The natural ways to increase your power

A matter of increasing the power able to stand up before a man of any age. There is a wide range of different forms of stimulation of the libido and of erectile function, from which you can combine efficient residual program.

Natural methods

The natural ways to increase the weak power have almost no contraindications and have the effect on the whole organism. Most of the tools do not require significant financial costs and easy application.

The natural ways to increase your power


More natural and more safe way to increase potency is nutrition – introduction to the products, which have properties of aphrodisiacs, or that contain components necessary for the normal execution of the sexual function. A classic example are the fruits of the sea:

  • Oysters, mussels, shrimp;
  • Salt-water fish;
  • Algae.

All these products are a source of large amount of fatty acids, selenium, iodine, vitamins c, E, zinc, phosphorus. Its regular use will maintain the health of blood vessels and the functioning of the reproductive system. This food is not all that is available, but it is worthy of replacement and vegetables, that is easy to grow family excerpt:

  1. Celery (root). Improves blood circulation, relieves inflammation in the urogenital system. It is especially useful to the smokers, since it has the property of neutralizing and excretion from the blood of carbon dioxide.
  2. Salsa. Helps to increase the level of testosterone, and decrease estrogen. Tincture of parsley root as well helps prostatitis.
  3. Pumpkin, pumpkin seeds. This product is a leader in content of zinc, it is necessary for the synthesis of testosterone.
  4. The onion. To the useful power as a gross, and in the form of the juice of the bark.
  5. Garlic (preferably, to be consumed dry).

Are also effective to raise the power of any leaves of salads and fresh herbs.

Men who wish to increase the power, it is recommended to consume more protein products, and nuts, the nuts are helpful for the men), to minimize the amount of sweets.

A positive effect on erectile function have berries and fruits rich in antioxidants, retinol, and folic acid:

  • Avocado;
  • The grapes;
  • Grenades and pomegranate juice;
  • Citrus fruits;
  • Watermelon.

Folk remedies

In folk medicine, enough for a lot of tools to improve the power. The most effective are the following:

  1. Bee products: perga, bee an example.
  2. Castoreum("the stream of the beaver").
  3. The propolis.
  4. The ginger.

Increase the power possible with the help of herbs, many of which are transformed throughout: nettles, john-the tea, the thyme. Has a positive effect on erectile function of aloe (due to the use of the sheet of pulp is mixed with honey). Increase the muscle tone and libido alcohol tinctures ginseng, hawthorn, rhodiola rosea. When sexual violations psychogenic nature can help the mint tea.

The popular means of enhancing their power in the house also include:

  • Turpentine bath;
  • Mustard (follow the feet for 20 minutes prior to sexual intercourse);
  • Massage eggs.

To improve the power of some sources recommend taking the sodium bicarbonate, however, directly about the quality of the erectile function and libido, it is not affected. Applies to soda in a program so that, in the body was more alkaline (there is a theory according to which the increase of acidity is the root of all diseases, including impotence).

Exercises of power

The main cause of reduction of power – the state of deterioration of the blood vessels, the chronic inflammation in the pelvic region caused by the deficiency by the blood circulation. An effective means of solution data of the factors is the regular physical activity. Normal daily walk at a rapid pace for 30-40 minutes – it is already a good way to stimulate the blood flow, however, the majority of men move exclusively public. Many of them do-if the lack of activity from a visit to the gym. Remember that the composition biochemistry of the blood depends on the type of training. When the extinction of the power is recommended the emphasis on strength exercises:

  1. Stanovaya traction.
  2. Squat with weight.
  3. Exercises for the legs.

This exercise, effectively, contribute to increase testosterone and speed up metabolism. Remember that the steroids (which some take to increase the muscles) often kill their own hormonal. The men, after a course actorman time to suffer a violation of power. It is not recommended and harassment jogging, since this type of load also contributes to the reduction in the level of testosterone.

If you visit the gym is not possible, then arrange a driving range of possible space and at home. To do this, simply purchase a rug dials of dumbbells, a shock absorber (long harness with ties on the ends). Last useful for the training system Bubnovsky, which, effectively, are working the muscles of the groin area.

