How to increase the power?

There are many ways how to improve the power: physical exercises, medicines, surgical techniques.

power increase

With a slight reduction of sexual desire can help broths and extracts of medicinal herbs. For example, a decoction of the seeds of clover lugovoi. For the broth 1 St. soup of the seeds of clover lugovoi and 200 ml of red wine. The mixture boil in the water bath for half an hour. Or even that infusion: a tablespoon of rhizomes calamus pour a glass of boiled water and insist. Filter and drink. Of course, there are medicines offered in the pharmaceutical industry.

These medicines should be carefully drink people with lesions in the kidneys and in the liver, heart problems, anemia, stomach ulcer, problems of blood coagulation. It is not possible to use the elderly and people with less than 18 years of age. Side effects: dizziness and pain in the joints.

How to increase potency in women?

Sexual violation of women is called frigidStd. According to statistics, this problem bothers 25% of women. It is more likely to occur frigidity, associated with psychological problems, such as, for example, after the rape. It is difficult to treat. But it turns out that the reason if make hormonal pathology or sexually transmitted diseases, cardiovascular diseases, anemia, menopause, depression.

There are drugs to increase sexual desire in women, for example, Angelika Strong. It is a tool that slows down the aging and improves reproductive function. In the body of a woman, the host of Angelika Strong, gradually, the system resumes the hormonal balance. In the composition of medicines comes with extract of guarana, astragalus and vitamin E, rightly called vitamin youth.

Also popular are the massage oil and lubricant.

It is useful to include in the diet meat, fish, eggs, boiled, cheese, and spices, horseradish, ginger, avocado, nuts, juice of aloe with honey, navy, cauliflower, artichoke, asparagus, celery, coconut, dates, apples, cinnamon, onion, dark chocolate, figs and honey. You will be helpful to know that the libido in women can improve ordinary pumpkin seeds. It is useful to use the orange oil, geranium oil and clove, lavender and patchouli, musk, violet, geranium, sandalwood and jasmine during massages.

How to increase the power in the house?

Important in case of failure of sexual desire to know how to increase the power without prejudice to the health. It is well known that the sexual frustration especially in men can cause some serious endocrine and mental disorders.

potency in men

The first thing that you should do to try to overwork at work and do not sleep less than 6 hours.

Eat vegetables, cereals, cheese, raspberries, meat. These products supply the body the a protein, which is essential for the production of testosterone, normal amounts. The cabbage, the apple and the thorn – the indispensable sources Of vitamin c, he is also involved in the synthesis of hormones. Necessarily eat garlic, almonds, and drink milk.

Useful dyes of a variety of plants and herbs.

You can try the use of drugs with herbal components. They increase the sexual desire in men. These medicines usually take for an hour before closeness. It is a nice bonus – extracts of plants of the medicine to positively act on the nervous system and can help in combating depression.

And, of course, is important, to the next has been a favorite and the host of the woman. The fall of the power that you need to treat, in consultation with the urologist or another professional and, in some cases, when the cause of the disorder are the psychological problems and with the therapist.

Nutrition, improves the power

Products that affect the potency, called aphrodisiacs. They rejuvenate the organism of man and allow you to feel confident with the woman I love.

Very useful to use products with a sufficient amount of protein, for example, hazelnuts and pistachios. From fruits are useful to improve the sexual desire can be lemons, as well as the figs. The onion is very useful for restoring the hormonal balance in the body. Useful grass: savory, st. john's wort, fennel, tarragon. Include in the menu the mushrooms, nettles, dandelion, cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt, wine vinegar, beef, venison, mussels, cereals, nuts, beans.

The food products that increase the potency

Many wonder how to improve the power, just by changing the food habits. Here are some whole grain products that are good for male power: seeds, fatty fish, avocado, olive oil, horseradish, perga, lean meat, wheat, and barley, oatmeal, orange, papaya, melon, apricot, pear, banana, chicken eggs. Stop smoking, don't abuse soy, smokedSts, salt, products of fast food.

Tools that increase the potency

There are several groups of medicines that improve the potency. Some medications improve the tide of blood. There are homeopathic remedies, enable the enzyme NO-synthase. These drugs are available for the price, you can buy on the internet, and the closest one to your house a pharmacy. Side effects when taken concluded very rarely. Never habituation effect.

