How to increase the power, after more than 50 years ago

The 50-year-old is mature, it is the combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities. But, this is the beginning of a decline in erectile function. The drugs to increase potency, after more than 50 years of age are attributed to man, when the signs of sexual weakness.

The output power after 50

And yet, in spite of this, to cope with the increase in the power output, it is best to not allow it to decrease. How do you do this? It is, of course, we should look for a urologist. The doctors in those specialties that deal with the main claim, by eliminating the cause.

Always after more than 50 years, the deterioration of power?

The power, after more than 50 years, it is not in any case be limited. Mistakenly of the opinion that, after the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary comes at old age. If you look at the classification proposed by the World health organization, the period of time between 45 and 59 years of age, corresponding to the middle ages.

Therefore, to unequivocally state that the power in men of 50 years old, and it's a little older, that it must decline, is not possible.

The list of the most common reasons why

The negative external and internal impacts, taking into account all the risk factors, causes loss of sexual desire. The doctors did not rule out a psychological dimension from the problem.

For the smooth functioning of the genital system responds to the hormone testosterone, which is the age of clear low.

If the doctor is going to take up the issue of dysfunction is precisely in his failure, before prescribing the treatment to a laboratory for diagnostic confirmation or exclusion of cases.

And if that is the cause of the alcohol.

This is a key to a sound mind. If it is a cup of a good dry red wine for the meal, the negative effect will not be.

But an excess of the alcohol of concern for the obesity of the female type – increase in the abdomen, the breasts (gynecomastia), in conjunction with the calibration of a hormonal imbalance. The result is that the power output substantially, it can fail.

The fear of failure

After more than 50 years back, emotional problems, and the emergence of the fear of having a flop scared of the man. It forms a vicious circle that creates a barrier, through which each and every one of them can go through.

It helps to see a psychologist, or a sexologist, explains the irrationality of the fear. During the consultation, you can ask all your questions, you can learn with the right frame of mind to increase the power, after more than 50 years of age.

Unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise


Restaurants, fast-food, semi-finished products, and a sedentary lifestyle, beach, modern, active, companies in the development stage.

Preparing your own meals at home today and most of them are me. The fast-food appears on the table every day, and disorders of the body practically does not take place. But when the abuse piles up, and the "bad" cholesterol, which has been installed in the walls of the vessels.

The lack of exercise in the midst of inadequate nutrition inhibits the metabolic processes, and the products of degradation are not of the body.

In males, after 50, both of the risk factors to trigger a series of violations of the stroke, ending with a prescription.

The illness, as the risk factor for impotence is

Doctors who specialize in sexual dysfunction, point to a decrease in the libido, in the midst of a somatic illnesses. The only negative effect being they have their own disease and the drugs used for the treatment.

For this reason, prior to the treatment, the doctor explains to the patient about the need for compliance with dosage, length, and method of receipt. If not, the risk of developing impotence increases.

The list of diseases dangerous to the male

First of all the trigger — the pathology of the prostate, prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia benign tumor of the renaissance. If a man is found in the disease — first, you need to cure it, and then do it, and more power.

On the other diseases, leading to the loss of sexual desire include the following:


  • High levels of sugar manifests itself in the deterioration of the micro-circulation. While diabetes is accompanied by a decline in the production of testosterone to directly impact the erection.

Poor functional innervation

  • It occurs when injury to the spinal cord at the level of the lumbar spine, compression of nerve roots by herniated into the spinal column. After the surgical removal of the hernia and the symptoms of the dysfunction that is rapidly diminishing.

Infections in the body

  • Sexually transmitted diseases in the first place, affect the structure of the prostate gland, the seminal vesicles, the urethra. Repeated inflammation of the prostate gland to generate the shortage in the synthesis of testosterone.

