How does smoking affect your power output in men and women: recovering from failures

Today, according to official statistics, in our country smoke 65% of men, 90% of whom are dreaming of getting rid of this terrible addiction, but are still not able to win the battle against nicotine. On an average, every man, every day you smoke 18 cigarettes, or, in other words, almost all of the battery. Many of these are not simple questions to your doctor, such as: "it will be a no-smoking policy on output?". Most definitely, yes.

Smoke and power

The power is not a separate function of the body, in one way or the other, it is in a close relationship with many of the systems of the human body: the central nervous system, cardiovascular, hormonal. So, the more healthy your body is, the better for all of them to work, and the more stable they are, the desire and opportunities to carry out a sexual act.

Even the most expensive, lightweight, and high-quality varieties of tobacco, is a cocktail of poison into the man. Each cigarette contains more than 4000 components, poisonous gases, and smoke, due to the exposure to high temperature for up to a thousand. The most touching of the body are:

  • the resin;
  • benzene;
  • formaldehyde;
  • upon;
  • the acetone;
  • the lead-free;
  • styrene;
  • be the victor.

But, of course, to them, this list is not limited. They spent time with smokers, they were sincerely convinced by the tobacco companies, which exhaust to carcinogen from tobacco smoke is not only bad, but it is useful for you. Absolutely, all of the studies on the effects of nicotine and other by-products of the tobacco to prove that they are disastrous for your health. A closer look at how smoking affects the potency.

Testosterone and smoking

The blood in this regard, an androgen, a lot depends on the appearance of a man, and his capacity to commit sexual acts. The smoke from the cigarette in a non-smoking man can act as a stimulant for the production of testosterone. The first one or two of the grip that affect the pituitary gland, and it gives you the command to make a strong separation in the production of all the hormones. However, once you have 1 or 2 cigarettes, with this effect is the opposite.

When used on a regular basis, smoking in men, the production of testosterone slows down, in comparison to non-smokers, like many of the other metabolic processes which result in the formation of white blood cells, red blood cells, and PR. in men, testosterone answer in the testicles and the adrenal cortex. The regularity of the flow of blood to the poisons of the republic of the exhaust is that they are losing their productivity and no longer able to fully exercise their role in the production of androgen.

Hormonal disorders

All the smokers are lost, not only in the testosterone levels. The glands of internal secretion, glands, sex, and the vessels of the brain are highly sensitive to the level of oxygen in the body and, if the lack of it, which inevitably takes place between the lovers in the smoke, feel the breath of hunger. It decreases the amount of nutrients that reach it.


Each and every brand new cigarette smoking causes spasms of blood vessels in it, the answer to that is adrenaline. The content of the high-stressful hormone that blocks the secretion of all of the others. The body lives in a constant state of preparedness for the hazard, and decide which to be able to produce offspring, it is not reasonable, and I was going to survive. The libido drops off.

It's forbidden to chat in the pancreatic insufficient amount of hormones from the pituitary gland is not stimulating you in the proper production of insulin, and, therefore, increases the risk of developing diabetes in men, which is a threat not only to the loss of the erection, but it is in the feet. Suffers from the nervous system, and thus the irritability, if you do not receive an additional dose of nicotine.

The decrease of the reproductive function

Speaking of, it will be a no-smoking policy is in power, we can't forget about fertility rates. Smoking is especially dangerous for men who wish to conceive an heir. A little bit of that, which has a negative effect on the power output, which in and of itself does not promote the coming of a pregnancy so that it still suffers from the quality of the sperm. Scientific studies have shown that smoking in men reduces the number of moving sperm in the seminal fluid of up to 50% off. As it falls, and the chance of conception.

Under the influence of nicotine and other components of the cigarette, his sperm will decrease the level of PRTamina, an element which is essential for the fertilization of the egg protein. Disturbed structure of the genetic male sexual drives. This can result in a design for children with various medical conditions.

Changes in the supply of blood to

Smoking and the power of evil is compatible, and because of the impact on the circulatory system. The nicotine and other components in the blood of men, and the cause of the pain of the capillaries and large arteries, resulting in the hindering of the blood circulation in the heart, which receives the charge. Lead in the blood by the constriction of the channels is very difficult, it is necessary that a greater number of cutting edges. Yes, it is low in oxygen, which means that the heart muscle has to work even faster, so that the cells were not very strong, a shortage of breath.

The nicotine has the property to adhere to the receptors of the nerve endings that stimulate the imagination. Platelets, while under the influence of carcinogenic substances clump together, forming clusters, which can result in a cerebral vascular accident, thrombophlebitis. Disturbed lipid volume, and grows with the body.

Smoking causes damage to the walls of the veins and the arteries, they become irregular, and such "guides", and you can see the many diseases, due to the fact that atherosclerotic plaque is easy to hold on to these projections and to the inside of the vessel becomes similar to the caves in the movements, with jagged walls and rubble.

What about the fact that the system is about the men suffered from a habit that is easy to determine in an independent way

  • Cool, the fingers of the hands and feet, and in the heat of the room;
  • the noise in the ears and on the head;and
  • a pale, almost blue, leather,
  • the slowly vanishing remains of the by pulling on the elastic band of the socks;
  • the slow growth of the nail;
  • the loss of hair.

All of this to say about the violations of blood circulation and lack of oxygen. If you don't pay attention to these events in the future, it is forbidden to take a stroke, heart attack, varicose expansion of veins, a thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis, and, perhaps, the amputation of the limb.

Complications in the sexual sphere

Smokers feel short of breath during sex, when you are active, actions, they can cough up. The goals, resins and lightweight, you simply don't have the capacity to meet the body's oxygen supply. These men have to be limited to the activity of, or the erection may disappear. Receptors in the nerve is not as sensitive to various stimuli, and may cause damage to the fibers of the nervous system, it slows down the passage of impulses from the brain to the adjustment. Because of this, the excitement is slower to acquire the representation of a physical one.

