The products to quickly increase the potency in men

The research of modern science, give the opportunity to observe the ancient knowledge of the connection of the power supply and the output power.

the products of the power

Products to increase potency in men

And it's not just for communication, which is in direct relation, when the food is in the body of a male, you have to do is a substance that, by increasing the to sexual activity and endurance. To the doctors, it has been proven that the majority of how do not need to go out of your own kitchen.

That's right, the food rises to power?

Regularly eat a meal with all the vitamins and minerals, and the man gets a lot of advantages:

  • the increase in the production of testosterone;
  • for the smooth functioning of the blood vessels responsible for supplying blood to the reproductive organs;
  • the supply of vitamins and minerals, without which it is not possible to be sexy the power;
  • the positive changes in the chemical processes of the brain, which are responsible for the attraction and pleasure.

The core product to increase male potency

The secret of Giacomo Casanova, who was an excellent lover, and it was a simple one: the oyster, and once more the oysters. The basic premise of the "sex for drugs" — the high content of zinc, which is necessary for the health of the prostate, enhance libido, and increase sperm count.

But the exotic oysters may be substituted for one another, it was only available for the product, and pumpkin seeds. They are also rich in zinc, a handful a day of these delicious aphrodisiac that is able to perform miracles.

The vitamins in the products for potency in men

Also on the menu is a sexual giant, you should include vitamins e, A, And b, proteins, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, "good") cholesterol, and essential fatty acids.

The men are expected to get into the habit of eating nuts and seeds, it is important that you do it on a daily basis.

Also, on a regular part of the shock of sex in the diet are eggs, red meat, and fish. The meat-and-sole — of-long-time leaders from the products of protein for men. As well, the seasoning and the spices: chili, garlic, and onion, which are known to be excellent stimulants, the principal of the manner.

From plants essential celeriac (celery root). It increases the level of pheromone in the perspiration of men, which makes it irresistible and appealing to women.

how to improve the power

Fresh product to enhance male potency

Among the fruits, have been at the forefront of the avocado, banana and watermelon. The first of these is a regulator of hormones, and, in addition, it is rich in folic acid, the famous amp of the sexual energy. Bananas provide the enzyme bromelain, which extends the intimate act, and it does not contain the cholesterol, the harmful, which adversely affect the flow of blood. And the watermelon has the effect of the famous drug, due to the fact that the consumption of the body that are activated by amino acids, which will govern the need and relaxation of the blood vessels and the muscles that are intimate.

For dessert, it's worth it to eat a few slices of dark chocolate. It is the biggest affair of the heart's desire, but they also contain magnesium, which helps you to achieve long-lasting erection.

The chinese "Tao of love" Indian-antique "Kamasutra", the arabian "one Thousand and one nights", the "Science of love" by Ovid, and others, have come down to us in the treaties, to pay a lot of attention to what you should be feeding on the ideal of a woman. These tips are very relevant now, as they pick up the food the man in the woman.