The problem is on the side of the thyroid gland

  • Impotence occurs when an imbalance in the functioning of the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland. The first one produces the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), in response to which, the thyroid gland is formed as T4, and then in the blood for the T3. When the underactive thyroid, or cancer the T4 is a little high TSH, which then leads to an increase in the hormone prolactin. As a result, the body of a male acquires female traits – obesity is on the level of the stomach, a human being, with the emotional lability. Your sex drive when hypothyroid drops dramatically.

The changes are related to the outside of the organs in the body

  • For example, in the case of Peyronie's disease progresses, the fibrous component of the protein in the sheath of the penis. Thick plate to bend the penis and the sexual act is accompanied by a sharp armbar syndrome.

50 years old — a critical age for men. Exacerbated by the slow of the disease. For all of these reasons, in the first place, will affect the output. The time of the inauguration of the therapy to minimize any subsequent complications.

Drugs that may cause impotence

The primary treatment of the physical illness can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of a reduction in potency. For this reason, it is necessary to know the medicines that you have the ability to, then, is not to think about how to regain health impaired for the power.

The disease Drugs
Chronic prostatitis In order to reduce the inflammation in the midst of a worsening, in some cases, it is prescribed for the hormonal methods – corticosteroids (when the inefficiency of non-steroidal drugs). The longer you receive the pills from the hormone, the marked decrease in the production of the sex hormones.
Hypertension (high blood pressure) Beta-blockers cause an increase in the synthesis of female hormones. Once you have canceled an erection, it recovers very easily.

Inhibiting ACE interferes with the power.

Diuretics (diuretics). In short, the front desk does not have any complications, but the long-term (more than 5 months from the receipt of the permanent), which will reduce sexual function.

The disease of the urinary system and the digestive system Narcotic pain killers. A long uncontrolled application called hypogonadism (lack of testosterone).

Antiulcer. They require careful use. Committed to complications, it is not proven, but it is not possible to eliminate the direct effect via the central nervous system.

The Gastro-protective. The excess of the dosage of oregano as to normalize the digestion, it can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Allergy One of the side-effects of anti-histamines — antiandrogenic effect of
An emotional disorder Drugs with psychotropic action of antidepressant with heavy sedative drugs cause a loss of sexual desire. Mind you, the reception is cause of lack of orgasm.
More power

In the sport, as a means of enhancing the power of the

To increase the power output of about 50 years, initially, you will need to find out the factors that have led to this state. Depending on the type of chronic disease that is a particular method of treatment. Not only do the pills enhance the potency but also in physical activity of moderate.

One of the regular reset and the synthesis of testosterone in the body, and to increase the chances.

Taking long walks

  • Encouraged by the movement to increase the flow of blood and oxygen, activates the metabolism. A long road to create the necessary for the load is the average of the degree of its intensity. This is not an option for the men who rarely go to the gym.
  • It is celebrated on the strengthening of the muscle in the wall of the arteries, it increases the speed of the movement of the blood. The pelvic organs receive the blood and nutrients that are required for the excretion of toxins.
  • Walking good affect on the emotional background, while reducing depression, and fear, allowing you to give up on anti-depressants and sedative drugs, thereby increasing the power output.

Nordic walking

With a good level of fitness. in the Finnish walking sticks allow you to adjust the weight. During the training course covers almost all of the muscle groups and to burn calories, 46% higher than that in the normal walking.

This option can be use both men, in whose power it fell in the bottom of the diabetes.

For other types of sports, the practice of

If you want to walk to replace swimming, yoga, and skiing. In any case, the effect is going to be a good thing – muscle is saturated with oxygen, and the heart is working to be more active, normal weight, your mood improves.

Weight lifting (powerlifting) is not recommended for the novice. Only professionally involved with the guys from are able to deal with a lot of weight.

Nordic walking

A systematic exercise was beneficial to the libido, which contribute to the sustainable increase of the conservation of energy in men, even after 50.

How to reduce the impact of stress?

The recovery of a type of stress, and potency in men after the age of 50, including the complex, which consists of the normalization of diet, dressing, exercise, intake of vitamins and trace elements.

