To the patients, the doctors generally recommend that Ivan-tea is for the power, all of which contribute to its strengthening. The weakness or helplessness due to factors such as problems with urology, just to highlight the state of the physical injury, problems in the endocrine system. The constant stress, environment, poor quality of products, and the abuse of alcohol and tobacco, it will inevitably lead to sexual dysfunction in men.


The 50 and 60-years-of-sex life of a male less active. For this reason, the doctors of the endocrinologist to recommend keep up with the metabolism and encourage it. In this regard, it is of invaluable help to the representatives of the fauna, the plants and thought-provoking, such as, for example, as in " Ivan-tea, or tea to the men," as it is often called.

Botanical description

In the world of science, as the representative of the fauna is named after the Fireweed angustifolia. Although the plant has a wide range of titles, for example "Shoemaker", "Fire", "Bread", due to the shape of the leaves, for it was the name of a Vat-grass", "Willow lawn". The plant is referred to in the medicines for several decades in the plants. At the height of the grass ranges from 50 cm up to 2 m. Stem, " Ivan-tea maker-direct, she is covered with the multitude of leaves. The leaves are pointed at the form. The flower is pink in color, less white. Ivan-tea will start to bloom in late June or early July. The flowers are displayed in KiStevemand withоцветandяmand, in which it is formed, and the fetus's hairy box.

Fireweed is common in many countries. More often than not, a plant that grows in the sandy, peat soils, near a forest of pine trees, and the bright areas of the forest.

The raw materials begin to spoon in the middle of the summer. You have plants that are starting to appear on the flowers, but the inflorescences did not should to fade into the background. The raw material and serves as a stem with leaves and flowers, less in the root. When the collection is unacceptable to the entrance of the cute boxes, or the raw materials to be adequate.

The story

Ancient healers even believed that the whole plant is medicinal. They were dry the leaves, stem, root, John, tea and flowers. Shredded roots and added it to the flour. The bread produces a delicious and useful to you. Thanks to the root for the fetus, and the bread was saturated, and high in vitamins and minerals.

Since Ivan, the tea is made with alcohol. The young shoots of the leaves added to salads for a food to improve the taste qualities. From Ivan-tea, in former times, we have a string, and fabric. By his power, he is not to be lost or fine linen, or hemp. Pooh, that is formed after the bloom, gathered, twisted, subtle, long lasting filament. One of the areas made light-weight, warm scarves.

The form of the Ivan-tea

The honey of the quality of the plants that bees enjoy very much. The honey that is obtained with the values of the securities of the healing properties. In folk medicine, has brought together a plethora of recipes for this plant. Research-and-testing-of-Ivan-tea, showed that this plant has a positive effect on the potency in men, and in its properties, is most effective when the cancer (the cancer) disease.

In the old days, in Russia, tea has become well-known thanks to the monks. The monks knew about its useful properties, and how it affects Fireweed on the body. They know when the grass will need to collect, how to dry, how to make it useful for the region. And he gave the name of "tea".

The chemical make-up of the plant

The Ivan-tea contains a number of nutrients that can contribute to their healing properties. The composition of the plant, and comes with a large amount of protein that is digested very easily. Protein as an energy source, and therefore, the use of the Ivan-tea will improve performance. The plan contains the following:

  • The tannins, and polysaccharides (all have anti-inflammatory action).
  • The mucus plug (does it have engaging, action).
  • Vitamins E,A, E and c, the content of ascorbic acid is in several times higher than that of a citrus fruit).
  • Trace elements (magnesium, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, boron, copper, etc.).
  • The flavonoids (beneficial to the cardiovascular system, helps prevent cancer).
  • The.

The properties of John's tea

Fireweed is applied for the treatment of many diseases. The plant helps in normalizing the functioning of the body. The plan has the following action on the body:

  • it improves and strengthens the immune system;
  • it eliminates toxins and cleanses the body.
  • removes the the the inflammation, is a powerful tool when the pain of angina;
  • lower a fever;
  • it is easy to about;
  • it enhances and purifies the blood.
  • it improves the functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract (whether to drink the tea that is especially good when the ulcerative colitis disease, and bloating of the stomach);
  • it takes the rule of the endocrine system;
  • the tea helps lower the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • the human psyche becomes more and more resistant to the stresses from external;
  • taking advantage of a large number of proteins, and strengthened by the life force energy of a person;
  • for the men, Ivan-tea, it increases the power;
  • the plant is taken from the eat to the prevention of the prostate gland (prostatic hypertrophy);
  • Ivan-tea, warns you way to early from cancer.
The infusion

Ivan-tea, as it is a tool for power

Men are supposed to make Ivan-tea

  • when the adenoma of the prostate gland;
  • in the with chronic prostatitis;
  • the acute prostatitis;
  • the lower the power output.

