That useful to be, to improve male potency? Foods that increase the power

The power is an important component to a full life of man. There are several effective ways to strengthen the power with the help of food products.

Products that increase the potency

Products that increase the potency of men

Products, able to affect the male potency there is still a lot is known aphrodisiacs. The name "aphrodisiac" took its beginning in Ancient Greece, from the goddess Aphrodite. They are the ones that affect the male strength and endurance.

It is important and necessary substances for the male sex for the body. Products aphrodisiacs should include vitamins a, e And In. it is believed that e And F are the most current vitamins-reproduction, and In vitamin c, which helps pass the impulse to the terminal nervous.

Important: Only a balanced diet will be able to make a man sexually active. The excessive consumption of food reduces power hungry - can't have it at all.

Men the food must contain a sufficient number of protein and vegetable components to significantly improve the power output. Mineral nutrients is an important component, as well as the "virility" affects the amount sufficient in the body:

  • magnesium
  • zinc
  • calcium
  • sulfur

Erection improves the regular consumption of unsaturated fat and carbohydrates. One can say with certainty that if you adjust the power men, you can get not only health, but also strength, endurance in sex.

If, specifically, calling of certain products, in the first place, you can put exactly vegetables:

  • nuts
  • citrus fruits
  • fruit
  • eggs
  • onion
  • garlic
  • turnip
  • mushrooms
  • pumpkin seeds
The meat

Important: it is Not less important for the power of the bread, especially rye.

The quality of sperm and the power are able to influence the dairy products, meat and fish, as well as the are the main sources of protein.

The meat for the male potency. How does it affect the flesh in the power of men?

You can say that meat is for men - essential to the product. It is precisely this product helps to regulate body hormone level - testosterone. Thus the flesh is an excellent source of protein of animal origin.

Important: in addition, the protein found in meat, increases power, it also improves the immune system and the metabolism of a person.

The flesh of his kind (baked, fried or roasted), and not in the burgers and sausages - is a source of important vitamins and minerals. Giving men the satiety and energy, meat products if you care about your health.

Important: it is Better to eat flesh cooked, boiled form or cooked in the steam. During frying still stand out carcinogens, and yes of cholesterol in the roasted more.

Best in male potency affects:

  • meat
  • chicken
  • rabbit

Of course, the fast, not the fat meat has a more efficient action on the body, as well as the excessive consumption of fatty food leads to problems in the cardiovascular system.

the number of used meat per day, a man should depend on your lifestyle. So, calm the hobby requires the ingestion of 50 grams of meat per day, and heavy physical activity to 200 to 300 grams. The more man loses the strength, the more he needs the protein.

Every man should have in mind that the excessive consumption of food, especially meat, inevitably, leads to obesity and loss of sexual appetite. The doctors say that is normal for man to eat meat at least three times per week.

Goat milk for male potency

It is clear that all dairy products are useful for men's health. But the stronger quality worth mentioning are those of goat milk. Goat milk - product-familiar with the childhood.

It is well regulates the body metabolism and even is able to enhance immunity, as well as contains many vitamins and useful micronutrients. In addition, the goat milk - a real aphrodisiac for men.

Important: the Interesting historical fact tells us, that the Casanova has replaced alcoholic beverages normal goat milk. For a long time it was thought that it is a positive effect on male potency.

Goat's milk gives not only the satiety male after a hard day's work, but the ability to prolong sexual intercourse, regardless of the state of fatigue. Sex therapists recommend drinking a glass of this milk before dinner and in the evening, before sex.

Goat's milk

Important: the Success of this product is that it contains important minerals: calcium and zinc. They are responsible for the amount of testosterone in the blood and improve erection quality.

The milk contains a sufficient amount of vitamins E, A, c and e, it is favorable that affect the health and sexual desire. The regular intake of goat milk is able to result in a rate of sexual violations, enhance erections, prevent impotence.

It is advisable to drink at least one glass of milk per day in order to maintain male power and resistance. This can be combined with crushed nuts,which improves the effect dozens of times.

Nuts to increase its power and its use

Every one knows about the usage of nuts for the human body. They are the champions of the content of useful micronutrients,in particular for men. There are the most popular nuts in our country, which have incredible nutrient properties:

  • Walnut - one Can say with certainty that it is more useful nogueira of all the existing. It contains an incredible amount of vitamins E, A, c, E, and important minerals. A large amount of zinc is able to increase the levels of testosterone, the hormone improves the power. More a surefire recipe - walnuts with honey. Honey strengthens the action component, complementing your. Doctors recommend that men eat nut daily, no less than ten pieces
  • Almonds - so madly in need of a man to maintain health. It contains a lot of vitamin A, and such important components, such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium. The uniqueness of almonds arginine - an amino acid, improving blood circulation, which is excellent affects the power
  • Pistachio - these oriental walnuts it's no wonder they are so popular and have the status of an aphrodisiac. The fact is that they call the four most important component to men's health: zinc, folic acid, arginine and unsaturated fats. Folic acid significantly improves the quality itself of the sperm, and unsaturated fats to "kill" cholesterol. Recommended serving of pistachios on the day - 100 grams
  • Cedar nuts - this is not the product ,but very useful. The content of vitamins and minerals surpasses all expectations. The regular use of cedar, and walnut in food ensures the increased power and high-quality for the prevention of impotence

The fish of power. The useful components, found in fish

The fish - nutritious and healthy product, with many trace elements and vitamins. For good men's health, doctors recommend regularly include fish in the diet.


