Where is the G-spot in men and how to stimulate it


Many people think that the main erogenous zone on the male body is the phallus, forgetting isolated places like the G spot in men. This is a powerful intimate weapon that actively participates in every love affair. In spirit, few people remember this, but its stimulation will allow the couple to achieve a strong orgasm and shorten the recovery time for worldly pleasure.

How to find the point D in men

Curiosity is due to the fact that many young people themselves do not know where men have a point of joy, and some are even unaware of its existence.

The desire for sexual gratification drives men to uncover the secrets of their own bodies (or together with their lovers). At the same time, they definitely liked not only the results, but also the process of finding the point that was valued.

Although the male genital organs are outside, the location of the male G -spot is quite curious - it is hidden in the depths of the pelvis between the pubic bone and the rectum, where it is firmly attached by ligaments. This zone is the link between the reproductive and urinary systems of young people.

The Ji point is penetrated by veins and arteries, in close contact with the ducts, which are located directly on the male genital organs. In shape, it resembles a chestnut or walnut. This area grows to 20 years, weighs 20 g and occupies an area of not more than 4 square meters. See Difficult, because it is located in the upper part of the urethra below the bladder. This can be done through the anus, penetrating to a depth of 5-7 cm. By feeling a small bulge in the front wall of the abdomen, you can ensure that the search is crowned with success.

Precisely because of the isolation of the place where the G-spot is present in the man, the man doubts whether it is worthwhile to study it at all. Stereotypes are firmly ingrained in their heads that only fans of same -sex love give access to the anus. In addition, many men are very reluctant to consent to such an attempt, because they are afraid of getting an unpleasant sensation or do not want to discuss it with their partner.

Male point stimulation method

Finding the coveted place in a lover's body is not enough. It is also important to master proper G-spot stimulation in men.

The girl pleased the man

There are two ways:

  1. External.To do this, press or press lightly on the erogenous zone located between the scrotum and anus. Manipulation is best done with the thumb and forefinger, after wiping a little into the pressure area. When a man is aroused, the sensitivity of the Ji point increases, so if you press hard, there is a possibility of interfering with ejaculation. You have to move carefully and smoothly. In addition, you need to monitor your partner’s reactions closely. If it can be seen that the process does not give him pleasure, then it is better to stop the procedure immediately.
  2. Internal.This method will give the man an unforgettable and vivid emotion, but many young people do not agree with it, believing that the girl will take it as a manifestation of a tendency towards unconventional love. The essence of this method lies in the fact that the woman carefully inserts her finger into the anus of her partner, then carefully finds a small lump and continues to stimulate it. In this case, sharp and strong movements should be avoided. Every action should be gentle and smooth. To avoid the possibility of injury and damage, hands are lubricated with a special lubricant. It is easier for the girl to do internal stimulation while in the back riding position. In this position, his hands remain free, which allows you to massage the melancholy of G. freely. The amplitude of the pressure should not exceed one movement per second. Thanks to this guy, the peak of pleasure is bright and unforgettable.

Ready for the stimulus

If a partner decides to try the secret of stimulating a cherished point in a man, then to get the most obvious sensation, they need to prepare the process properly:

  • First you have to prepare the guy yourself. Ideally, she should clean her rectum using an enema or laxative. This will make the intimate massage look more attractive.
  • Before finding the G point in a man, the couple needs to gain full trust, otherwise the young man will not be able to rest, which is why the stimulus will not give pleasure. On the other hand, most likely the girl’s movements will only give her an unpleasant and painful sensation.
  • The girl needs to prepare her hands: lift a long manicure, make sure it is soft and gentle, otherwise you can accidentally injure the inner mucous membranes, which will lead to the development of inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Preparing men for G-spot stimulation
  • Adherence to hygiene rules is essential. Wash your hands thoroughly or wear disposable medical gloves. There is nothing wrong with using a special lubricant. After stimulation, it is impossible to touch the genital organs of men or women, because microorganisms remain on the skin that can provoke the development of inflammatory processes.
  • There is nothing wrong with giving your partner an erotic massage, starting from the head and ending with the ass. This will allow the man to relax and take full advantage of the process of exploring his body.
  • A man has to choose the position that is most comfortable for him. The best position for this is a supine position, and the girl between her legs.
  • Movement should be weak but rhythmic. You have to continue it until the man feels the brightest orgasm. It is important to observe your partner’s reaction.
  • You should start looking for the place where the male G-spot is located just before orgasm. Otherwise, the woman risks killing the sexual mood and suppressing the desire to continue doing this.

How to sort Ji points

Proper stimuli are light rhythmic pressure, back and forth movements, or gentle circle manipulation. But don’t turn it into a stuck button. The process was necessarily pleasant, and did not make the man restless in bed because of the pain.

G-spot massage in a man can reduce the duration of the refractory phase. After that, the traditional time to restore an erection is reduced from 40-60 minutes to an almost instantaneous appearance.

Multi-orgasm of male magic is guaranteed, but keep in mind a few important rules so that the stimulation doesn’t backfire.

No nails

Long nails do not harm a couple only in adult movies. In fact, such a weapon can give a lot of unpleasant and even painful sensations, because penetration into the anus with a sharp marigold can injure the mucous membranes, and this will not please others. The nail should be cut at the root.


Lubricants are special lubricants, usually water -based. While stimulating a man’s G-spot, there is definitely a lot. Special lubricants with anesthetics are best. It is used specifically for anal sex.

The closeness of men and women

The material reduces the unpleasant sensations that are common in such caresses. But keep in mind that painkillers start working only 10-15 minutes after applying the lubricant, so there is no need to rush.


To cause discomfort to the partner while inserting a finger into the anus, it should not only be inserted, but slowly and gently. This movement gently spreads the folds of skin that frame the anus and can help reduce discomfort. These words just need to be remembered to maximize the pleasure of the stimulus.

Remember toys

For men, the D-point is a zone that can be stimulated to achieve remarkable results. If you convince a man to insert a special sex toy into his anus, the effect will be very impressive. For starters, you can use anal beads. They have to be inside throughout the intimacy. After the onset of orgasm, they should be removed one by one, but not stray from the rhythm of the man's movements. This will give him incredible pleasure.

And the most important thing is cleanliness

Hands should be washed thoroughly before and after the procedure to avoid contracting infectious diseases. In addition, it should be remembered that when a woman's fingers examine the most secret places of the man's body, it is better to keep them away from the genitals because of the very aggressive attitude of the intestinal microflora towards the human genitals.

Some sexologists associate the erogenous zone of men with women, because proper stimulation leads to unforgettable pleasure. Although it is easier to find the D point in young people than in girls, the problem lies in its very remote location. But if the young woman manages to convince her partner to make a daring attempt, then the title of great mistress is guaranteed to her.