Sexual arousal in men and women: how to understand what your partner excited

Sexual relations are a significant part of the life of health of men and boys. Sexual arousal in men, it can occur under the influence of different factors on the appearance of a woman, rings, love, memories of the past close. Sexy, strong reaction to sex, is a set of physiological changes and emotional peaks, which in turn have to call you and your partner.

Sexual arousal in men

The signs of arousal in men and

Sexual arousal is a response of human organism to the sexual stimulation. Its strength, and its duration depends on the hormonal well-being, and human characteristics (height, hair color).

There arises the desire for its manifestation, and recalls the stress

  • to speed up the pace of your breathing and heart rate;
  • the pupils are dilated;
  • change your voice, and your behavior;
  • it increases the blood pressure;
  • there is a tension in the muscles;
  • on the skin that appear goose bumps;
  • enhances salivation.

The process of excitation:

  1. In men, the main symptom of the desire for sex is an erection of the penis. The flow of the blood in several times to increase both the length and the diameter of the body. The increase in the length of an individual indicator, or a small penis during an erection increases stronger. He straightens, and becomes a solid. Changes have been made to contribute to the introduction of the penis into the vagina.
  2. With the transition to the close proximity to the excitement of a man grows, and with it, all of the responses of the body. It increased the heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. A rhythmic rubbing of the member on the wall of the vagina is a powerful stimulus.
  3. To lengthen the sexual intercourse, it is advisable to discontinue them, they try to hide it, in order to reduce the stress. The erect penis will appear for selection, which you don't get scared. It is dominated by the net, playing an important role in the supply of the country.
  4. The signs of arousal in men and
  5. An orgasm is the peak of pleasure, this is the moment of the sexual response, with a duration of only a few seconds. It is usually accompanied by an eruption of a seed. Both men and women are reduced in the muscles of the body, can be pressed in order to escape the sounds are different, there is a feeling of euphoria.
  6. The emission of the seed, occurs to the rhythmic contractions of the smooth muscles. It starts out with small portions, gradually increasing the volume of semen. After the first tremors already, there's nothing to stop the man from finishing the premature ejaculation. Each issue is accompanied by sexual pleasure, especially in the area of the head and the body of the penis.
  7. After orgasm, the body returns to its normal state. The muscles relax, the blood outflow from the members and the authority's decrease in size. There comes a refractory period, during which a man is not excited by the same physical impact on your penis.
  8. The phase of the refraction, that is, the time necessary for a floor ready for the recovery, prior to the new erection. It does not have a fixed duration, and may last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. As you age, this period increases. The angle of elevation of the limb, in most of the cases, it ranges from 60 to 90 degrees. The peak, with a maximum of 20 years, and the 50 angle is clearly reduced.

The allocation of people excited

A transparent viscous allocation of your erect member, that is, a physiological process is normal. Lubrication on men, when they are excited about it, it happens with the pre-ejaculate. This is a sticky and colorless comes out of the urinary tract canal in preparation for sexual intercourse or for masturbation.

The source of the lubrication is kuperovy breast cancer. Their selection contains a variety of enzymes, and mucus.

A transparent secret that it fulfills the following functions:

  • isolates it from the remains of urine in the urethra;
  • to partially neutralize the acidic environment of the vagina;
  • it lubricates the urethra for passage of sperm;
  • the allocation of contributing as painless sexual intercourse.

The lubrication of different men vary greatly in volume. It can vary from a few drops up to 5 ml or more. The main purpose of pre-ejaculate on preparing a good environment for the sperm. There is a predominance of liquid to neutralize the acidity of the vagina, increasing the survival rate of the sperm cells and the chances of conceiving a child.

The partners would like to interrupt the act of sexual intercourse, contraception, and the question of the probability of getting pregnant during setting of the solvent. The study of the composition of the pre-ejaculate has shown that the seed does not. But if you go back to a sexual act in terms of the fall, the remains of the seminal fluid, which are preserved in the urethra.

The lack or excess of lubrication, men, it does not affect your sexual life. Any form, individually, are not stringent standards that they want to fit in. Enjoy the closeness without fear, and prejudice.