Complex carbohydrates

The pharmaceutical industry brings together vitamins, suitable for men and on the body. They will fill in the deficit of important trace elements, to normalize the education of this (vitamin D), increase libido (tocopherol), the quality of the seminal liquid (folic acid). The built-in power increases, the output power is increased.

The uniqueness of the complex is determined by the composition of which will correspond to the normal daily for each of them. To get them requires that the rate of exchange as determined by your doctor.

Line to offer a full range of vitamins a to improve the potency in men after 50. When buying from surf, it's not worth the price, and the make-up.

Vitamins are also medications which contain a variety of features and effects. Therefore, regardless of the target's dangerous with serious consequences.

The principles for rational energy

The first and most important rule – the amount of calories you should be the same as usual. Only the surplus of weight is not going to grow.

The products that fall under the ban Allowed
  • the flesh of the fish, and the fatty acids of the strains;
  • dishes with a high content of salt, as it inhibits the output of excess fluid from the body;
  • sweet drinks – do they reinforce the seat, and the swelling does not go out.
On the basis of the diet is composed of diet, fasting, a little salty:

  • chicken;
  • of the calf;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • grain
  • morsy, jams, herbs, and vegetable broth.

Deep-fry in oil, also, it is not desirable, it is best to cook or sauté.

Some of the products that are considered to be a natural, economical means to enhance power output. These include the following:

  • the fruits of the sea.
  • swede;
  • lemon, orange,
  • the eggs of the quail;
  • chocolate;
  • very nice;
  • date;
  • nuts;
  • the celeriac (celery root).

Add them to your diet will bring back the hormonal balance to increase the production of sex hormones.


The fruits of the sea

To increase the power, after more than 50 years ago, pets in the home, it can be through the years. For doctors, the forums have been selected for the most efficient operation:

  1. You spin the wheel. The impact on the pelvic floor, stimulates and activates the flow of blood.
  2. Stepping foot into the place. The exercise will be considered to be properly considered if the knee joint is able to play all the way through to the chest. In the beginning it is difficult, but a systematic exercise to solve the problem.
  3. To do this, the "wind-mill". This is an exercise that is as well strengthens the muscles of the back.
  4. Lift up your pelvis. In order to run correctly, you must first lie down on your back, your shoulders, pulling you to the ground. Feet to start all over again to her knees, heel as close as possible to the push-up the buttocks. From this position, raise the pelvis.

The total duration of the exercise will be of no more than 15 minutes. Therefore, to carry out all the complex need on a daily basis.

What are the medications that will help with the power.

As many as you can of fix-a drugs in the form of pills or creams), and the assets of the add-ons.

The methods of folk medicine

Recipes of traditional medicine, they also have a positive effect on the power output, increasing it and strengthening it. most of them are to improve the properties of protection, and general well-being:

Light walnut in the mix. Grind the walnuts and mix with honey in equal proportions, we use it every day, in the morning after breakfast.

The magic of green tea. In a pot of tea, pour in your tea leaves, add the grated ginger, the turmeric, and 1 flower on the nail.

The ginger root. It is effective for any type of changes. It can also be in the house to make a healthy drink. To this end, the finely-cut ginger root, pour of boiling water, giving it a rest. If you wish, add honey.

The revenue label, typically the insurance policies. But before you apply it to the people, the methods to eliminate the intolerance of the components.

Tips on the doctors

Urologists sexólogou believe that, in fact, the best remedy is to increase the power of sex to the regular. Active sexuality, especially at 50 years old, and improves the the flow of blood to the internal organs, nourishes the heart and brain of oxygen. The hormones that are produced by the pleasure of a positive impact on the emotional background.

Special creams and gels that can help you to diversify your intimate life, to do a new thing. To buy in stores for adults, or on the internet.


To maintain a high level of output power in 50 years.:

  • Adhere to the basics of a healthy diet,
  • the repair and maintenance of physical activity
  • the dietary intake of the vitamin
  • the time spent on the treatment of chronic diseases

is going to be healthy, to have joy, to live, to communicate with the woman I love, and to feel his masculine strength.