Here are a few more groups of medications to improve the potency: alpha-blockers, the analogs of prostaglandins And androgens, tocopherols, the activators of the synthesis of nitric oxide. Sometimes, it is assigned the same testosterone in injection form.

Side effects: dizziness, blurred vision, nasal congestion, tremor of the hands. Therefore, medications to improve the potency is contra-indicated for severe cases of somatic illnesses.

vitamins for power

The vitamins that increase the potency

How to increase the power with the use of a technique of vitamins and use of food? Which vitamins are useful to increase the sexual desire in men?

The main vitamin a, responsible for the potency and reproductive function of men recognized as vitamin E. it prevents the development of muscle weakness. To receive your enough, you need to temper the food, oils, vegetables, drink milk, eat meat, chicken and egg of quail. Vitamin c is also required. You can get cabbage, fruit, berries, rosehip. The b vitamins are required for the functioning of the nervous system. Vitamins B1 and B3 in large quantities, see the red of the fish, B6 – peas, bananas and cheese. Do not forget to butter and fish fat – now it is sold in capsules, so that the association with the unpleasant taste of fish oil irrelevant.

How to improve the power folk means?

Many men dream of a good power, when in the intimate life start failure. And not everyone wants to or can, because of contraindications to taking the pill. The tool of folk medicine, become the only way out.

Take 200 g of honey and melt it in a bath of steam. Mix it with a liter of warm water and make the appliques in the penis. Leave for 5 minutes. A course of 10 days.

Moisten mustard and attach the feet. They positively influence the blood circulation and increase the duration of erection.

A tablespoon of coffee powder and mix it with one teaspoon of dried leaves of lemongrass. Pour the mixture in a glass of hot water and put on fire. Do not let broth boil. The broth remove from heat when the first bubbles. Take the broth before proximity.

Cut 100 g of dried flowers of thyme and pour a glass of boiling water. You can use two times a day after meals. Drink immediately, as it cooled off.

Exercises that increase the power

How to improve the horsepower through the exercises? Buy fitball and exercise it. Push-ups in a balloon as well help to strengthen the abdominal muscles. The ball should remain stationary. An approach that you can do 10-12 pushups and relax.

The muscles of the buttocks and pelvis to strengthen the exercise "the Bridge". You need to lie on your back, hands put the palms down, lift and slowly to omit. An approach to repeat 10-12 times. Do 3 the approach.

This exercise strengthens the muscles and the muscles of the lower back. He needs to do about the slippery floor. Adopt a posture, such as push-ups. Then, keeping your arms straight, tighten under the feet. When the feet in a 90 degree angle, do the reverse sliding movement. You can do three sets of 12 times.

The bracelet, which increases the power

Not so long ago was invented the bracelet, which increases the power with "Power Balance". It protects us from harmful radiations of the mobile phone and the wireless internet, computers and tablets. It increases natural to the body, positive frequency. Its effect is similar to the effect of the load of natural stones. You can use it day and night. There are different colors. Now that you know how to increase the power and protect against the harmful electromagnetic radiation, just put the bracelet in his hand. It is very elegant and is similar to a clock. Your action in itself has already tried all-star football, racing and famous hollywood actors.

Scientific proof that the action of the strap about the body, not. Very important to the placebo effect, so that the strap can help, if you believe in your power. But wait for just the bracelet, not, necessarily, need to take other measures, which are described in the article, to feel the increase of male potency. It is not possible to use a strap people with an allergy to it or, if you implanted a pacemaker.

the charging power

How to increase the power without drugs?

You want to know how to increase the power without drugs? Here are some tips. In the first place, your dinner should be light. Otherwise, the body of all the forces will give in the digestion of food. Eat 50 g of almonds. Follow with warm water with honey. In the second place, they sleep about 15 min, to bring out the beauty of a watch, do not sleep a long time. After a good night's sleep can crouch, pick up, discard, or jump rope. Do not let fatigue. After the exercise, take a shower contrast. During the day, eat useful food: fruits, fruits of the sea. Eat regularly, without eating. Sausages and alcoholic beverages, especially beer, delete.

We live in a time when there are a lot of tools how to increase the power, the important thing to know is that this is a problem completely soluble.