease may not save you, nor the young, nor the old people. Why is this so? All very ordinary, and the medical staff to choose a few main reasons:

  • the harmful use of alcohol;
  • violation of the regime of the power supply;
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • diseases of the urinary system;
  • disordered sexual relationships.

Among the men, leading an active lifestyle, want to maintain a relationship with a partner, it is a disease that is rare. Hardly an adult portion of the male population are not familiar with it, but most believe that the problem is unavoidable, and you don't want to change anything. But, sooner or later, the wrong way is going to be. So, the question arises as to how to deal with the problem of what to do to increase the power output.

Understanding what is erectile dysfunction?

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is the inability to maintain the functions of the penis, for the completion of sexual intercourse. Even the young people, we recently started having sex, at least for a time, experienced a similar trouble. But the younger it happens the more commonly-on a psychological level. That is to say:

  • the fear before your first intercourse;
  • the onset of fatigue;
  • depression;
  • stress;
  • tired of physical.

If these situations are repeated, it may be assumed that it is in the body of a male was a clear condition, that requires immediate medical assistance. This can be one of:

  • arteriosclerosis;
  • disease;
  • the pathology of the valve and the channel of the penis;
  • varicose veins;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • adenoma of the prostate gland;
  • to the prostatitis;
  • suffered a cerebral vascular accident, myocardial infarction;
  • diseases of the endocrine system;
  • the harmful use of alcohol;
  • the administration of the drug.

It's not the whole list of diseases that cause erectile dysfunction in men. Modern pharmacology offers a lot from remedies in order to improve the power output. But to carry out the purchase independent is dangerous. Most of them have a number of indications and contra-indications for this question, you must agree this with your doctor. It is important as medical assistance in judging of the cause of the dysfunction, and to determine the most rational method of treatment.

The medical treatment for impotence

medical treatment

Sexual activity for men, it is a most important issue in your life. Therefore, any failure can lead to a state of panic, you can not admit it. The potency in men, it can to restore it, knowing the root cause of the imbalance. To determine the factors resulting in this disease are only can a urologist or other specialist.

Important! Timely medication you have at your disposal is a tool for power. But regardless of the reception it is not recommended, so as not to aggravate the situation.

On the basis of a careful examination of the medical diagnosis and reveal the cause of the disease, and to determine which of the medications that can be taken, and that it is worth discarding. The principle of action of most drugs is based on on improving the the circulation of blood, which can be dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease. So, it is better not to allow it to self-diagnosis and self-treatment of the male potency. A drug that enhances potency, has a number of side-effects, these drugs are not they can absolutely be assigned to each weight class.

This medication contains sildenafil citrate which is dangerous for people with high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, in patients who have a valve in the heart. The action of this drug is temporary and it is being used, it just before sexual intercourse to enhance erection. But to solve the problem, it doesn't work.

Important! The instructions are on the packaging of the drug, which is intended exclusively for medical professionals. To use them, it's just not recommended.

Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of the power

Unfortunately, this is a topic that is very delicate for most people. If they want to go to the doctor, they are not divided and the second half of the year, until the fact that it does not become clear. With the support of the wife, that's already half of the success of the treatment. That was it, that depends on whether the men's look for the root cause of the disease and its treatment in a professional way, or even the start of a course separately, using the drug to increase the potency.It is worth noting once again that all the modern drugs for potency will give only a temporary effect. You have to to look for the root cause as quickly as possible, in order to fix it. The sooner this happens the better it will be for men's health.In many families, they say that it is worth it to solve the irritating factors are the emotional, to set the mode of the power supply, eliminate the alcohol, and the problem goes away on its own. But if erectile dysfunction happens regularly, if you have to go to the serious and often long-term treatment. It is best to see a doctor.The very best medication, which will help to increase the power, the so — called corrosion inhibitors on the basis of the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5-type. If the signal is not counter-indicated for a doctor to get them during sexual activity.

The drugs are increase in the power output, the repairing of the enhancement of the erection, timely ejaculation. They do not affect the reproductive capacity of men. The reception of such drugs recommend that you stop when you want to have children.If the products do not meet, or for some other reason, they are contraindicated, your doctor gives to men for the treatment of herbs, herbal tea, or tuition fees. There are herbs that are natural aphrodisiacs and are used to treat male impotence at all times. Such a popular drug to enhance potency in men, cooking recipes, passed on from generation to generation and today it is recommended that the use of traditional medicine.