The state of mind of the smoker

E-cigarette for smoking drugs, in the blood for a certain period of time, there will be a fresh dose of stimulants, he began to experience stress. In addition to that, the subconscious holds a dissatisfaction due to an addiction to a harmful habit, and the impotence to do with it than ever before.

All over the world, it starts to smoke, you know how much it is harmful to you, and what are the consequences that can be expected in the future. More about this aware of smoking experience, you already have the time in a different way to experience it for yourself in all the pleasures of nicotine dependency. The consciousness of ill-will, oppressive to men, it kills the confidence in their own ability, it spawns a flash of anger, irritability, bad mood, and I have particularly at risk if you can to end the depression.

More often than not, the work of these employees, multam from smoking in the hours of work, or even that they wish to express their displeasure with the people at work who don't go to the smoking room, and they believe that they are more productive, and more productive. To condemn, the opinions, the non-smoking people on the street, in public places or at the bus stops, they add to a sense of guilt, and a sinner." Many times the home may play in a rebuke to the smell of a cigarette, the amount spent on the purchase date.

Alternative ways to quit smoking

The habit of smoking, it has more psychological roots, and of the physiological. The dependence on nicotine passes within a few days, but the old-fashioned way, with a hand that extends to cigarettes, there is a temptation to "shoot at". For this reason, among all men, and they decided to do away with smoke cigarettes out of your life, many people believe that the transition to the nicotine in tobacco is a tool and an alternative to make it successful as a whole.

If that is the nature of thought, our body is useful to breathe in the hot air, he will certainly be on this one he took would be his own. The manufacturers of the electronic cigarette, and any other surrogate to convince the men that it is safe, but the studies that say the opposite. All substitutes are damaging to health, such as the regular cigarette, but it is a little bit different.

Hookah, cigarettes, electronic, and systems for the heating of the tobacco, veip to be saturated with the blood of substances that should not be there:

  • the glycerin;
  • chemicals, flavours,
  • stick to the organic material;
  • the formaldehyde may be formed;
  • and nitrogen;
  • cancer;
  • heavy metals;
  • the oxide of nitrogen;
  • and cadmium, and the STATE.

In the larynx, and the lungs are constantly exposed to the influence of the high temperatures derived from the composition, and options for humidity, which can cause cancer, contribute to the onset of the tuberculosis (tb). In the background of the asthma and chronic bronchitis seem to be the minimum of the loss or damage. In addition to this, all the with ease the mixture, and the loads go to the proper verification and the equality of the return of the manufacturer as to the composition, if it is specified.

The recovery of the power after you quit smoking

Each year, the habit of smoking, and the risk of being caused by it, the disease becomes deeper and deeper, the longer it will take for a man giving up his to take back your body to its original state. There is a mistaken belief that after a certain length of service or age, a smoker should not quit smoking, or to his health worsened.

Yes, in the beginning, in fact, by stop smoking, the person may begin to hurt more. Constantly being attacked for cancer of the the body is forced to maintain a high immunity, and the termination of the defence is a bit weakened, and the attack of the virus. So, lots of men happen to a nasty bout of bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, crises, pressure, cough. But this is due to the fact that the body to cleanse itself and works as soon as possible to get rid of the build up of chemicals and resins.

A month later, all of the intricate moments that will remain in the past and it will just hang, which could be improved:

  1. Your sleep will be deeper and more productive;
  2. it will be easier to breathe.
  3. normalization of oxygen in the blood and in the tissues, increase the strength of the muscle;
  4. disappears in a state of panic, nervousness;
  5. it improves the erection and sex drive.
The recovery after quit smoking

And, above all, to increase domestic self-esteem.

Many people have a fear of gaining weight, but the communication is direct, cigarette smoking, obesity, and" not a lot of men are beginning to eat more. In the first instance, there may be a feeling of emptiness, the inner tension of discomfort. The most important thing is to keep a positive attitude and a belief that the smoker doesn't miss a thing. In the past, they were diseases, and potential dissatisfaction with a situation with smoking and personal benefit misappropriation of funds, and in front of her waiting for the long-awaited freedom.

The normalization of the health of the male at the termination of the tobacco

After the game, the last in the life of a man smoking a cigarette, and he is very fast, you will begin to notice a change in the quality of life and improve output power. Literally, the second to the third week of the orgasm will become more and more bright, increase the resistance to the sexual act.

If that's the case, it is not too much of a run, the recovery of erectile function to the same level as that of a person who has never smoked, it will take about six months to complete. That is all that is needed for the body to cleanse itself of the buildup of poisonous chemicals, and the "fix", which were broken down, they are in the system. In preference to, it is time to give him all the assistance possible:

  • sports;
  • drink it the rate of vitamin;
  • giving up alcohol;
  • plenty, and rest;
  • properly and to eat in a balanced way;
  • the drinking of pure blood, and the lungs in the same name of the drug.

In this approach, the toxins rapidly leaving the body, it is the beginning of a fully hormonal, digestive system, normalizes the blood circulation, it will increase your muscle tone, blood vessels become soft and it will fall to the level of the cholesterol in it, it will come with the peace of mind that the central nervous system. The power of after you stop smoking is improving day by day.

There is no such limit on the age or, where later, with the leave of the nicotine in your life. Without a doubt, this process will require that, at the beginning of a careful and conscious attitude to situations, it will be time to leave, provoking encounters, a beer or a communication with your smoking friends, but the result is worth the effort. A series of life-style, you may come back very soon, and the prize for the courage to become a stronger erection to men for power, high self-esteem, and the ability to breathe on the full chest.