The prostate gland is the second organ of respiration," to a man who is responsible for the mental and emotional health of the man. If you listen to refer to problems with the prostate gland, it can overshadow the lives and the lives of even the most blagapolscien tificmhave, the success of a man. Therefore, in the life and functioning of the breast depends on the health of men. The use of the Ivan-tea will favorably affect on health of the man.

There may occur a doubt, it does affect the plant at an increased output power. However, the work has been done in herbal medicine, Fireweed has received a lot of positive reviews, and has established itself as a powerful tool for the male enhancement. With the constant use of the juice that occurs of the release of the hormone testosterone, which increases sexual desire. The flow of blood to the male genitalia, increases the power output and the time of sexual intercourse.

With regular use of Fireweed has a positive effect on the power output by replacing the strong drug of the drug. The gain in power is due to the presence of flavonoids.

Flavonoids – substances which belong to the P vitamin products. These substances contribute to the strengthening of the walls of the blood vessels, reducing their permeability. In the result, it normalizes blood pressure, improves blood flow and circulation. It is necessary to be able to men, as well as the penis enters, there is a sufficient amount of blood.

Many studies have shown that the treatment with the tea from Fireweed gives you a tangible result. The Folk doctors advised him to make the juice and drink it, Ivan-tea-to-increase-the-power.

Methods of brewing tea

For increasing the blood flow to the sexual organs and for the treatment of the diseases, you must know how to manufacture beer, John, the tea properly. There are several ways of boiling, infusions, and herbal teas.

The first way

The lower the power output. In the first method for the preparation of the infusion. To this end, the 1 St. l., shredded, dried leaves and flowers are Fireweed pour boiling water (200 ml). The capacity should be wrap, and let stand (about an hour). After infusion filter and drink 50 ml before a meal, 4 times a day. The infusion will take 1.5 months.

Dye, John-tea -

In the second case

To prepare an infusion, 50 to 60 grams of the dry Ivan-tea. When you do this, it can be used not only to the terrestrial part of the plant, and the powder is dried in an oven for the roots of the plants. Pour in the boiling water, and let it ferment for as long as it does not heat up. Consume, 25 grams, 30 minutes before a meal, 4 times a day.

The third form of the

Serving tea to the men's. For this reason, it is taken 1 St. l of weld fermented Fireweed is full of hot boiling water (200 ml), and the onStаandваетwithя for about 10 minutes. After this, you should strain it, then drink 70 ml of the infusion, on day 3 or 4 times.

The fourth form of

You can make a decoction with the ingredients are fresh, and the flowers and the leaves of the plant. To do so, having regard to the leaves, and the flowers fresh. 10 PCs. the flowers and the broken pieces of the discharge of the hot water, putting it in the oven, and is plagued in low flame for 20 minutes. After the pour, let it cool and use one-third of a glass before a meal in 30 minutes.

In the case of the formation of stones in the prostate gland, the doctors recommend home-brew Ivan-tea, and drink it. 1 tablespoon or so of the plants, pour 200 ml of boiling water and insist 5-10 minutes). Take two (2) times per day, 1 cup in the morning, prior to the commencement of the power, and in the evening, half an hour before you go to bed.


Dye, John-tea-for-alcohol-has found application in the treatment of impotence.

In order to prepare it for the dye to take in 100 g of the fresh flowers and leaves, and dump them on the floor liters of alcohol or vodka. Insist that hair should be in two weeks in a dark place. Consume 30 grams of food. Alcohol increases the the circulation of blood. The content of the routine on the plant affects the activity of enzymes, substances that enable nerve endings, and thus to increase the excitability of men).

Many people believe that, Ivan, is the maker of the power – to- the concepts are identical. With the constant use of herbal tea, herbal teas, and herbal teas from Fireweed, a man gets rid of impotence, the the job of the prostate gland, it is better. When you go up in power, most of the time, and the quality of the sexual relationship. Of course, the whole world is in need of a as. By starting your treatment, you you you you you you need to know how to prepare the infusion, as a drink, the indications and contra-indications to the use of.

Indications and Contra-indications to the use

The power of

The special contra-indications in the plant have not been disclosed, but it is possible to singularity. When low, it is better not to take it.

The use of a teaspoonful of the tincture, as well as herbal teas and soups, the liver, accumulate in the (see plan). These drugs can cause liver damage, so you have to take a break from your purchase. It is important to remember withlаbandтеltill thenm and withедатandвноm side, Ivan-tea, and because of this, the increase of the dose, is not meant to be.

The results

Broths and tinctures from Ivan, and the tea has been found to be effective as a means of power. Of the patients who took the Fireweed, they leave only positive reviews. In the old days, in Russia, it is a medicinal plant that was very popular, in particular when the impotence is a sexual one. It was so valuable that the pressed briquette plants will take to export, and their value was not to be so; and the furruris, and flax. In the present day, John, the tea is pretty much the best way to power. Rasputin was believed that John, the tea is it can increase the sex drive, and strengthen erections.