Increase the potential at home with exercise, medications, folk remedies

methods of increasing potency in men

Good stable erection and the ability to have quality sex are important for a man. The socio-psychological consequences of sleep failure negatively affect overall quality of life. Nowadays, there are many expensive medicines sold to treat erectile dysfunction. But in most cases, it is very possible to increase and increase the potential at home.

However, before spending on pharmaceutical preparations, it is important to try traditional herbal medicines, specially designed exercises and water procedures. It is possible that you can overcome the problem that befell 150 million men on the planet itself. If you do not feel the problem with the erection, the increase in potential will also not be excessive.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The reasons for low potential can be completely different, sometimes it is located on the surface, and sometimes it occurs since childhood.

  • Psychology. Group of important reasons. Divided into primary and secondary schools. The main cause is the cause that comes from the deep psychological process. These include improper sexual education in childhood, the imposition of shameful sexual intercourse, sexual trauma. Low self-esteem can also be mentioned here.

Secondary - fear, constant scandals with sexual partners, increased work activity and, consequently, overwork, depression and other depressive conditions.

  • Physiology. Delayed or persistent venereal disease. Weak state of the nervous system. Diabetes. Poor heart and vascular problems can also be the cause. However, the strength and durability of an erection depends on the filling of penile tissue with blood. Potential men in their 40s are often associated with low testosterone levels.

IMPORTANT:Potential can be reduced if the relationship with the partner has ended or due to the bad psychological climate in the couple.

There are risk factors, the cause of which is the result of the man's own behavior:

  1. Smoking tobacco. The substance found in tobacco has vasoconstrictor properties, which complicate blood flow to the penis.
  2. Alcohol abuse. A large amount of alcohol or its poor quality damages the whole body, including the reproductive system.
  3. Drugs that are already in the early stages of use reduce sexual desire, act negatively on a psychological and physiological level.
  4. Frequent hypothermia.
  5. Non-permanent life.

Traditional methods

Home treatment for impotence is based on three components: preparation of preparations from improvised ingredients and products, special physical exercises and water procedures. The combination of all the methods presented will help increase the potential in the best way.

Among the folk remedies that work quickly for men and have good nutrition are:

how to increase male potency with folk remedies
  1. Pay vivacity, which means that increased libido will provide a mixture of nuts and honey. It can be hazelnut, pistachio or walnut.
  2. Onions have long been known for their sexual drive. For this purpose, it is used both raw and in the form of decoctions and tinctures. 1 tbsp. dried onion seeds should be poured with a glass of boiling water. Half of the prepared ingredients are drunk in the morning, the other half in the evening. The infusion is also done in water, only in cold water. Finely chopped onions are poured with it. It is taken in 50 ml. three times a day.
  3. Ginseng root can be infused with alcohol. The process must take at least two weeks. Take 10 grams of root per 100 ml. It is taken three times before meals. You should not use more than 30 drops of tintur at a time, and it must be diluted with weak water or tea.
  4. Ginseng is a magical plant used in harvesting. They say that with its help it is easy to increase erections in men after the age of 60 and in younger men. This refers to a mixture of ginseng with honey and cinnamon. 100 grams of ginseng ingredient is poured into 500 ml. steep boiling water. The tingtur process takes two days. Next, it must be boiled again and, over low heat, add 50 grams of honey. In this mode, keep the medicine for half an hour. After removing the stew from the stove, add 10 grams of cinnamon. The mixture is left for three days, after which it is drunk in a glass twice a day.
  5. Add ginger, parsley, coriander, mustard and celery to your diet. Plants increase libido. And decoctions are usually made from parsley seeds, which are drunk after eating for half a glass. It is very possible to replace tea with broth.


Special training to increase potential is easy and does not require much time. But they can increase the strength of men after the age of 50 and are an excellent preventative measure for young people. In fact, physical culture in the context of sexual opportunity must be introduced since adolescence, so that later you will not experience problems related to the prostate gland.

exercise to increase male potency

The most proven, effective and moderate exercises for impotence are:

  • The man stood upright with his hands at waist level. Legs slightly bent at the knees. A run consists of such movements: the legs at the knees are slightly bent, and the back muscles are tense as if they were holding some object. Next, you should straighten to the starting position. Need to do some running.
  • Exercise for the prostate. In the cartilage position, the legs at the knees are bent in half. At the same time, the feet do not come out of the surface. The arms are located in an elongated position along the body. One run involves raising and lowering the pelvis 15 times. The optimal number of approaches is six. During this basic exercise, blood flows to the prostate, thus increasing the levels of male hormones. Exercise has a beneficial effect on the entire genitourinary system.
  • Treatment for erectile dysfunction in men also consists of exercises such as squats. They do not look like normal, their techniques are quite different. If everything is done correctly, testosterone production will increase, which will increase potency. Starting position standing, feet shoulder-width apart. Before starting the exercise, the back is compressed. The man sank as much as possible, while the heel was also inseparable from the surface. On the squat itself, you should linger for three seconds, then slowly straighten your legs. You need to constantly monitor the tension of the gluteal muscles, because this is the essence of exercise. Do not overdo it - do not do this movement more than 20 times.
  • With the help of this special training, a man will not only increase his strength, but also do excellent prostate disease prevention.

  • One of the main exercises is related to what is called "muscle strength". It is done in a supine position. Legs free, shoulder-width apart. The position of the hands is not very important - they can be on the abdomen or just extended to the rest of the body. Next, the man just stretched the muscles he felt in the perineum. There are such concentrations of anal and testicles. Thanks to this manipulation, blood flow improves, the muscle itself becomes toned. It is done not only to prolong erectile function in men, but also as a preventive measure of prostate disease prevention.
  • Training done in a nude state. You should be naked, with your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bent at the knees. For at least two consecutive minutes, the pelvis moves back and forth, while the penis should swing. It must be like intercourse. In this case, the breathing pattern should be as follows: a short breath is taken with the nose, air is exhaled through the mouth. After ten times, a half-minute break is required. The total number of visits was five.

Water procedure

With the help of hydrotherapy, one can get rid of various diseases from ancient times. This also applies to the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Its implementation is simple and does not require special conditions.

Contrast treatment with water involves alternating transplants from hot water basins to cold water basins. The time spent in each basin is a quarter of a minute. And five times. This procedure is performed daily for two weeks. It is recommended to repeat it once every season.

A night chamomile infusion bath will give strength and at the same time relax, relieve tension, which can also lead to weak sexual desire. 50 grams of dried chamomile flowers are poured with three liters of boiling water. Let it brew and then pour into the bathtub, which is taken for about 20 minutes. Instead of chamomile, bay leaf is often taken.

Conifer infusion baths are also excellent:

  • Pine cones and needles are taken, with a volume of about one liter jar;
  • Filled with three liters of water;
  • Boil the mixture;
  • Then store on low heat for half an hour. It is injected daily, and added to the bathtub. You can take it in the evening and in the morning provided that in the morning the water should be at summer temperature.

Should you use medication to treat impotence?

A large number of pharmaceutical drugs do not cure low sexual drive, but only achieve lasting erections in one way or another. For this reason, they have a number of side effects and contraindications.

eligibility to use medication for the treatment of impotence

For example, medications containing sildenafil are not always indicated for the elderly with cardiovascular problems. In return, the pharmaceutical market can offer a number of homeopathic medicines.

If sexual dysfunction does not have very deep roots, it is recommended to try the above method. The systematic implementation of prescriptions guarantees an increase in potential in most cases.