Does not contain fat fish:

  • vitamins a, D and E.
  • the fatty acids
  • zinc
  • selenium
  • iodine
  • iron
  • the calcium
  • the match
  • magnesium

Important: In the fish concentrate the maximum number of amino acids and proteins, useful for the male sex for the body.

All the varieties can be identified, such as:

  • Mackerel - it has a protein that is very digestible. In it are concentrated into these important minerals, such as iodine, magnesium, calcium and fluoride. The Regular inclusion of a mackerel in the diet ensures an increase in libido (sex drive) and improve erectile function
  • Salmon - this fish is rich in zinc, sodium, and chromium. The use of pink salmon is able to fill your body the missing quantity of vitamins
  • The tuna - amazingly rich in vitamins. It contains the whole group vitamins, vitamin E and PP. Quality of meat of tuna loaded with fats omega-3 is regulators of metabolism in the body. The tuna is able to not only increase its strength, but also to get rid of inflammatory diseases of the urinary system to regular use
  • Hake Polish - it is rich in trace elements necessary for the "male power". There is a large amount of iodine, cobalt, potassium and phosphorus. If consumed regularly hake Polish, you can increase your sexual desire and get rid of impotence problems
  • The cod is rare for a product ,but with many nutrients. In it there is the vitamin B12, c, and E. the Content of zinc is very great
  • Men who consume the cod regularly, they notice that their self-esteem sexual becomes so much more, is always present sexual desire, and the actual act to last more

Fruits and vegetables improve the perspiration

In improving the sexual qualities of men play a significant role in products of plant origin. The vitamin E that they contain, a positive effect on the power. Equally important is the presence of vitamin E, as well as other useful components:

  • Carrot - contains a large amount of E-vitamin. This vitamin increases the "strength" of men and increases the sexual appetite
  • Citrus fruits: lemon, orange, lemon, grapefruit - contain large amount Of vitamin c, a known regulator of power. If necessary, you can replace the citrus fruits on spinach, currant or pepper them as well, even a sufficient amount of vitamin
  • Onions and garlic - have beneficial properties and strengthen the "male power" many times
  • Herb - has the effect of exciting
  • Celery and ginger - they can even be used for the purposes of prevention of inflammatory disease of the urinary system. They contain all major and trace elements is the male body. Celery is rich in minerals so important to the power
  • The seeds (pumpkin and sunflower) - are nucleic acids, proteins, phosphorus, and zinc - all important components of a healthy human being

Important: Be careful to excessive consumption of citrus fruits can trigger an allergic reaction.

Oysters for potency. What is the efficiency?

Unusually strong stimulating the inherent property that its product, such as oysters. They favorably affect the male sexual health body because they contain a huge amount of organic zinc.

The zinc, as it is known, stimulates the production of the male hormone, in the right amount. In addition, this component is able to improve the amount of sperm. And its unique component - the dopamine, which improves the attraction to the opposite sex and increases libido.

Important: the Researchers noted that, in the spring, when the clams are actively breeding, the concentration of amino acids and zinc, and significantly more. For the improvement of the quality of power it is recommended the consumption of oysters and it was during this period.

The oysters should be consumed in its raw form, because the processing temperature is able to take the clam to the loss of half of useful properties. To enhance the taste, you can use the lemon juice.

It's not worth too much, many times, there are oysters, as well as it is possible to get indigestion and even poisoning. All because the bivalve is not rarely are carriers of bacteria, and yes the content of mercury them high.

How to influence raw, chicken eggs about the power.

Chicken eggs and quail exert a strong influence on the sexual desire of men. Seen that the men who consume eggs regularly, much stronger attraction and even are able to experience several orgasms in a row.

Useful eggs however, contain:

  • amino acids
  • the match
  • iron

The egg of course can be consumed at any time, but some studies show the enormous benefits of raw eggs. If you meet all the standards of hygiene (to wash the egg shells and take the food only fresh eggs), you can avoid infectious diseases.

Important: Raw eggs contain the highest concentration of useful components than cooked.

There are very raw, chicken egg considered an aphrodisiac strong and has combined it with the onion and nuts. Drink eggs those who experience problems with potency and erection.

Products that reduce power and damage the face of men's health

The doctors highlight the list of products that can affect male potency:

  • The salt is the sodium, and the excess of it is harmful, it affects the "man-work". The food should be a little bit of seasoning with the salt to gain flavor, but not too much
  • The sugar is not always glucose ,which is necessary to ensure the energy of the body. The sugar, located in the modern fast food reduces libido
  • Fast-food has no nutrients and saturated fats, carbohydrates, sugar. Frequent consumption of fast food causes the concentration in the male body to the female hormone - estrogen, and, in consequence, and decrease in sexual desire
  • Soda and drinks - excess sugar harms health
  • Soy - contains a lot of the female hormone, is not desired, the male body
  • Caffeine is a substance able to kill the molecules of testosterone
  • Alcohol - suppresses the desire and the activity of the sperm

How to increase and decrease power, with the help of the power: tips and comments

A healthy lifestyle for the man - the collateral "male power" and activity. The diet should include a large number of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and cereals.

Only balanced menu to give man the opportunity to have the certainty of their superiority. At the same time, modern food: fast food, sweets, coffee and soft drinks - poison to the hormone testosterone.

Important: Dramatically increase the power alone can total adjustment of power of the men, a good night's sleep and of physical activities, moderate during the day.