Vitaly Ostrovsky-power

To improve the power output, optional with the purchase of expensive medicines, and the practice of painful treatment. Too many times, to resolve any problems with the power resources available to each individual.

The fruits of the sea

It's no secret that nutrition plays a very important role in the formation of a new power, that of men. To improve the power in men in-house, you should supplement your diet with the following products:

  • The fruits of the sea. The main components are zinc, and selenium, which is in abundance, and you see the fruits of the sea, and play a significant role in the increase of the output power. In addition, it enhances the synthesis of testosterone — to do so, you will need to consume much more fish and marine fatty.
  • Tree nuts (walnuts, almonds, and pistachios). The main element that influences the power — arginine. It is an amino acid that helps to improve the circulation of blood in the body.
  • Top. This is a popular tool that helps to restore the hormonal balance in the male body. The fact is, that parsley stops the excess production of female hormones in the male body, respectively, thereby contributing to the synthesis of testosterone. Also, the salsa is an excellent tool for the prevention of prostatitis.
  • The onion and the garlic. These products also help improve blood circulation and contain necessary for the synthesis of testosterone, selenium, and they help to fight off bacterial diseases, and controls the normal state of the prostate gland.
  • Chocolate chip (made with the advice of the cocoa, at least 65%). This tool will help you to improve your mood, and to create conditions that are favorable for improving the output power.

How to enhance male potency in our house with the help of physical exercises?

To improve male potency it is helpful to train the pubis-coccygeal muscle. This muscle has a direct effect on the level and the quality of the erection, therefore, it is best to developed a muscle is, the better it will be for your erection.


With the help of certain exercises that you can quickly achieve impressive results:

  • "The retention of the stone": the need to stand up, put your hands on your hips, your knees slightly bent. Try to bend the legs out even more, and, simultaneously, tensioning, and relaxation of the muscles of the buttocks. To walk right up to the end of right is not possible, because they imagined that the stone that you want to keep.
  • "The big step" is required to be in the hands of falling down, for you to raise your legs as high as you can, so that your knees are almost to his stomach, just as if you were at the front stand.
  • "The bridge": the need to lie on your back with half-bent knees, the hands lie along the body. During the financial year up to the pelvis.
  • "Cycling": you need to lie on your back with your hands fall to your sides. The legs need to stand up and make a rolling motion, as if they occur nearby. Regular basis the speed, trying as quickly as possible "on the go".

It is also helpful to be a visit to the swimming pool, and massage treatments are available that improve the well-being of a man, it enables him to keep in shape.

How to increase the horsepower in-house, with the psychological?

The problems with the power, often times they occur because of mental health problems, and, consequently, the development of the impotence is psychogenic. The factors can be many: from the problems at work, and even permanent, our in from time to time.

I never conceive of, and do not hide your problems for ourselves. A loving woman will always have the support you need, I'll try to help you to solve your problem. Many a times, it so happens that the problem is solved for you immediately after your discussion with your wife.

Among the men, it is believed that the recognition of sexual problems and talk about it with your partner is a manifestation of the male's weakness. This confusion leads to the conservation of the trouble between the partners, the build-up of misunderstandings and mistrust. To increase the output power of the pets in the house, you can simply ask for counselling and to discuss the issues.

How to make a beer with a cream and the power, and what will be the impact of the mint on the power

The beer with the cream of the power, it is a kind of cocktail which has a useful impact on the male body, including increasing the power in the house.

Brew with sour cream

The positive effect of the beverage is manifested in the fact that the man feels a surge of strength and life. Many have compared the effect of taking viagra.

The composition of the drink, just two of the ingredients that is in the beer and heavy cream. The result can be obtained, and, if you take it in the sense of measures, by eating the mixture of the products: the excessive consumption of beer, with a cream and the power to lead to negative consequences, including obesity.

Peppermint is a medicinal plant that is also having an impact on the state and quality of the erection. However, the effect of the mint on the power to produce. The fact is that, this herb has a calming effect, resulting in that blocks any excitation in the human body. It is, however, that the influence of the menthol in the male body can happen only as a result of the acquisition of the natural mint, and it is only after a long and systematic use of the mint.

