The classification of the pathogen into the men in a fast-paced action

Sex is a very important part and integral to the development of harmonious relations is, therefore, of the men very closely relate to the status of sexual and reproductive health. The problems with the erectile dysfunction in men and they occur in 40% of men of middle and elderly persons, to assist in facilitating the work of the organs in the body help in the effective excitation of the man.


Choose so is immediately a tool to increase your sex drive, and potency is not just because of the wide range of the drug companies, and device manufacturers. If it is a pathogenic agent, for the men in a fast-paced action, it can be either synthetic or natural, domestic or imported.

What are the germs in your body to men?

The causal agent is medicines, with a special composition, the components of which will affect all of the processes that are responsible for arousal and sexual desire for a man. Most of the pathogens that are the tools of the wide-ranging impacts, they can solve a variety of problems, viz.:

  • to improve the quality of your erection;
  • enhance your sex drive and libido;
  • increase in the diameter and length of the penis;
  • to increase the strength and tone of the body;and
  • to increase the fertility of men.
  • to improve the quality of the seminal fluid;
  • to prolong sexual intercourse;
  • to increase the sensitivity and the brightness of the orgasm.

When you select a tool from a man, it is worth considering the age, if there are any issues, and the disposition of the body, the etiology of the disease, sexual disorders, and the doctor's recommendations, and the composition of the product. Today, in a sale, there are a large number of different pathogens, synthetic and natural in origin.


Before you set up what is the best agent, a man's worth to be familiar with all the species and the classification of the same. The drugs can be in the form of capsules, tablets, and pills, drops and sprays, and gels, ointments, it only remains to become familiar with the composition and principle of action.

Include the following types of pathogens for both men and women:

  1. Synthetic drugs that are – that are the cause of a fast-paced action, which makes the prescription of a physician, as they have no contra-indications and side-effects. In spite of the risks, is strong, salmonella, giving an immediate effect after application.
  2. Natural drugs – natural supplements from plants and animals, components, and, therefore, the insurance that are the cause of the broad steps, giving an increased effect. The supplements do not have any contra-indication, and the risk of side effects, as well as the complex and affect the whole body.
  3. Homeopathic remedies are natural causes of a natural origin, on the basis of revenue, and to the theory of traditional medicine.
  4. Dried apricots
  5. How are the germs in your body, without any side effects and that are represented for special power supply products, esters and volatile compounds, pheromones, and bitterness. In addition to its impact on the sexual sphere, these substances will stimulate the immunity and enhance your health.

How to make the pathogens, to the men with his bare hands?

If a man has the indications and contra-indications of different drugs for potency and libido, you can go to the wizard's toolbar. This can be a remedy, a popular dish that is passed down the generations for many centuries to come. So, get ready, the sex, the pathogen can be of the following form:

  1. Dried apricots – with the help of a blender, out lashes, powdered apricots, dried prunes and raisins, add about 500 ml of red wine, and then the mixture is heating on the fire for a time. Prior to each sexual intercourse to make 100 ml of the medium.
  2. The Salsa with the sour cream – you charge for 100 g of walnuts, ground up mixture, then add the mixture to the sour cream and the chopped parsley, out lashes until there are no lumps. Enjoy a cocktail during the day.
  3. Mel , with the help of a blender, and honey mixed with garlic, and then the mixture amount of 50 ml prior to sexual intercourse.

Some experts also advise that prior to sexual intercourse, applying mustard to the heels and the heels of your feet. This will speed up the blood circulation, stimulates the potency, and an erection in the natural way.