A sort of "lubricating" on the head of penis it is smegma. These powers have nothing to do with sexual arousal. White, giraud-the substance that facilitates the movement of the head of the penis when you sign out of your skin. But it's a big build up of smegma causes inflammation of the skin of the penis and other health problems. To ensure this doesn't happen, it is needed on a daily basis to wash away smegma.

How to excite a man

The sex drive of men depends on many factors. If, during the period of his youth, and he takes a stance on privacy, and then, with age it becomes weak.

The desire to have sex

To increase the sex drive in a partner, and the woman is going to need for specific incentives. In the wild, males do placed on the visual assessment, in order to get the tears attitude to get the men to wear alluring to the bed, and dissolve the hair. View women's naked bodies, showing signs of a desire to the partner also help to him in response to the pulse.

Result in the excitation of the strong-floor, to help with the various stimuli:

  • the hearing aid;
  • visual
  • smell;
  • touch;
  • erotic fantasies, films, and more.

In addressing the awakening of the sexual desire of the men individually.

  1. For this reason, it is worthwhile to study your habits and preferences in music, food, perfume, and a t. d. to Enhance the attraction to help you how to do this can be a spice, food and drink, and oil for the aroma.
  2. Among the recognized pathogens * sexual activity: other nuts, seafood, grapes, wine, spices, herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts.
  3. The smell of patchouli oil enhances sensuality, and the production of the testosterone. For the young at heart will enjoy the smell of the oil from the tangerine, lemon verbena, or cedar wood, a partner at the ripe old age the ideal of a juniper or a pair of sandals.
  4. Before you prepare for a romantic evening with the aroma-lamp, you will need to find out if there is a chosen one of a rash of cooked doctor.
  5. For some people, the words can be a powerful stimulating factor. Some of the phrases from the programme-an indication of the proximity of, or even greed, to arouse the partner to engage in sexual activity. Linearity is appropriate in a community that already knows about the object of your passion and your conversation about sexuality and the compliment, looking like any man's.
  6. The tone of the intensities of the different – a direct route to the emotions of your partner. The monotony of it is bad for your sexual activity in order to attract the coveted man to a woman, you have to go on the rides.
  7. You can start off with a relaxing massage, gradually, to cover a wide variety of erogenous zones and to the point. Touch your breasts and nipples are stronger and the tread is not less than that of the female. Give your partner the full range of sensation, the sweet, and to the right, kissing and even biting.
  8. It's not worth bypassing all the back and buttocks – here it is take a massage can be overly sensitive to stroke the nails.
  9. The inner part of your thighs, plus a source of pleasure for all men, gentle or harsh touch to choose from the partners. To the sexual act, you need to use not only his hands and his lips, but all over the body. The mother of one of the men's most erogenous zones. Your search-the language of bears is a real treat. The close proximity of the partners to the penis, the anxiety and the expectation that it will take to get an erection.
  10. The penis is an erogenous zone for every human being, the stimulation will, necessarily, be, to the peak of happiness. The most sensitive and delicate part of the body to the head. The tone and pacing of the language will be a partner to forget about it all. By examining the most sensitive spot of the male, you will be able to provide you with pleasure.
In the aftermath of the excitement with no download

In the aftermath of the excitement with no download

Sexual arousal doesn't always end with sexual intercourse. The body is ready for discharge, the state of ohio, it is an excited state. If these situations lead to a one-time effort, there's nothing to be afraid of, the health and strength that they are not a threat.

What it feels like to be a man, when aroused and without the discharge:

  1. discomfort or pain in the testicles, mild swelling;
  2. the unpleasant feeling in the penis;
  3. a sensation of "pins and needles" in the back of the head;and
  4. pain in the lower part of the belly.

From any of these symptoms, it deserves to pay special attention to the pain in the testicles. This organ is important for the health of men. He is responsible for the production of testosterone and sperm. If the sexual organs are healthy, and the discomfort to fade away after 4 hours.

Pain in the testicles can be a sign of illness. If you have changed the size, the density, or the pain has become acute, and stronger, then you you you you you you must visit your medical doctor. The desire to have sex is an important part of the sexual life of a man. When aroused, the male, is it best to use a variety of methods, switching to his left in the pot. This will give you a fabulous result.