Some of the recipes of the products to a power:

  • The beer should be natural, that is, having a term of validity not longer than two weeks. The sour cream used in a lot of fat. A universal recipe may not be to your liking, then add the beer and the right amount of cream and milk (but not vice-versa). Of course, you don't need to drink much of the drink. The reason for this is simple: after you have 2-3 gallons in the consumption of beer, with sour cream for male enhancement to be able to go away, and if it is a long time to drink a lot of alcohol, then the power will be subject to an additional damage from the impact of her feet.
  • As mentioned above, this is just the natural peppermint, can have a negative impact on the strength, if you consistently consume the plant. Menthol cigarettes (bad for yourself), shot rumination, and tea does not have in its composition of natural ingredients for the mint to be in your direction.

It's good to dye for, the power, and that its failure

Dyes of the power of the home remedies to improve the condition of the male genital system. Dyes are participating in a systematic way.

On the basis of any good dyes to use alcohol (vodka) and a variety of plants and dried: ginseng root, ginger root, stinging nettle, ginger, hawthorn, and t. d.

The advantages of tinctures for use with barateza tool, it's easy to make, and enforce, in comparison to prescription drugs. The dyes may provide additional support for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

The down side is that some dyes have the power to have a very distant relationship to the medical school. You also should bear in mind driving a car after taking the tincture, as it Speertnew basis.

Stinging nettle

Some of the recipes tinctures, for a power handling capacity

Stinging nettle: the seeds of the stinging nettle you want to add to the boiling grapes in the wine, and simmer the mixture for no more than five minutes to complete. To insist on the mixture takes about 30 minutes. Drink 50 ml of tincture before going to sleep.

Ginseng: it is found in the ever it is not very simple, however, there is already a ready-to-dye-is sold in pharmacies. It should take 30 to 40 drops in the morning and at lunch time.

St. john's wort: a couple of tablespoons of herbs, pour a glass of boiling water and insist for about an hour or so. Dye-in to the power, drink it throughout the day, and all of the drinking cup through three stages.

The chestnut horse: atddried grain is milled, 50 g of seeds to fill in 50% alcohol or vodka. Insist on two weeks, taking 30 drops, three times a day.

Galangal: a 30 grams of the root, pour 500 ml of vodka and insist on for about three weeks now. The color for the power drink 30 drops, optionally by diluting it with water.

What a nice tea-power, and in which their faults

The tea is a power that has properties that are beneficial: as, for example, green tea contains a high amount of zinc, which is extremely important in order to improve the synthesis of male hormones. The tea enhances the well being of the excretion of toxins from the body, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, thereby contributing to the improvement of the cardiovascular system by aiding in the prevention of prostatitis.

Drinking tea is a power, it must be fresh, not perederzhivat tea is in the process of welding, if not, the drink will be a large number of purine and caffeine-free. A large number of purine in the body can result in a build up of urea in the body. Also, the tea is strong, certainly will cause you to sleep, it will cause the most pain for a man. The tea and beer, it is not possible to use the metal utensils are made of plastic.

Ginger tea

The market offers a wide variety of different types of tea, including the indication of the destination to improve power. Also, a lot of the offerings from chinese manufacturers, but one must be careful: double-check for the composition and the possible side-effects from the intake of this tea for potency.

Some of the recipes from the tea, the power

Ivan-tea: the dried leaves of the plant, pour in the boiling water, and insist on no more than five minutes to complete. The tea you can drink it 2-3 times a day.

The monastery of the tea, the tea serves as a good tool for the prevention of prostatitis. In a quart of water, add it to the collection of herbs: a couple of tablespoons of the herb st. john's wort, dushytsya, rose hip oil, from the root of elecampane, and black tea. They insist the tea on low heat for about 20 minutes, after which it is filtered which is obtained by extraction.

Ginger tea: you need to grind a bit of fresh ginger in enough (about one teaspoon), pour in the boiling water, and steep for about 10 minutes.