In folk medicine it helps to treat male impotence

folk remedies for the treatment

Like in the old days, and today, and for the treatment of impotence is carried out with the help of the tools of folk medicine. In the early stages of some of the plants that can be used as the main tool. If the disease is already running, then the plant medicines, it is a good idea to take the comprehensive treatment, or as a preventative. Herbs that help to restore the power a lot. It's all kinds of plants creating a of exotic. No less rich in such vegetation, both on our territory. Either the urologist confirmed that the erectile dysfunction in men and is the author and maintainer of the factor and the disease. Identify and assign you with a treatment that is capable of traditional medicine. Among the enormous amount of the plant world, it is possible to single out the most effective plants for the treatment and prevention of the disease. That is to say:

  • ginseng;
  • the root of calamus;
  • stinging nettle;
  • the marigold;
  • the blue flowers;
  • thyme;
  • honey and the moon-of-honey-products;and
  • lovage;
  • the hop;
  • mint;
  • garlic;
  • parsley and dill.

The list of medicinal herbs you can keep up to the game, and all of this is correct, it is effective. After all, most of them have a calming effect. And the urologists say that erection dysfunction is in most of the cases, the violation of the activity of the central nervous system. If you take it according to the law of its own, the nerves, and the sex drive back to normal condition immediately. However, the influence of some of the components that are displayed in a list, you need to know.


The strange, root, resembling the shape of a male body. It is recommended, even with the medicine, however, as the most powerful tool in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. For this reason, it is necessary to prepare an infusion of the root, or even buy a ready-made tool at any local pharmacy. The tincture should be taken three teaspoons of it is pre-diluted with water. It is best to make a camp meal, or before going to bed.Many of the men who have used this tool, you will notice that the power is recovered on the third day after the start of treatment. The result of the long-term. But the most important thing is that it calms the nervous system, and disappear fear.

To prepare a tincture at home, it's easy. For this reason, it is necessary to grind the dried root. Three teaspoons of the tools you can pour a bottle of a quality vodka to sit for three days in a dark place. To strain it before you take it do not have to be. Urologists say that it is the only tool that is effective in the case of a regular admission. A portion, which has been adopted for the night, the effect is fast, it is not going to turn out.

Garlic tincture

Many of the men who reject this tool because of its strong odor. But not all of them know what it is, the life-giving power of a plant. In preference to, the garlic in the diet of males had been present on a daily basis. You can eat a little for dinner. And that should be enough, as a precautionary measure. But as for the treatment, you will need various other way of receiving it. For the preparation of the remedies, it is necessary to poke around a pound of pre-purified from garlic. All of this is to put a three-liter jar, place it on the edge of the cooled boiled water. Then, the ability to lift, in a dark place, and infused for about a month now. All of the content you need every day, to agitate, or mix it up with a wooden spoon.After several months, a solution that can be used for a teaspoon of the tea every day before going to bed. The course of treatment, it is considered to be complete when all of the fluid from the banks is going to be a drunk. Many of the men said that after the first week of the visa, but it is the result of stopping the treatment, and you should take it to the end, even though the database is empty.

dishes with lovage


This is a very old tool that we use to improve the male to allow it to be. The plants are pre-dried, and ground. You can add to almost any dish, by eliminating milk and milk products. The milk destroys all of the beneficial properties of this plant. The number in the dosage is not that are of fundamental importance.

The plant has a distinctive smell. For this reason, in order not to spoil the taste of the main dish, you can add it directly in the bowl with a plate one-half or less of a teaspoon. Gradually, the man becomes used to it and the taste is characteristic, and the plant can be used as a condiment. In the early days of the intake, it significantly increases sex desire, for the duration of sexual intercourse increases, and eliminates premature ejaculation. This tool can also be used as a temporary one, in order to strengthen the desire as a preventative and as a treatment for impotence.

Nettle and rosemary

Another folk remedy to help you enhance the libido. These plants can be used one at a time and you can make a collection of these two components.

Important! Thyme is added to the tea, it's strong aversion to alcohol, which is the biggest enemy of libido.

The thyme really make use of traditional healers for the treatment of alcohol dependence. Disgust is not the same as the first day. But then, after a week of reception, desire for drink simply disappeared. As well, thyme coupled with a flame driven by the atonement of the blood, improving blood circulation, alleviating the phenomena of inflammatory conditions in the pelvic organs. It is a tool that is effective in the treatment of both men and women, and diseases of the urinary system.This is no collection of brew as a tea and use it. To enhance the taste and improve the medicinal qualities in the tea, you can add mint or honey. It is a tool to quickly restore the power, you increase the handling, it calms the nervous system, helps to normalize the sleep.

The power supply in the recovery period

For the treatment of sexual dysfunction not in the least to call attention to the mode of the power supply. Not necessarily, and this is going to require a doctor, to exclude:

  • the consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • it is prohibited to;
  • fat, thin, and grilled food.
  • the sharp seasonings.
profilactic impotence

The diversification of the supply of vegetables and fruits, to introduce products that are rich in fiber.In an attempt to avoid the situations that provoke stress, and crises of the nervous system. It is desirable to increase the clock to stay in the open air, especially at night before going to bed. Rather, effective preventative tool, you can make a dip in the outdoor swimming pool.

It's pretty much the only sport that helps you to quickly restore the sexual function in men and a true, cost-effective way to help. God bless you!