How to increase the power output?

The disorder of the erectile function of the disease is in the man, it is hard to admit it. For this reason, some people prefer to find information on how to improve the power of the house and, guided to the obtained recommendations. It is important to understand that the expressed symptoms of sexual dysfunction you have to go to the doctor, it is possible that the root cause of the steel body of disease, need for treatment is urgent.


What do you need for a good power?

The power output is the sum of 2 factors: the availability of the sex drive and the ability to achieve an erection. The first one means sexual desire, a yearning for closeness, and the interest in the intimate side of life. In the absence of natural capacity, the erection is of no value, because the human is lost, a need for emotional sex.

The function of the organs in the body meaning scale in the penis is in a situation of a close relationship.

The normal levels of the sex say,

  • A high level of testosterone. To keep it, you have to provide your body with a sufficient amount of the zinc active, play sports, get enough sleep;
  • It is a stable physiological state. It depends on a lot of the ability to withstand the stressful factors in minimizing the conflicts, and a good night's rest.

The physiological ability of erection, and is provided with:

  • The health of your blood vessels. For this reason, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of bad fats and controlling the level of cholesterol in order to avoid sclerosing veins and arteries;
  • In the absence of infection. The full functionality of the prostate gland, and other organs of the urinary system, it provides the hardness of the penis in an intimate setting.

By that, reduces men's "power"?

The medicine of the highlights of the collection are pre-requisites for the development of erectile dysfunction in men. Part of it is related to an organic change in the body, and the other half is the emotional blockages. The search for a man, even one of these factors can also affect the sexual citizenship.

A sedentary lifestyle

Often, impotence is related with the vascular lesion in diabetes, it has also lead to the pathology of:

  • An accumulation of cholesterol plaques on the walls;
  • A chronic increase in pressure;
  • A disease of the muscle of the heart;
  • Operation of the organs of the pelvis;
  • The lesions of the peritoneum and the organs in the body;
  • A great number of cigarettes smoked and addiction to alcohol;
  • The changes brought about by the aging process;
  • The genetic tendency;
  • The lack of sleep;
  • With a sedentary lifestyle.

The second set of reasons for a deficit from the androgen, or testosterone deficiency in the body often result, and, after a 45-year-old. The decrease in the hormone synthesis will affect:

  • Old.
  • The increase in the provision for prolactin;
  • The pathology of the endocrine system.

Among the prerequisites of impotence can be seen

  • Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland and other organs in the urinary tract system;
  • In the presence of an excess of body weight;
  • The prolonged intake of drugs and supplements, which are especially dangerous steroids, anabolic steroids, birth control pills, tranquilizers;
  • The pathological changes of the nerve fibers;
  • Chemotherapy or exposure to radiation;
  • The residence on the ground of the contaminated environment;
  • Professional activity is connected with the damaging of the production.

And psychological problems of a personal nature, at times, lead to impotency. Impotence psychogenic, the result:

  • To stay under constant stress.
  • Feelings of chronic fatigue;
  • The expectations for the next one to fail;
  • Feelings of chronic fatigue
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Formed a negative attitude towards women;
  • Phobias and fears;
  • Excessive and prolonged excitement;
  • The injuries of a sexual nature;
  • "Boring," in the sex.
  • The habits of the partner
  • Overly frequent contacts;
  • The lack of experience.
  • The fear of getting an infection or contributing to the pregnancy and the partners.
  • In permanent conflict with his wife or girl friend, family and work colleagues.
  • The reality of life;
  • A lack of sleep after the birth of a child.

How to improve the potency of the natural ways to a man?

First of all, of course, the methods of recovery of sexual function in relation to the correction of the life style. To increase the power in the house, you should review your daily ration. It is important for the body to get a sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which will provide a higher level of testosterone in the normal blood circulation and a stronger immune system.

The wife should feed her husband, both of the following:

  • Nuts and honey:
  • The meat is in the diet, in varieties;
  • Vegetables need to eat raw, cooked, or boiled);
  • Berries and fruits-fresh or in a subversive way;
  • Many kinds of fish in salt water.
  • All of the varieties of shellfish;
  • Sour milk production;
  • Dark Chocolate – enough-to-eat 2-3 squares;
  • The green one, it is especially important in the parsley;
  • The spices in the first place is the garlic and black pepper, however, that prior to the meeting, the first one should be replaced with something more expensive.
A short race

In the second method, is to physical exercise. Recommended:

  • Regularly work-out in the center.
  • To make short of a marathon.
  • To sign up for the swimming pool;
  • Master the spiritual practice. Some of the asanas of yoga, an extremely positive affect on the level of output.

In addition to these exercises, you should perform every day, the complex of exercises to gain, and sexual citizenship. First of all, it is a method of Kegel. The method allows for the development of the muscles of the powerhouse. The main plus – the opportunity to workout at any moment, at any place.

You must choose for yourself for a bit of exercise and do it every day, gradually increasing the work load. The high, although it is not the immediate results, which is shown by the following:

  • The deep abdominal muscles;
  • The rotation of the casing;
  • The tension in the muscles of the anus;
  • The alternate rotation of the straight legs from the lying position;
  • The balance of the pelvis;
  • The rotation of the hip joint, with the maximum amplitude;
  • The implementation of a "bridge" to the position "lying on the floor;
  • Tilt it to the front.
  • A step up from the high elevation of the knee;
  • Retaining the real or the imaginary ball with the help of the tension in the muscles of the buttocks;
  • A quick contraction of the abdomen;
  • The formation of rings and through the connections of the hands and feet.