Increasing the power becomes possible through simple exercises, that requires no inventory:

  • "Scissors";
  • "The frog";
  • High step;
  • Ramp.

When hypertension asset classes, which often are contraindicated, an alternative to them, it is not less effective to improve the power static fitness: yoga and chi kung. For such exercises, enough of the responsibility of the buyer.

Simple, more accessible, but however, the most effective method of increasing power are the Kegel exercises. Master the technique of reduction of intimate muscles, you can control the time of beginning early, in order to strengthen the sense of prevent the development of prostatitis, hemorrhoids, urinary incontinence.


A favorable effect on the power-to have some types of physical therapy. To improve the state of the blood vessels and enhancing the blood supply to the tissues can be magnetic and laser exposure. The revitalization of the sensitivity of receptors and the simulation of reflections helps the acupuncture.

The majority of procedures is performed by specialists in appropriate facilities, but some available in-house. There are simulators to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Drugs increasing the potency

Drug tools to improve the power have high efficiency, but often have an impressive list of side effects, therefore, apply them should only be prescribed by a doctor.

The most popular drugs under the erectile dysfunction of different origins, are inhibitors of PDE-5. The mechanism of action is based on stimulation of the inner layer and the vascular wall to release of nitric oxide, that provides an extension to the lumen of the blood stream and the maximum flow of blood to the penis. A characteristic feature of this group of medications is that they do not work only in the midst of sexual arousal. When hypertension are assigned with care.

The PDE-5 inhibitors are the most effective means to work around the gain of power in the type 2 diabetes, when the normal is the stimulation of erection is not possible due to damage to the nervous tissue. In the initial phase of development of the disease helps the alpha-lipoic acid.

Improve power also contribute to the alpha-blockers – substances that block the activity of the narrowing of the vessels receptors. As an example, can cause neuropathy. To turn the function of allocation of nitric oxide, in the long term, help the homeopathic remedies.

When the inefficiency or the existence of contraindications to the application of tablets, with the goal of improving the power are assigned intracavernous injection.

If the violation of power caused by a disadvantage of testosterone, apply two options of pharmacological treatment: stimulant and hormone replacement. In the first case, is introduced human chorionic gonadotropin, by activating the function testicular, in the second are assigned to the drug exogenous testosterone. Hormone therapy is relevant mainly to men of 50 or 60 years.

In the case of violations of power, to manifest with premature ejaculation, apply preparations with a basis of dapoxetine. Some men that helps to glycine.

In some cases, the violation of the erectile function caused by diseases heart, that does not correct drug (leak venous, arterial insufficiency), then, the need for surgical intervention: the elimination of the excess of venous thrombosis outputs or pump member. When severe neuropathy caused by type 2 diabetes, or Peyronie's disease, the only option to recover the power remains Fallo-prosthesis.

The add-ins

Dietary supplements for power

Biological supplements supplements are not drugs, produced in large quantities of raw materials. Some extras are enriched with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The action of pharmaceutical products to strengthen the male power is directed to the activation of blood flow, stimulation of the synthesis of testosterone, increase in general tone the body. Proven a positive effect on the potency of medicines to the base of Tribulus, icariin, Eurycoma longifolia.

A niche separate occupy chinese balls-of pills. Its composition is the more exotic components of animal origin, insects, fungi. Effective to improve the power are considered to be medications with Cordyceps, ginseng, cistanche.

Improvement of the blood circulation and remove inflammation in the pelvic area contributes to the sails. As one of its key components operate propolis, pumpkin carving butter, Castoreum.

Increase the power can also be the course the intake of vitamin complexes. Such supplements are especially useful for men after 40 years.

Tools for local application

There are many ways to improve the power, that can be applied immediately before intimacy:

  • Gels;
  • The ointment (heparin, nitro-glycerine);
  • Creams;
  • Sprays.

If the violation potency is expressed in slow motion early, then you should not use the tool, which indicated the anesthetic.


Often, the first signs of reduction of power can halt the rejection of smoking, physical activity, and bio-additives. You should not rely on symptomatic agents, since it is important to save your own reflections. When violation of potency it is not recommended to experiment with folk media, Badami and prescription drugs before you consult with a specialist.