A secondary method, to which we turn in for the revival and standardization of the processes in the body to the medicine. They are blends of herbs, infused in water, herbs, recipes, tinctures, alcoholic beverages can contribute to an increase in power, and the promotion of the health benefits of immunity, in addition to this, it refers to the drugs, which can drink it without any harm to your health.

For the preparation of the remedies, it is appropriate to apply to:

  • Ginseng enhances the sex drive, increases the stamina, increases the duration of the act of the close;
  • Marsh aprs – it is the circulation of the blood, and takes part in the therapy of urological diseases;
  • St. john's wort – active libido, stabilize the mood, relieve psychological block. *
  • Galangal – greater prevention of the inflammation of the prostate gland, improves mood, has a positive effect in their vessels;
  • Stinging nettle – intensive and increases the synthesis of testosterone, and the healing of disease of the urinary tract system;
  • Hawthorn – supports the erectile function, a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, prolongs the sexual act;
  • Fenugreek – a natural excitement, it will align your mental state, you solve the deficit from the androgen;
  • The color-of-the-pink-rhodiola – increases desire, enhances the immune system in defending the body.
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary – improves the erection due to a special composition which contains the organic acids and a vitamin complex;
  • Ivan-tea is useful in chronic prostatitis, draws the attention of the tumor, it stimulates the delivery of the sex hormones;
  • Salsa – it's the hormonal balance, and is responsible for the filling of the blood in the corpora cavernosa;
  • Lemongrass eliminates the effects of stress and improves conductivity nerve centers;
  • Ginseng siberian is similar to an impact with a human.

Other approaches

To increase the potency in men, it can be used for the massage. We highlight the impact of the sex organs, the prostate gland, and the total number of full-body massage. Massaging the penis with the testicles and it does provide a powerful flow of blood, and, consequently, the company.

The specific nature of the prostate massage is the manipulation occurs in an involuntary loss-of-excitation. In addition to this, such procedures are extremely useful in the prevention of inflammation of the ferrous body.

Acupressure executes the processes of emotional and physiological arousal. It is the opinion of chinese doctors, the procedure will increase fertility. It is recommended that you turn on the bio section:

  • Stop
  • Of the wrist;
  • The sacrum;
  • In the solar plexus.

Erotic massage not only helps to improve the power output, but it will also improve the relationship with a partner, adding that the relationship with the new paint. Women can be very good to master the basics of thai technology, including the following:

  • The use of incense, and matches with the lighting. *
  • The impact of the whole body, not just hands;
  • The application of feathers, ice cubes and other paraphernalia.

When you need to be able to get an erection, as quickly as possible, you can resort to natural means of emergency:

  • Walking barefoot on the ground, and on top of the grass;
  • The attachment of the mustard seed to the feet, it activates the reflex zone.

The stabilization and enhancement of sexual function is possible with the help of the sun. In warm water, then add the broth, bay leaves, or other plants or herbs. In addition to this, it is useful to use the oils.

They are familiar with the properties of aphrodisiac ylang-ylang, sandalwood, amber, walnut-sage, rose, jasmine. The essence should be to pre-mix the honey, cream, milk, and sea salt. The same acid it is recommended that you put in the fragrance lamp or by spraying with the expert help of a diffuser.

The effect on the potency in men

For men, sexual performance has an effect on a complex set of factors. Some of the increase for men, consistent, another, on the contrary, has had a negative impact on erectile function. To keep your sexual stamina up, you must know exactly how to organize their life in a chart.

The positive

In a positive way about sexual activity affect you:

  • Activity, sports, upload, journals, fiscal year, whether the business activity is related with the time of your stay here in the chair by themselves.
  • Right diet each day need to consume meat or fish, legumes, vegetables, fish and seafood. In desperate need of these products, such as honey, and walnuts, and parsley;
  • A routine visit to the clinic. Of the annual check-ups can help you identify the disease at an early stage, which makes it easier to heal any disease.

The negative

You drastically have a negative impact on the male, and the consistency of the following factors:

  • Material breach to the psychological. Long-term stress, fatigue, and the development of depression, anxiety, phobias, leads to a decrease in sex nationality
  • Poor physical development. The sagging muscles, lower the activity, the cause of the deterioration of the blood circulation. The excess fatty tissue interlayer razbalansirovat, the proportion of male and female sex hormones;
  • Habits that are negative. Substances, drugs, tobacco, alcohol causes a disease of the blood vessels and serious consideration to the overall health of the organization.
  • Diseases infectious diseases. Viruses and bacteria can overwhelm the body's toxic substances are bodies, and they reduce the assimilation of nutrients, which ultimately weakened the function of the erectile.
The weak development in the physical

How to save an erection that is powerful, even in their old age?

The men, who strive to maintain sexual stamina up to an advanced age, are recommended:

  • In a timely manner to treat the disease and acute, and maintain remission of chronic;
  • After more than 50 years to control levels of blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure;
  • Consult a doctor if you have any problems of a psychological nature;
  • To maintain a normal body weight;
  • To prevent a return to bad habits, if that is the case, and
  • Sleep at least 8 hours per night;
  • In a confidential manner and to discuss with the doctor and challenges the power
  • Carefully to develop a menu of the day:
  • In order to avoid animals on the periodic receipt of the funds, to the base of the herbal medicine or medicinal plant-based products (pharmaceuticals);
  • Use the contrast of a soul, or a sedentary bath.

Important: after you are 60 years of age, of a punch going on, occasionally simply a consequence of the characteristics of an organism. In this case, it is advisable to discuss the situation with your partner and think about some of the other organizations in the sphere of private life.